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Whoopi Goldberg gives Syrian refugee family a tour of New York

Goldberg accompanied the family to the Statue of Liberty, American Museum of Natural History and more.

American Museum of Natural History

Calls to reform food system: 'Factory farming belongs in a museum'

Stop the Machine aims to put an end to methods of farming that are endangering biodiversity and wildlife the world over<p>We can feed an extra 4 billion people a year if we reject the bloated and wasteful factory farming systems that are endangering our planet’s biodiversity and wildlife, said farming …


Ancient Native American beads traced to otherworldy source: an iron meteorite

To the Hopewell Culture, ancient Native Americans who sought out the exotic from near and far, metal was a rare and precious resource. Copper, found …


Whales Became Giants Recently, In Evolutionary Terms, Shaped By Changing Food Supply

The largest living vertebrate mammal on Earth today, the blue whale, can grow to over 100 feet in length, and other baleen whales grow up to massive …


Why whales grew to such monster sizes

Scientists tackle long-standing mystery


Go behind the scenes with Museum scientists and a master taxidermist as they preserve the giant tortoise who was the last of his kind

Go behind the scenes with Museum scientists and a master taxidermist as they preserve the giant tortoise who was the last of his kind.

Buccellati Links with Walkabout Foundation for Charity Lunch

<b>WALK AND TALK:</b> Italian fine jewelry house Buccellati is partnering with the Walkabout Foundation, which focuses on providing wheelchairs and …

Naomie Harris

10 dreamy US vacation destinations that are surprisingly affordable

The sudden burst of warm temperatures is a reminder that if you haven't planned a getaway, now is the moment to do it. You still have time to score …

American Museum of Natural History

Our common ancestor with chimps may be from Europe, not Africa

The last common ancestor we shared with chimps seems to have lived in the eastern Mediterranean – not in East Africa as generally assumed.<p>This bold …

Natural History

T-Rex's Bite Was Bone-Pulverizing, But Its Roar Was Weak

Who can forget the nail-biting scene in <i>Jurassic Park</i> when an escaped T-Rex, in the middle of a thunderstorm, proceeds to turn over and tear apart a …

American Museum of Natural History

Why These Humans Are Museum Treasures, Too

“They've dedicated their life to studying science. To furthering our knowledge of the universe,” says photographer Paul Fetters of his recent …

Natural History

Ivanka Trump's Style Transformation

A look back at the First Daughter's fashion evolution from the early aughts to today.<p>From her days on <i>Celebrity Apprentice</i> and <i>Born Rich</i> to the launch of her namesake collection and her role as First Daughter, take a look back at the style evolution of Ivanka Trump.

American Museum of Natural History

So, Why Does the Earth Exist?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Earth and all that comes with it, but why does the planet exist? That’s a question scientists have been trying to get …

American Museum of Natural History

Whales reached huge size only recently

Jonathan Amos Science correspondent<p><b>Blue whales are the biggest animals that have ever existed on Earth but they only recently got that way.</b><p>This is the extraordinary finding from a new study that examined the fossil record of baleens - the group of filter feeders to which the blues belong.<p>These …


What does sustainable development mean for S'pore?

May 22, 2017 5:00 AM<br>At the grand entrance of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City is a relic from the past that speaks of the …

American Museum of Natural History

A Taste for Poison in Warmer Climates?

<b>Q. Why does venom seem to be more favored as a defense by animals in warmer latitudes?</b><p><b>A.</b> “It is not entirely clear that the premise of the question is true,” said Mark E. Siddall, a curator in the division of invertebrate zoology at the American Museum of Natural History. For example, “spiders are …

American Museum of Natural History

The Best Museums in D.C.

There are more museums in our nation’s capital city than we can count (really, we tried). D.C.’s Smithsonian Institute alone consists of 19 museums …


An AI That Knows the World Like Children Do

If you spend much time with children, you're bound to wonder how young human beings can possibly learn so much so quickly. Philosophers, going all …

American Museum of Natural History

Cannes 2017 – the best of week one

Bold films about a missing child and a levitating refugee set the mood – once you’d got through security. And Netflix made its giant presence felt…<p>The omens are bright ahead of the Cannes film festival. The sun shines, the Med sparkles and the delegates behave like excited kids on Christmas …

American Museum of Natural History

Meet the 'Cyclops Kid': One-Eyed Goat Born in India

A goat with one large eye in the middle of its forehead — a rare birth defect known as cyclopia — was born in a village in Assam, India, on May …

American Museum of Natural History

Julianne Moore stars in a mystical childhood fable

US director Todd Haynes returns to Cannes with Wonderstruck, his magical tale adapted from a book for young people. But it fails to cast a spell on Nicholas Barber.<p>Todd Haynes’ vaguely spiritual YA adaptation, Wonderstruck, is so impeccably crafted that you can almost forgive it for being so dull. …

American Museum of Natural History

Are pressed plants windows into world history?

The botanical specimens housed in the U.S. National Herbarium (USNH) at the National Museum of Natural History have been assembled over the course of …

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Buffalo Soldiers

<b>American bison hide coat, mid-19th to early 20th century</b>: The Army first purchased American buffalo (bison) overcoats in 1869 but never officially …


Return of the S.R.O., With a Twist

When Benny Ventura, a 25-year-old visual designer from Austin, Tex., moved to New York last September, he knew he would not be making enough to live alone, but he did not know anyone he could split an apartment with. Like countless other freshly minted New Yorkers, he set about looking for a …

American Museum of Natural History

Beads Made From Meteorite Reveal Ancient Trade Network

In 1945, archaeologists opened a 2,000-year-old Hopewell Culture burial mound near Havana, Illinois, and discovered 1,000 beads made of shell and …


Want to follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin? Start digging for worms

We all know what an earthworm looks like, but scientists have surprisingly little information on the worm species living in our gardens and allotments. Here’s how you can help<p>“There are few animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world than the earthworm” - so wrote …


Wonderstruck review - gooey and indulgent YA fantasy fails to inspire awe

Carol director Todd Haynes latest, set in both 1920s and 1970s New York, has nice details but suffers from a glib tone and some preposterous plotting<p>Disappointmentstruck and even rather boredomstruck are reasonable descriptions of my emotional state, having sat through this contrived, …

American Museum of Natural History

¡Feliz aniversario! The Smithsonian Latino Center enters its third decade

Maria Anderson<p>The contributions of Latinos to American history and culture can be traced back hundreds of years. In fact, the oldest continuously …


Cannes 2017: Amazon's magical realist fable will leave you wonderstruck

Two years ago Todd Haynes enraptured Cannes with exquisite Patricia Highsmith adaptation Carol

Natural History

The Mystery of the 2,000-Year-Old Iron Beads

In 1945, an excavation of a Native American mound in Illinois revealed around a thousand shell and pearl beads, and 22 beads iron beads. Where did …