This baby bear encounter is the cutest thing you'll see all day

Members of the Yurok Forestry Department were clearing roads in Klamath, a rural region in Del Norte County, California, when a baby black bear stumbled out of the woods directly into the path of the crew's vehicle.<p>The foresters, Tyrone Crayton Sr., Johnny Scott and Mike Carlson, stopped the …


The tricks that nature documentaries use to keep you watching

It may feel deceptive to some viewers, but there’s a good reason these tricks are used.<p>Nature documentaries are full of little tricks to grab viewers’ attention.<p>In the video above, filmmaker Simon Cade (of DSLRguide) walks us through some of the techniques nature documentaries use to get viewers …


Scientists Are Using Robots And Technology To Kill Invasive Species

With no natural predators, invasive species multiply and take over, crowding out and at times killing native species.<p>A robot zaps and vacuums up venomous lionfish in Bermuda. A helicopter pelts Guam's trees with poison-baited dead mice to fight the voracious brown tree snake. A special boat with …

Biological Species

Tweet of the week: Green woodpecker

<i>The green woodpecker is the latest instalment in Tweet of the Week, a series exploring Great Britain’s magnificent bird life</i><p>The onset of April showers this week has had me thinking of a rather curious bird of augury. The green woodpecker was once known as the “Rain Bird” for its perceived ability …


Why this zoo is putting gigantic, slimy ‘snot otters’ back in streams

Herpetologist Don Boyer inevitably drew attention when he drove into town. People would notice his truck, with “Bronx Zoo” emblazoned across the side, and want to know what he was doing in their corner of western New York.<p>“Releasing hellbenders,” he told them.<p>“People were like, '<i>Hellbenders</i>? Why …


Nature photographer spent months waiting for the perfect lynx photo

Good light and the lynx's penetrating stare result in stand-out shot caught by trail-side camera<p>Nature photographer Arielle DeMerchant has been …


Humpback whales charge a pod of killer whales in Monterey Bay – video

Humpback whales charge orcas in an ‘altruistic’ behavior that pushes the predators away from their favorite prey: seals, dolphins, sea lions and young whales. A pod of nine orcas have killed four grey whales in seven days in the bay


Here are our top 8 climate change stories of 2017

As tens of thousands of people descend on the Mall to speak out on climate change and policy, here are a few important global warming articles from The Washington Post staff.<p><b>How much will the oceans rise? Scientists keep increasing their projections</b><p>A report by a leading research body monitoring the …

Climate Change

Relatable: Female dragonflies would rather play dead than mate with a male

If you’re a woman and you’ve ever just averted eye conduct with people on the street or relied on headphones to avoid men trying to talk to you, you …


Bear Grylls-inspired shelter saved father and son hikers, police say

A shelter inspired by celebrity adventurer Bear Grylls saved the lives of a father and son when they became lost in the Tasmanian wilderness, police …


Body found in Grand Canyon likely teenage boy from Tennessee

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. — The Grand Canyon National Park says that a body that was found on Friday is likely of a 14-year-old hiker who …

National Parks

Live Science

Intro to Russia<p>Russia is vast, encompassing 6,592,800 square miles (17,075,200 square kilometers) of tundra, taigas, steppes, plains and mountains. …

Cool Stuff

Scuba Diving Santa Barbara Island

With so many dives in Southern California to choose from, I’ve sometimes wondered how it would be possible to pick a favorite. But not long into my …

Scuba Diving

Invasive green crabs found off Olympic Peninsula

Officials are worried the European green crabs could damage commercial shellfish beds in Puget Sound.

Pacific Northwest

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

You are here<p>Ruby-throated Hummingbird<p>Proving that size isn’t everything, this tiny bird packs a lot of power: not only do its wings sustain a rate …


Birding for science: Denver Field Ornithologists is leading a citizen-science initiative in the heart of the city

<i>By Colleen Smith, Special to The Denver Post</i>In City Park, on man-made islands in man-made lakes, tall, old trees offer refuge to large colonies of …


Refugee guests are given hands-on experience of a shepherd's work

Ribblehead, Yorkshire Dales Willing helpers hold the week-old lambs until Rodney is ready to dock their tails<p>Pliers and rubber rings, a tub of aquamarine dye, plastic ID ear tags … Rodney Beresford lays out the tools of his trade on a flat-topped boulder. It’s lambing time, and he is here in the …

Yorkshire Dales

Whatever you do, don’t set your pet goldfish free in a stream

It does not belong there<p>There are so many excuses. You won a goldfish at a raffle, but you have a herd of curious cats at home. You got the goldfish in the breakup, but you travel too much to meet its needs. Your kids won’t take care of the goldfish, and anything is better than watching that poor …


An Amazon tribe thought to be dying out is thriving against the odds – in pictures

Once thought to be on the brink of extinction, photographer Katherine Needles finds Peru’s Amahuaca people flourishing on ancestral lands, united by community and kinship


Can you spot the venomous snake camouflaged amongst nature?

<b>If you’re struggling to concentrate this morning, this article is not for you – because it requires you to have eyes like a hawk.</b><p>Is your desk job …


9 Hideous Creatures That Deserve Your Unconditional Love

We can’t all be puppies—or even capybaras, for that matter. There’s a whole world of critters whose inner beauty goes unnoticed. Perfectly snuggly …

Biological Species

The week in wildlife – in pictures

A hellbender salamander, a red kite in flight and a hawksbill turtle are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world


How one creature haunts our thoughts

A newly-christened species of giant spider was unveiled this week. Kelly Grovier looks at why these creepy-crawlies have long crouched in the dark corners of our imagination.<p>Somewhere, waiting to be discovered in an attic, crypt, or fusty loft, is the extraordinary weave of a mythical spider, whose …


Watch giant basking sharks caught on camera by kayakers off the Irish coast

A group of six Irish kayakers recently had a close encounter with a school of enormous basking sharks off the coast of County Kerry in the Atlantic Ocean. Six staff members from Irish Adventures came across five sharks while out on a day trip and captured the stunning footage of the slow-moving, …

Scuba Diving

Unnamed species of ant-like jumping spider found in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

In the world of spiders, sometimes the unexpected discoveries can be the most rewarding.<p>Cody Raiza went to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park last month in search of a particular type of spider.<p>The UC Berkeley biology student did not find what she was looking for, but the trip was hardly a waste.<p>Raiza’s …


People Are Calling This Rare Sight a "Unicorn Rainbow" Cloud

We're in awe.<p>It's as if Mother Nature knew Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino was making waves last week and decided to retaliate with her own more stunning version. How else can you explain this phenomenon over Pagadian City in the Philippines this past Sunday? The woman who claims to have spotted it …


How to Live Like Thoreau

This year, in the doldrums of summer, a crowd of nature lovers and scholars will gather on the shores of Walden Pond in honor of Henry David Thoreau, who would be 200 on July 12. Lectures will be delivered. The stillness of the pond will be contemplated. Cake will be eaten. Pictures will be taken. …


Elderly Goat and Rooster are Barnyard Besties

An unlikely bond has formed at a farm in South Carolina. An elderly goat befriended by a young rooster when the goat was rehabilitating after a dog attack. (April 28) AP


When Denali Is Too Crowded, Visit These Alaska National Parks

Glacier Bay and Denali national parks each get more than a half-million visitors a year. These underappreciated alternatives each see fewer than 100,000 people annually. But after looking at these photos, you decide.

National Parks

Don't Panic, But A Huge Shark Has Just Been Caught Off The Coast In Devon

*panics*<p>Britain doesn't have a lot over, say, Australia in the holiday destination stakes… better beer, maybe. Bit easier to get around. And less …