Physicists turn a crystal into an electrical circuit

Washington State University physicists have found a way to write an electrical circuit into a crystal, opening up the possibility of transparent, …

Quantum Mechanics

Congressional Panel Asks: What K-12 Skills Are Needed for STEM Workforce?

« Minecraft Party to Raise Money for Technology in Philly Schools | Main | Google Launches $50 Million Effort on the Future of Work …


Senate spending panel would squeeze science agencies but exceed Trump request

A Senate spending panel voted today to reduce funding in 2018 below current levels for several science agencies under its jurisdiction.<p>Even so, the …

Human Geography

MIT CSAIL Introduces InstantCAD, a Plug-In to Make 3D Design Faster and Easier

A lot of fascinating research goes on at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). Just recently, we learned about the group’s …

Molecular hitchhiker on human protein signals tumors to self-destruct

Powerful molecules can hitch rides on a plentiful human protein and signal tumors to self-destruct, a team of Vanderbilt University engineers …


Lawmakers unveil 'Code Like a Girl Act' to close tech gender gap

Lawmakers are pushing legislation to encourage young girls to learn how to code and help close the tech industry's gender gap.<p>Rep. Jacky Rosen …


CHESS imaging reveals how copper affects plant fertility

Technological advances making it possible to image micronutrients in plant tissues are giving Cornell scientists additional tools to develop crops …


When Girls Studied Planets And The Skies Had No Limits

In 19th-century America, you might expect that most women were shut out of the sciences—including astronomy. But it wasn’t quite that simple. By many …


Solar eclipse science along the path of totality: Eclipse on August 21 offers unique research opportunities

News Release 17-064<p><b>NSF, NASA, NCAR highlight key solar eclipse projects</b><p>On August 21, a solar eclipse will be visible across the U.S., a rare …


A Lesson In Pioneering From My Mother, The Chemical Engineer

My mother wanted a man’s career and man’s salary, writes Irene Sege. She refused to learn to type as insurance against a job as a secretary.

Women's News

Why XPRIZE Is Asking Writers to Take Us Through a Wormhole to 2037

In a world of accelerating change, educating the public about the implications of technological advancements is extremely important. We can continue …

Science Fiction

New Wisconsin K-12 standards intended to spur interest in computer science careers

Computer science is so ubiquitous in our everyday lives that it often goes unnoticed.<p>Take for example, ordering a pizza. Computer science lets you request your pizza with a few taps on your phone; it protects your credit card information during the transaction; and it runs the delivery driver’s …


SolePower: The “Smartboots” that Run on Your Footsteps

When your device is about to die, finding a charger can feel like the hardest thing in the world — especially when have a different one for each of …

U.S. Army

Arkansas professor puts undetected-planet idea back in focus

Finding an undiscovered planet in the solar system isn't easy, said astrophysicist Daniel Whitmire.


Grad School Is Hard on Mental Health. Here’s an Antidote.

Science-communication training can give researchers perspective on their work and gird them against impostor syndrome.

Graduate School

3D Printed Sensors Can Reveal Tire Wear

How do you know when your car tires need to be replaced? You could eyeball it, you could guess, or you could wait until they shred off your rims …

Duke University

Counting steps via smartphones leads to clues about obesity trends

Stanford researchers collected motion data from smartphones as a way to measure activity across hundreds of thousands of people to help figure out …


Yale researchers use new techniques to pinpoint evolution in fungi

By Kendall Teare<p>July 13, 2017<p>Authors from Yale and Michigan State University collaborated on a National Science Foundation study of five types of …


AI, Robotics, And The Future Of Precision Agriculture

From analyzing millions of satellite images to finding healthy strains of plant microbiome, these startups have raised over $500M to bring AI and …

Venture Capital

Climbing Stairs Just Got Easier with Energy-Recycling Steps

July 12, 2017 Atlanta, GA Energy-recycling stairs developed to store a user’s energy during descent and return energy to the climber during ascent. …

Georgia Tech

How migrating birds 'run a marathon,' burning muscles and organs in long flights

Migrating birds complete long non-stop flights of many hours for songbirds and days for some shorebirds to reach breeding or wintering grounds. …


Should We Change Earth to Halt Warming?

BOULDER, Colo. — On most days here, a small team of scientists uses a global climate model to explore a scenario that begins 23 years from now. It …

Climate Change

Here’s How Comics Can Boost Cyber Training

Having trouble getting those abstract cybersecurity concepts across to your students or employees? Try web comics.<p>During a Homeland Security …


Design Derring-Do

Long Island City, N.Y.<p>Each summer ushers in an architecture installation at MoMA PS1 in this Queens neighborhood—one meant to be an audacious rethinking of how architecture may be built in the future. Lumen, the current offering by Jenny Sabin Studio, is no different. So what if it looks like …


Keypoint detection unlocks secrets of body language | ZDNet

Machines are pretty good at deciphering voices, but your slouch may say more<p>What do a bunch of roboticists know about reading body language? A lot, …

Body Language

10 Reasons why Spider-Man’s greatest superpower is SCIENCE

<i>Even without his powers or suit, Spider-Man is still pretty super, because Peter Parker is a scientist</i><p>Whether it’s physics-defying web-shooters, …


Scientists Should Talk Directly to the Public

Science and scientific research is important because it provides answers to the most persistent challenges our societies face, including climate …


Why this Nobel laureate thinks Trump’s science policy will help make China great

If the US continues to slash funding for science and research, while tightening immigration rules and making it harder for potential researchers to study and work in the country, the primary beneficiary will be China.<p>At least, that’s the warning from a Nobel Prize-winning chemist.<p>On Jan. 20, the …

British Philosophy

EICC wins $780,000 grant for ag, water virtual reality

DAVENPORT — Eastern Iowa Community Colleges has officially received notice it will receive a $748,218 grant from the National Science Foundation …

Virtual Reality

Why Google’s newest AI team is setting up in Canada

Things are friendlier in the north.<p>DeepMind, Google’s London-based artificial intelligence research branch, is launching a team at the University of Alberta in Canada.<p>Why there? Two reasons come to mind:<p>1. Canada has a history of AI research<p>DeepMind is launching a team at the university partly for …

Artificial Intelligence