A letter to … my perfectionist parents, who tried to mould me in their image

The letter you always wanted to write<p>You are ostensibly a respectable, likable couple. You have had successful careers and are well thought of. Your home is decorated, equipped and maintained to the highest of standards. You dine at top restaurants and cook from scratch with produce bought at a …


The Scottish female wrestler who is breaking the mould

Kimberly Benson, 26, has been a professional wrestler under the name Viper for the past 10 years.<p>Over the past 12 months, she has appeared on television wrestling in a Saltire singlet, lived in Japan, and has worked for WWE.


10 sneaky places mould might be hiding in your home

Keep these places in mind to protect your home, and yourself, from the potential dangers of mould<p>There are places you <i>expect</i> mould growth, like on …

Couple find tree roots in bedroom wall of new council house

Tree roots are apparently growing out of the wall of this couple’s bedroom.<p>Sarah Robinson, 20, and Scott Simpson, 26, were left baffled after finding …

Robert Mugabe

Mum feared for her life after biting into 'mouldy' McDonald's burger and suffering allergic reaction - Mirror Online

A mum feared she was going to die after suffering an allergic reaction when she bit into a mouldy McDonald's burger .<p>Shanie Granfield began …


Stem Cell Therapy In India Is Advancing Why?

Stem cells are those remarkable cells in our body which have the tendency of developing of getting transformed into various other cells and its …


Inspectors to investigate takeaway sauce 'mould'

A takeaway faces scrutiny from Wigan Council hygiene watchdogs after a customer complained about being served mould-topped curry sauce.<p>Tom …


Man's horror at what he found after tucking into a pack of rice

A man told of his horror after finding a large clump of mould and hairs inside a packet of rice he had just started eating.<p>Paul Davies, 41, who works …


10 smart ways to pack your garden shed for winter

It's all about making use of 'air space' and vertical storage.<p><b>Garden sheds are great for storing all your gardening tools, bikes and other outdoorsy</b> …


Australia breaks the same-sex marriage mould

Australians have voted overwhelmingly for same-sex marriage, paving the way for legislation by the end of 2017 as supporters celebrated on Wednesday, (November 15).<p>Senator Penny Wong was overwhelmed as she and fellow senators listened to the result in Canberra, while in Sydney storied swimmer Ian …

Same-sex Marriage

Apple Face ID 'Fooled' By $150 Mask -- But Big Questions Remain

Researchers in Vietnam claim to have bypassed Apple’s Face ID facial recognition technology with a mask that cost less than $150 to make, but many questions remain about just how they achieved their hack. Indeed, there are a number of gaps in the Vietnamese hackers’ disclosure that leave room for …

Face ID

Big Sean Introduces Puma Breaker Knit Sunfaded

Based on court classics in the Puma Suede and Clyde, the Breaker features modern styling based on the punk scene from the 80s.


My divorce honeymoon was the best thing I ever did

I step off the plane feeling as if I’ve already been away for hours. I’ve splashed out on business-class tickets to New York (nothing makes you feel you’re doing something special like free champagne), and at the airport I hop into a taxi and ride to Brooklyn, watching the Manhattan skyline in the …


Train workers at major London station given pollution masks after 'possibly dangerous' yeast and mould

Train workers at a mainline station in east London have been given pollution masks after a report showing high levels of mould, yeast and bacteria …


Norwegian cod fishcakes

Boil the Norwegian cod and shred.<p>Boil the potatoes and mash them until smooth.<p>Chop the onion and garlic and sauté in olive oil.<p>Mix together the …


Botswana:Black Forest Announce Mushangazhike as Head Coach

[The Herald] Former Warriors forward Gilbert Mushangazhike is excited with the breakthrough in his coaching career after he was recently unveiled as …

Spanish La Liga

Mould, glorious mould: these photographers capture the cosmic beauty of kitchen gunk

Romantics say there’s beauty in everything, and we’re sure they mean it, to some extent. But for photographers Nikita Teryoshin and Max Slobodda, the …

Music (Australia)

Sensors printed on leaves could tell farmers when to water crops

<b>Sensors printed onto leaves can reveal when the plants are short of water, a development that could give farmers an early warning when their crops</b> …


Banana Coconut Tartlets

Remove pastry dough from fridge and take out enough dough to fill the tartlet mould.<p>Roll dough into a ball and place it in tartlet mould. Press until …


9 ways to cut your risk of cancer | Live Better

Each day, around 50 Australian women are diagnosed with breast or gynaecological cancer, and 1 in 2 Australian men will be diagnosed with cancer by …


Exploring injection moulding

<b>Sara Cammarano*, Senior Industrial Issues Executive at the British Plastics Federation, gives an overview of injection moulding.</b><p>Injection moulding is …

Chemical Engineering

Five-bed home looks like any other along its street - but its hiding a grimy secret - Mirror Online

This five-bed home may look like any other along its street - but it's hiding a rather grimy secret.<p>The south Manchester home has been put on the …

Real Estate

What's Wrong with having too much Charisma?

Charisma, as we all have known, is a personal kind of <i>magic</i> of leadership which brings by a degree of following for any given personality or say …


How a drag wrestler broke the mould for LGBT representation in wrestling

By Michael Baggs <i>Newsbeat reporter</i><p><b>The wrestling industry isn't known for LGBT representation, but drag wrestler Rick Cataldo is hoping to change that.</b><p>Rick has been a professional wrestler since 2004 but his career took off in 2014 when he formed The Fella Twins.<p>As part of the duo, he says he was …


Couple responsible for appalling case of elder neglect get parole

In October 2016, Erica and Terrence Heppell were jailed for two years and nine months for the ill-treatment of an elderly woman.<p>After spending a year …



<b>SWARM | CELL | CITY</b><p>A collective experiment with Heather Barnett & plan b<br>(Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers)<br>working with the slime mould, <i>Physarum</i> …


Notes from the dome: Defence of softwood, GSA applause and a mouldy mess

The province is unimpressed with the United States for deciding Canadian softwood is being unfairly subsidized and dumped on our southern …

Canadian News

Mother and 5-year-old son in Partington left sleeping on living room floor for four weeks after floorboards fall through

A MOTHER and her son in Partington have been left sleeping on their living room floor after the floorboards in her bedroom fell through.<p>For four …


Just two showers between 40 tenants - RTE Investigates highlights slum-like conditions in private rental sector

An RTE Investigates programme highlighted some of the shocking slum-like conditions within the Irish private rental sector.

News (Ireland)

7 tips for keeping your interiors picture perfect

From hardwood floors to cream sofas<p><b>Evenings are easily spent scrolling through Instagram for interiors inspiration.</b> <b>And while the flawless wooden</b> …