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7 ways to make your trip to New York cheaper

No other city in the world evokes glitz and glamor like New York. From the towering peaks of its iconic skyscrapers to the bustling shoppers of Fifth …

American Museum of Natural History


Documented in philosophical texts, the detailed description of the event made it seem like more of a genuine astronomical event rather than anything …


Bergdorf Goodman Pays Tribute to New York with a Unique Holiday Display

The holiday season in New York City is filled with ice skating rinks, winter markets, the rockettes, and of course, the coveted window displays at …

American Museum of Natural History

These glimmering giant beetles are every colour of the rainbow

These giant jewel beetles are just a small glimpse of the Natural History Museum's 80 million specimens. Photographer set out to capture some of …


Why Did The Passenger Pigeon Go Extinct? The Answer Might Lie In Their Toes

Scientists believe they may have new insights into why passenger pigeons went extinct, after analyzing DNA from the toes of birds that have been carefully preserved in museums for over a century.<p>"We were hoping that we could get to the bottom of why they went extinct so quickly — why it was that …

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These Pigeons Went From Billions to Extinct, And Humans Need to Take Note

"This species was abundant for tens of thousands of years."<p>Martha, the last of her kind, resides in a glass case at the Smithsonian's National Museum …


Are These the Oldest Images of Dogs?

Cave art discovered in Saudi Arabia dates back thousands of years and possibly shows hunters leading dogs on leashes.<p>In northwestern Saudi Arabia, a hunter surrounded by a pack of dogs threads an arrow, props it up against the string of his bow, and pulls it back to kill a wild animal roaming …


The Museum is thrilled to be featured in Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday windows this year. Our window shows Deinonychus skeleton models encrusted in 1.5 million individual crystals. The display, “To New York, with Love,” highlights the Museum and six other iconic NYC cultural institutions: New-York Historical Society, New York Philharmonic, Museum of the Moving Image, The New York Botanical Garden, BAM, and UrbanGlass. If you’re visiting the city, we hope you get a chance to view these dazzling works of art! Photo: BFA

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Explore 11 Funhouse Galleries in the Museum of Natural History’s Exhibit About Human Senses

The American Museum of Natural History is inviting visitors to embark on a new, experiential exhibition that explores the power of sensory …


Scientists discover new Earth-like planet only 11 light years away

Scientists have discovered an Earth-like planet only 11 light years away that may support life. Named after the star around which it orbits, Ross …


Bergdorf Goodman's Holiday Windows Are an Ode to Iconic New York Institutions

The store partnered with beloved New York nonprofits for its much-anticipated windows<p>Is there any New York store more iconic than Bergdorf Goodman? The shopping destination has inspired multiple documentaries, earned a near rabidly devoted following, and draws traffic-stopping crowds for its …

American Museum of Natural History

When the Next Pandemic Hits, Will We Be Prepared?

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Bergdorf Goodman Unveils Holiday Windows Inspired By New York's Iconic Institutions

"To New York With Love" was the theme for the department store's magical holiday displays.<p>Manhattan’s fabled Bergdorf Goodman, where a young Barbra …

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The dinos are coming (in another 18 months)! Natural History Museum returns first fossil to gallery

It’s not the biggest or the most popular, but the first dinosaur returned to the Fossil Hall in the National Museum of Natural History, marking a milestone in the five-year renovation project that is still 18 months from completion.<p>Exhibition project manager Siobhan Starrs practically leapt with …


Wine From Prehistoric Georgia With an 8,000-Year-Old Vintage

Raise a glass to Georgia, which could now be the birthplace of wine.<p>The country, which straddles the fertile valleys of the south Caucasus Mountains between Europe and the Middle East, may have been home to the first humans to conquer the common grape, giving rise to chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon …


Bethenny shushes chatty guests during speech

Bethenny Frankel gave a very, well, “Bethenny Frankel” speech while accepting an award for her humanitarian work.<p>Receiving the honor from Delivering …

Bethenny Frankel

Extinct Gliding Mammal Changes Thinking About Ear Evolution

A rendering of <i>Arboroharamiya allinhopsoni.</i><p>© N. Wong<p>An extinct, mouse-sized gliding animal from the Late Jurassic with unique ear bones—the …


