Record label Melody as Truth is carving out a woozy, spacey audio-visual niche

For those of us who daydream about watching the sunset over a negroni from the balcony of La Torre, Jonny Nash’s Melody as Truth record label has …


Carbon components from a 3-D printer

Three ETH alumni have developed a 3-D printer capable of manufacturing components from carbon fiber composites. Their ETH spin-off, 9T Labs, could …

Carbon Fiber

Former Manchester City Forward Makes Big Claim About New Signing Riyad Mahrez

​Former ​Manchester City player Craig Bellamy has made a bold claim regarding new signing Riyad Mahrez, the 39-year-old telling the Daily Star that …


Irish art-popper Æ Mak breaks the mould with the extraordinary “Love Flush”>

Æ Mak is the alias of Aoife McCann, who brings a Björk-esque sense of character down to earth with danceable accessibility on forthcoming single …


Pimms ice lollies recipe

Mix the Pimms and lemonade together in a large jug.<p>Place a couple of strawberry halves, a few mint leaves and a little orange zest into each lolly mould.<p>Pour the Pimm mixture into each ice lolly mould until three-quarters full. Insert the lolly stick and lid and freeze for 2-3 hours, or until …


10 things you didn’t know about Tough Mudder, the $100m business that broke the fitness mould

Ahead of this weekend’s Tough Mudder event in London, founder Will Dean talks to The Telegraph about the crazy creations, surprising truths and behind-the-scenes realities of his globally successful obstacle course series<p>1. Tough Mudder started in an empty field in Pennsylvania<p>“One of the most …


Newly-crowned national road champion Swift continues winning streak with Wales Open Crit win

Connor Swift continued his golden streak on the road as he outsprinted local rider Jonathan Mould to take victory in the second round of the HSBC UK …

Cycling (UK)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: After Dark Souls and Bloodborne, From Software is looking to break its own mould

With the medieval brutality of Dark Souls and Eldritch horror of Bloodborne, From Software has a habit of reinventing the role-playing game. Hidetaka Miyazaki’s development house has made its name over the last decade with its measured, muscular and challenging combat; testing its players’ guile …

Dark Souls

Enzyplex tablets checked

Enzyplex tablet samples checked by the Department of Health have met pharmacopoeial standards and the in-house specifications set by the Indonesian …

News (Hong Kong)

Family courts are breaking the mould on 'maintenance'

In the last few years, family courts in India have begun breaking the stereotype on awarding maintenance in matrimonial disputes. In May this year, a …


Greg Gormley & Chris Mould

The titular character of Greg Gormley and Chris Mould’s <i>The Prince and the Pee</i> uses singular pronouns to pronounce the royal wee.


Mould scare prompts removal of indigestion drug Enzyplex from Hong Kong’s public hospitals and shops

A drug used for digestive disorders was removed from shop shelves in Hong Kong on Friday after tests on several tablets found they were contaminated …

Hong Kong

Recipe: How to make Swedish sponge cake

Food writer John Duxbury shares a recipe for delicious Swedish sponge cake with The Local. The dessert pairs well with classic Swedish strawberries …


Hong Kong health authorities probe digestion drug after cancer patient’s medication found to be contaminated with mould

Hong Kong’s Department of Health is investigating a drug used to aid digestion after the medication taken by a cancer patient was found to be …

News (Hong Kong)

No more mould! DIY expert's top tips for preventing damp in your home this winter

• <b>Damp weather means it can be really hard to keep your home clean and dry</b>• <b><br>DIY expert Rob Palmer explains how to manage the problem of condensation</b>• <b><br>He</b> …


'Every organ in her body was inflamed': Mother reveals deadly black mould made her daughter so sick her weight plunged to just 26 kilos - as doctors reveal she contracted the illness at SCHOOL

• <b>It took three years for doctors to diagnose the little girl's deteriorating health</b>• <b><br>Her family have gone so far as to move interstate to improve her</b> …


'Felt like I was on fire': The hidden danger of mould illness

Black mould can infest homes and even schools, putting potentially millions of Australians at risk of serious illness.Federal MP Lucy Wicks is …

Liberal Party

Mum claims toxic black mould from school classroom made daughter's weight plunge to four stone

An upset mother said deadly mould from a school classroom made her daughter so sick that her weight plunged to just four stone.<p>It took doctors three …


Do exposures to aerosols pose a risk to dental professionals? | Occupational Medicine

Background<p>Dental care professionals are exposed to aerosols from the oral cavity of patients containing several pathogenic microorganisms. …


Children’s cough syrup recalled over mould fears

Some batches of children’s cough syrup which have the potential to grow mould have been recalled.


The Key To Unsafe Thinking

Creativity guru and founder of Free Range Studios, Jonah Sachs argues that ‘safe thinking’ ultimately causes failure, and shows how we can unleash …


Should the Bank break the mould and appoint a woman as governor?

Sexual Harassment

Australia's worst indoor water feature: Flat owner battles to save his property from flooding every time it rains - and now mould is growing on his carpet

• <b>Homeowner battles to save his unit as it floods every time there is heavy rain</b>• <b><br>Michael Rodrigues, 24, bought his unit Spearwood, Perth, only six</b> …


Melbourne woman develops crippling condition from mould hidden in air conditioner

When Carly Buhagiar moved into a brand-new apartment in the trendy inner Melbourne suburb of Prahran she had no idea how disastrous the place would …

Mental Health

Phone repair shop iSmash breaks the mould with plans to open new High Street stores

Phone repair chain iSmash is planning to snap up empty shops on the High Street as struggling retailers are forced to close hundreds of stores.<p>The …


NEWS: Mould remediation off to a solid start in six Nunavut communities

Of 35 public housing units flagged last year for “urgent intervention” over mould infestations, 32 of those units are now professionally cleaned up, …

Northern Canada

$1.3 million spent on meth cleanup in state houses - just $3000 on mould

More than $1.3 million was spent on methamphetamine testing, decontamination and remediation of Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty state houses in 12 …

New Zealand

Smoother walls healthier for lungs

Covering walls with concrete or plaster can reduce the growth of moss and mould in tropical homes prone to dampness.<p>In an experimental study using …


'Memory loss, asthma, paralysis': Horror affects of mould

Household mould. It's ugly, and it's unwanted. Now, a number of Australians are claiming it is killing them.<p>Making their lives a living hell – …

Lyme Disease

Havelock Housing ordered to repay rent for mouldy apartment

A Canberra community housing tenant will be repaid rent for the year he lived in a mould-infested Gungahlin unit.