Mount Everest

Small plane crashes near Mount Everest, injuring 3

A small plane carrying only crew members and cargo crashed near Mount Everest on Saturday, injuring all three people on board, Nepalese officials …


Britain's great explorations now online

<b>The Royal Geographical Society is releasing the films of the scientific explorations it sponsored in the early 20th Century.</b><p>The priceless footage, some of which has not been seen for nearly 100 years, is being digitised and put online.<p>The films are also helping scientists today learn more about the …


Nepalese Sherpa equals world record by climbing Mount Everest for the 21st time

<b>Kathmandu:</b> A 47-year-old Nepalese Sherpa on Saturday scripted history by becoming the third climber to scale Mount Everest for a record 21 times.<p>Kami …


Virtual Reality (VR) Has Captured Our Imaginations

By Product Manager for NX Rendering @PattiLongwinter<p>Virtual Reality (VR) has allowed me to fly over the Himalayas on my way to visit Mount Everest …

Virtual Reality

Nepal bans SA Everest permit dodger for 10 years

Kathmandu - Nepal said on Friday a South African who tried to climb Mount Everest without a permit can go home without paying a $22 000 fine, but …


Mystery surrounds 'discovery of four bodies' in tent on Mount Everest

Nepalese officials cast doubt on Thursday on the reported discovery of four bodies at the highest camp on Mount Everest, saying no climbers have been reported missing.<p>Tourism Department official Durga Dutta Dhakal said expedition teams and other sources have confirmed that all climbers have been …


Everest climbers worried about oxygen bottle theft

<b>Foreign climbers and Sherpas on Mount Everest are concerned about the increasing theft of oxygen bottles from high camps.</b><p>They say it could threaten the lives of mountaineers because they each have a set supply for weather and traffic-related delays, as well as for the descent.<p>The concerns have been …


Use a Poetic Metaphor to Unlock Your Creativity

Here is a tool to get out of your own head and think about your work differently<p>Do you want to break your own preconceptions about your work? Recheck your cognitive biases? Gain insight into your team in a new way? Get out of your own head to reframe your organization in a new way?<p>Think in …


Deaths on Mount Everest raise safety concerns

Ten people have died climbing the mountain this year, including four whose bodies were recently found in a tent in an area known as the death zone.


Death Toll on Mount Everest Reaches 10 This Season After Four Bodies Found in a Tent at the Highest Camp

The 29,029-foot peak of Mount Everest was once a pipe dream for some of the most talented and determined climbers in the world. It wasn't until 1953 …


Sherpas' high-altitude superpowers

Sherpas are an ethnic group of people from the most mountainous region of Nepal, the Himalayas. They are famous for being highly skilled mountain …


Because It's Not There: Climbers May Face Danger If Everest's Hillary Step Collapsed

The climbing community is buzzing with news that Mount Everest’s notorious Hillary Step, a nearly vertical rock face just below the summit, may have …


The amazing world being uncovered beneath the Earth’s crust |

There are continents to explore right below our feet — including two giant blobs 100 times as tall as Everest. Here’s how seismologist and …


In deadly Everest climbing season, crowds add to high risks

As climber fatalities continue to rise at the peak of Mount Everest, experts are questioning if the already high risk of climbing the world's tallest …


38-Year-Old Rajasthan Woman Climbs Mount Everest after Recovering from Slipped Disc

A woman from Rajasthan recently climbed Mount Everest after recovering from a slipped disc. Thirty-eight-year-old Asha Jhajdiya from Jhunjhunu had …

Sherpas May Have Evolved to Live and Work at Altitude

This week, Kilian Jornet, one of the world’s most accomplished ultrarunners, attempted to set a world record for summiting Mount Everest without …


This young man conquered Mount Everest in just 26 hours

Kílian Jornet is running to the top of the world, one mountain summit at a time. Jornet just scaled Mount Everest in under 26 hours, which is the fastest known ascent in the world.<p>He's been recording his incredible journey in a project called "Summits of my life."


“Erik Weihenmayer becomes first blind man to climb Everest” On This Day In 2001 – Here Are Related Resources

Erik Weihenmayer climbed Everest on this day in 2001.<p>You can find resources about him, and Everest in general, at The Best Sites For Learning About …


Conquering the ICU atop Mt. Everest - D-brief

By Nathaniel Scharping | May 24, 2017 12:03 pm<p><i>(Credit: Shutterstock/Daniel Prudek)</i><p>A trek to base camp at Mount Everest will leave you short of breath …


Spanish man climbs Mount Everest in fastest known time, completely on his own

A Spanish climber has set a new record for summiting Everest, after reaching the top of the world’s highest mountain in just 26 hours. He did so …


MORNING BRIEF: Trump meets with Pope Francis at Vatican

Pope Francis and President Trump--two of the most recognizable people in the world-- met for 30 minutes in the Vatican Wednesday where the two likely discussed topics from immigration to Monday's terror attack in the U.K.<p>Trump was joined by his wife, his daughter Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner …

Pope Francis

World Digest: May 24, 2017

BRAZIL<p>Federal police seek statement from Temer<p>Tens of thousands of protesters called for Brazilian President Michel Temer’s ouster on Wednesday, and federal police asked him to give a statement in a corruption probe as the pressure on the leader ratcheted up.<p>Scuffles broke out between police and …

Michel Temer

Mount Everest is straining under our weight. Time to dump the bucket list

Reports of damage to the Hillary Step, the major challenge before the summit, remind us that we do not own awesome places, whatever names we give them<p>It’s a scene from one of John Martin’s apocalyptic paintings. Or a modern disaster movie. But this isn’t CGI. Everest may have begun to collapse, as …


Lean-burn physiology gives Sherpas peak-performance

BBC Radio Science Unit<p><b>Nepalese Sherpas have a physiology that uses oxygen more efficiently than those used to the atmosphere at sea level.</b><p>This is the finding of a new study that investigated high-altitude adaptation in mountain populations.<p>The research involved taking muscle samples from …

National Academy of Sciences

The best man who told THAT joke at Pippa Middleton's wedding: Meet Justin Johannesson

As best man jokes go, it is one of the most crude and unoriginal, repeated at bawdy weddings up and down the country.<p>But when the bride’s sister happens to be the Duchess of Cambridge, who spent some of her happiest, most care-free years living in North Wales with the second in line to the throne, …

Pippa Middleton

Daughter of Alabama Doctor Who Died on Mount Everest Speaks Out: ‘He Was Extremely Prepared for This’

The daughter of a 50-year-old Alabama doctor who died during his Mount Everest climb is speaking out about her adventure-seeking father’s death.<p>Dr. …


Twins celebrate 100th birthday with photo shoot we’re all jealous of

When you turn 100, this is how you should celebrate.<p>Brazilian twins Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi, who will celebrate their …

Canadian News

US doctor killed on Everest was climbing tallest peaks

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A global adventurer when he wasn't seeing patients in small-town Alabama, Dr. Roland Yearwood recently left his rural home to face the same challenge that could have killed him two years ago: Scaling Mount Everest.<p>This time, Everest won.<p>Yearwood, a 50-year-old doctor who …


San Diego wildfire under investigation as possible arson

Plus, the deadly climb on Mount Everest, and new recommendations for children and fruit juice consumption.

San Diego

27 brill things to do in London this week

Sip on cider and beer with the Green Man gang in King’s Cross, celebrate London life at a film night dedicated to the city’s love of food, or take a …