The sarcastic fringehead (Neoclinus blanchardi) doesn’t really have much of a sense of humor. This small but territorial fish can be found inside shelters like empty clam shells, abandoned burrows, or even garbage thrown in the ocean. Their head often protrudes from these shelters as they wait to attack prey, intruders, or anything within their range of vision. If threatened, the fringehead first flexes its body and head while snapping its jaws—and if that doesn’t work, the fish then attacks with its needle-like teeth. Photo: Wikistudent348

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Life in the desert is no joke—the days are scorching, while the nights dip into freezing temperatures. But the 3-pound nocturnal fennec fox—the smallest fox in the world—has a few adaptations that help it survive in its tough environment in the deserts of northern Africa. One important physical feature? Its massive ears, which disperse heat and help this mammal hear its prey moving under the sand. This species also has soft hairs that protect the soles of its feet from the hot desert sands. Photo: Kitty Terwolbeck

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How Filipina became Hyundai cars boss in Philippines

The woman at the helm of Korean auto-maker Hyundai's Philippine operations said women should not be afraid to challenge men in leadership roles, …


Digitization of museum collections holds the potential to enhance researcher diversity

Correspondence<p>Joshua A. Drew,<br>• Corrie S. Moreau &<br>• Melanie L. J. Stiassny<p>Ecology<br>• Education<br>• Evolution<br>• Institutions<br>• Science, technology and society<p><b>To the …


Why are pterosaurs fossils so rare? Of all the pterosaurs that ever lived, only a minuscule fraction of these flying reptiles died under the right conditions to be “captured” as fossils. Even fewer are preserved intact. Pterosaur bones were thin and fragile, much like bird bones, and they often drifted apart, shattered, or became scrambled before they could be preserved. Pterosaur fossils are also easily damaged when extracted, transported, or prepared for study or display. Evidence is scarce, and each fossil offers just a hint of the wide array of pterosaurs that once populated the globe. Photo: AMNH/C. Chesek

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27 Festive Ideas for Your Holiday Vacation in New York City

The holiday season is almost upon us, and for those planning a trip to The Big Apple between Thanksgiving and the New Year, here are some festive (and fun!) must-do’s whether you’re with the kids or it’s an adults-only vacation.<p><b>See the Sites: Holiday Windows Oh My!</b><p>Take a leisurely stroll down Fifth …


What scientists know so far about Planet Nine

Scientist Jackie Faherty breaks down the possibility of a lurking ninth planet on “Salon Talks”<p>Is there a ninth planet in our solar system? That's a conclusion many astronomers are leaning toward, and scientist Jackie Faherty joined Salon's Alli Joseph on "Salon Talks" to explain why.<p>Faherty is a …

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Six Chic Places To Skate In London

Somerset House<p>Hyde Park<p>Natural History Museum<p>Tower Of London<p>Hampton Court Palace<p>Skylight

Tower of London

You Might Hate IPAs Because You're A Supertaster

Photo by Athlex.<p>Many people love knocking back a few hop-tastic brews like Indian Pale Ales after a long week, but not supertasters. In fact, they …

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Blog Archive » Ex-grasshopper found in Van Gogh painting

Conservators have discovered the body of a definitely deceased grasshopper resting in disarticulated peace among Vincent van Gogh’s <i>Olive Trees</i>. Mary …

Art History

National Museum of Natural History

<i>Image Credit: The Toronto Star</i><p>The National Museum of Natural History invites you to attend an evening with Pulitzer prize-winning photographer and …


A scientist who finds pharmaceutical promise in the venom of cone snails

Nestled inside its bright, patterned shell, the cone snail cuts a familiar figure in tropical waters — you may have even collected its shell on a walk along the beach. But watch your touch — every species of cone snail is venomous, and some, like Conus geographus<i>,</i> can even kill humans.<p>But cone …


Dinosaurs extinct because asteroid hit the wrong spot on Earth, scientists say

Dinosaurs might still be roaming the Earth if the celestial object that smashed into the present-day Gulf of Mexico had hit almost anywhere else on the planet. By hitting the rocky terrain of the Yucatan Peninsula about 65 million years ago, however, the impact sent the soot into the air that would …

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