Drones Distribute Swarms of Sterile Mosquitoes to Stop Zika and Other Diseases

The deadliest animal onEarth, by far, is the mosquito. Each year, mosquitoes infect about 700 million people with diseases such as malaria, dengue …


This scientist wants your help tracking mosquitoes—and all you need is a cellphone

Mosquitoes can be deadly, transmitting malaria, dengue, and Zika. But tracking them is tough. Now, researchers—led by bioengineer Manu Prakash of …

Palo Alto

New Weapons in Humanity's War on Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance—they spread devastating diseases, including malaria and Zika virus, which have triggered global health crises. In …


Plant pots made to kill mosquitos are decorated with tiny little dead mosquitos

This mosquito repellent is definitely unlike any other.<p>Ad agency TBWA and insurance agency Manulife have dubbed this plant pot the "life-saving pot," …


EPA authorizes use of weaponized mosquitoes in 20 states: report |

Mosquitoes can be aggressive and pesky. Now, the EPA has authorized them to be used as weapons in 20 states -- really.<p>The Environmental Protection …

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EPA OKs release of bioengineered mosquitoes in 20 U.S. states

On November 3, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the release of bioengineered mosquitoes in 20 states and the District of Columbia …


Killer Mosquitoes Will be Released in 20 States

Talk about a killer job. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week approved a bacterium that will be carried by mosquitoes to eradicate …


EPA Approves Use of Lab-Grown Mosquitoes in the Battle Against Disease

The bacterium-infected mosquitoes will be released in 20 states and D.C. to curb growing mosquito populations<p>Comment on this Story


U.S. approves plans to release weaponized mosquitoes — for your own good

You know those <i>Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus</i>-type movies where the government decides to solve the problem of one rampaging animal by releasing another …


The EPA has approved the release of weaponized mosquitoes in 20 US states

The US Environmental Protection Agency has given its approval for MosquitoMate, a Kentucky-based biotechnology company, to release its bacteria-infected male mosquitoes in several parts of the United States.<p>The EPA approval was first reported by Nature on Monday (Nov. 6), and confirmed by the …


Mosquito vs. mosquito -- a solution to Zika?

According to reports, lab-grown mosquitos will be dispatched in 20 states to help reduce the population of a mosquito known to carry Zika and yellow fever.

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EPA OKs first living pest-control mosquito for use in United States

In a big step toward catching up with the rest of the world, the United States cleared the way for using mosquitoes as a commercial pest control for …


EdTech – all ‘tech’ and no ‘ed’ – why it leads to mosquito projects that die….

‘EdTech’ is one of those words that make me squirm, even though I’ve spent 35 years running, advising, raising investments, blogging and speaking in …

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How To Find And Kill That Single Mosquito Buzzing Around Your Room

Photo by Katja Shulz. You're in bed, cosy and comfortable and ready to sleep -- then you hear it. A high-pitched buzzing. You swat it away and turn …

Scientists need help: Capture mosquito buzz on your phone - Futurity

To create a detailed map of mosquito distribution, researchers need the participation of people around the world. All you need is a cellphone.


Now, you can help map global mosquito distribution

Boston, Nov 1 (PTI) Indian-origin scientists at Stanford are encouraging people from across the world to record the annoying high-pitched whine of …


Scientists create yellow, three-eyed, wingless mosquitoes by using gene editing tool: Researchers are generating genetically engineered insects to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Researchers are generating genetically engineered insects to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases<p>Researchers have developed transgenic …


How Mosquitoes Sneak Away After Feasting on Your Blood

Special wingbeats and long legs help mosquitoes take off without getting smushed<p>Comment on this Story


How mosquitoes get away before you can slap them - Futurity

An unusual strategy lets mosquitoes, even those with bellies full of blood, take off without attracting attention.

Scientists discover mosquitoes' stealth secrets

Unlike other insects, which push off from their landing surface and then start furiously beating their wings to take flight, mosquitoes minimise the …

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Mosquitoes evolved to fly away with a belly full of your blood—without you ever noticing

The secret is in their flight.<p>Mosquitoes are weird fliers.<p>Your typical aeronaut—a sparrow or a fruit fly, for instance—takes flight by jumping into the air. Only once aloft do they begin to flap their wings.<p>Mosquitoes have the perplexing distinction of doing basically do the opposite. They begin …


How Blood-Bloated Mosquitoes Stealthily Avoid a Swat

After a mosquito bites you and drinks its fill, how does it escape quickly and sneakily, to avoid getting smacked? To make their liftoff smoother and …


When Is a Mosquito Not an Insect? When It's a Pesticide

It took a decade for British biotech firm Oxitec to program a self-destruct switch into mosquitoes. Perfecting that genetic technology, timed to kill …


ALERT: Kruger advises visitors to take malaria preventive measures

Another concern is that in some parts of the world, these pesky - sometimes deadly - parasites have developed resistance to a number of malaria …

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Pythons changed the diet of Everglades mosquitoes, researchers say

University of Florida researchers have more data showing invasive Burmese pythons decimating populations of native mammals in the …

Everglades National Park

Tried-And-True Methods I Use To Keep Away Mosquitoes

Summer may be over, but the mosquitoes are still buzzing around. Environment Canada warned earlier this year that high levels of rainfall last spring …

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LG launches mosquito-repellent smartphone in India

LG Electronics has launched a new smartphone in India, which has ultrasound technology that it claims can repel mosquitoes.<p>Launched by the South …

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LG Launches World’s First Mosquito-Repelling Smartphone

Feel free to add mosquito-repellent to the already huge list of useful of smartphone features. South-Korean manufacturer LG has recently released the …


12 Mosquito Bite Remedies To Soothe That Itch You Shouldn’t Scratch

Between painful sunburn and heinous mosquito bites that itch so bad I scratch until I bleed (not suggested, BTW), I don't even understand why I …

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Why protecting mosquitoes could be the key to tackling malaria

Two new strategies show promise in battling malaria, a disease that kills more than 400,000 people each year, mostly children ages five and under in …