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Budget 2017: Philip Hammond could not disguise Britain’s dismal economic outlook

For the first time in modern history, British economic growth is predicted to fall below 2 per cent in every forecast year.<p>The "new sick man of …


The only women who won’t be adversely affected by the Budget are a select few pensioners

As was widely expected, this Budget is cautious and limited in scope. There are no grand gestures, no visionary schemes. There are small changes to a …

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"If these forecasts prove correct we will be worse off and government debt will remain higher for longer"

The big news in the Budget was not anything the Chancellor did. Instead, it was the new economic forecasts he presented.<p>Reduced productivity growth …


Autumn Budget 2017: Hefty bankers' bonuses boosted income tax last year, OBR reveals, as Hammond plans to wring more from private equity

Bonuses awarded in the financial and business services sectors over the past year have boosted income tax, according to statistics from the Office …


What the Budget means for your taxes, explained with simple tables

Most taxpayers should find themselves with a little extra in their pockets, following a Budget that announced increases to the personal allowance and …


Budget 2017: Brexit has taken Britain's eyes off the ball

Our separation from Europe overshadows everything, but dealing with it does nothing to heal the gaping wound of Britain's productivity problem.


Pension savers dodge a Budget hit on tax relief

Pension savers will keep their tax breaks after Chancellor Philip Hammond resisted butchering the popular incentives to raise cash for other pet …

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These Are the Budget Pitfalls Philip Hammond Needs to Avoid

Whatever U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond does in his budget speech on Wednesday, he needs to make sure his plans don’t unravel as …


This is Philip Hammond's chance to show he is a champion of a fair society

The Chancellor does not need to abandon the plan for deficit reduction. It is still crucial to achieve a structural budget surplus.

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Autumn Budget 2017: use our national insurance calculator

<b>National Insurance is paid by most people to entitle them to their state pension and other benefits. And after the 2017 Autumn Budget, the levels of</b> …


How small business owners reacted to the Budget

<i>By LaToya Harding @latoyakharding</i><p>Owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) breathed a sigh a relief when the VAT turnover threshold was left …

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Autumn Budget 2017: income tax rate boost for low and medium earners

<b>The second Budget statement of 2017 had little surprises, with Chancellor Philip Hammond announcing modest increases to personal allowances and the</b> …


What will the Autumn Budget hold for Britain's SMEs?

With just days to go until Chancellor Philip Hammond steps up to the dispatch box to deliver the first Autumn Budget in over two decades, small …

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Historical Budgets serve as warning to Philip Hammond

in London<p>As he prepares for Wednesday’s Budget, Philip Hammond is looking to avoid a major mis-step.<p>Many recent Budgets have proved unexpectedly …


Self-employed face new onslaught in the Budget

Chancellor Philip Hammond is this week expected to risk a new political storm by announcing plans to raise billions of pounds from Britain’s army of …

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Hammond's Budget to focus on housing and technology

Treasury sources say Philip Hammond will try to help start-up businesses which specialise in driverless cars and artificial intelligence develop into …

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Be cruel to be kind Chancellor: tell young people like me the age of the freebie is over

I promise that what follows is not sour grapes. But a month after I turn 30, the Chancellor is suddenly said to be preparing enough Budget giveaways for the young to make even the most cosseted pensioner gasp.<p>A millennial railcard will give all under-thirties discounted travel. National Insurance …

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Budget 2017: Double Budget effect on your finances

<b>Two Budgets in one year means the prospect of significant upheaval for your finances - adding to changes we already know about.</b><p>Chancellor Philip Hammond will probably want his sequel to be less dramatic in political terms than his March Budget.<p>Previous Budgets and government policy mean we need not …

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Why Philip Hammond is likely to be cautious in the autumn Budget

, Political Correspondent<p>To understand why Philip Hammond, the UK chancellor, is likely to take a cautious approach to this week’s autumn Budget, you …


UK state pension scheme must be overhauled, think-tank says

Politicians have been urged to show "moral and political" leadership by overhauling the current "unsustainable" UK state pension scheme.<p>A report by …

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The Autumn Budget 2017 - when is it and what could be in it for the North East?

Philip Hammond is preparing to deliver his first Autumn Budget and it comes as he is under increasing pressure to put some money into planning for a …


The end of austerity is not nigh

Whenever I meet anyone at, or connected with HM Treasury, at the moment, they spontaneously emote that "there is no money - please tell everybody!"<p>I …


Millions to miss out on the chance to see if their state pension is correct

<b>HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has reversed a decision to show millions of people how their state pension is calculated, potentially keeping them in</b> …


HMRC scraps state pension letters

The taxman has scrapped plans to send letters to millions of workers to help them check how much state pension they have built up.<p>HM Revenue & …

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Tax traps that mean a pay rise can leave you poorer

The convoluted mess created by successive Chancellors means you may be taking home as little as 12p in every pound on some of your income.


Recruitment Entrepreneur – Lessons Learnt When Starting Up

Found on -This article has been submitted by SimplicityHindsight is a wonderful thing. It is also probably the most frustrating …

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UK chancellor mulls diesel duty hike and VAT changes ahead of budget: reports

PARIS — U.K. Chancellor Philip Hammond is considering an increase in duty on diesel fuel and changes to VAT rules for small businesses in his …

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500% tax increase for lowest paid theatre workers shelved

Proposed government tax changes under which low-income theatre staff could face a 500% hike in National Insurance payments have been delayed.<p>Equity, …

Bristol parents pay the most for childcare in the country

Parents in Bristol spend more than half of their monthly salary on childcare, the highest in the UK.<p>New research from company Admiral Loans show the …

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Clean up our complex tax system

Ian King, Business Presenter<p>Everyone has a Budget wish-list.<p>Ken Clarke, the former chancellor, told Sky News last week that Philip Hammond, his …

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