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Morgan Freeman I'm Off the Afrodesia!!! Hocking Sailboat for $300k

<b>Morgan Freeman</b>'s calling it quits on his 20-year relationship ... with his sailboat, but he's not letting go of his baby for cheap.<p>The Academy Award …

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Keith Barry freaked Morgan Freeman out with brain hack

Magician and mentalist Keith Barry has recalled how he left Hollywood star Morgan Freeman reeling after "hacking" into the actor's brain and dredging …

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Did Morgan Freeman Say ‘Jailing Hillary’ Is the Best Way to ‘Restore Public Faith’ in Government?

An article appearing to report that the actor had urged President Donald Trump to imprison Hillary Clinton did not contain even a shred of truth.

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Morgan Freeman’s ‘Comments’ About Hillary Clinton Going To Prison Don’t Exist

So far, Monday, October 30, has been a pretty crazy day in the world of politics. With Paul Manafort and Rick Gates being indicted following the …


Morgan Freeman Saying ‘Jailing’ Hillary Clinton Is ‘Best Way To Restore Public Faith’ In Government Is Fake News

Wikimedia CommonsReports that Morgan Freeman suggested that “jailing” Hillary Clinton was “the best way to restore public faith” in the government …

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Gentleman’s guide to growing a mo’

October 25, 2017 2:28PM<p>SINCE the dawn of time, men have had a fascination with facial hair.<p>Adam was depicted sporting a beard in the story of Adam …


The Power of Loving Others - The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman Article

Q&A with Jeremy Courtney, CEO & Founder of Preemptive Love Coalition<p>The third episode of The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman seeks to answer one big question: can love really change the world?<p>More than ten years ago, Jeremy and Jessica Courtney were living in Texas and becoming more and more …

Fake: Morgan Freeman did not say Clinton belongs in jail

A bogus story that claimed actor Morgan Freeman roundly criticized former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton circulated on the …

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Morgan Freeman set to play Colin Powell in biopic

Morgan Freeman will star as Colin Powell in an independent biopic about the former US Secretary of State.<p>The film will focus on Powell’s 2003 speech …

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Morgan Freeman to star as Colin Powell in the biopic Powell

Adam McKay won’t be the only one to tackle the biopic of a U.S. politician, as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Morgan Freeman will be …

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Morgan Freeman Shares His Approach to 'Discipline' That Keeps Him Working at Age 80

His hyperactive work schedule would tire out even a working-age adult.<p>At 80 years old, Morgan Freeman is as active as he’s ever been in film and …

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Daasanach Warrior - The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman Video

Morgan Freeman meets members of the Daasanach and Nyagatom tribes in Ethiopia to better understand their decades-long conflict.

Morgan Freeman cast as Colin Powell in upcoming drama about Iraq War lead-up

Try to keep this one straight: Morgan Freeman recently played the chief justice of the United States on “Madam Secretary,” a CBS show about a fictional secretary of state — and now the actor, who has also played a fictional president, House speaker, senator and even God — is taking on the role of …


Morgan Freeman to Play Colin Powell in Secretary of State Biopic

Morgan Freeman has played presidents, senators, congressmen, Supreme Court justices, and now, he's adding Secretary of State to his resume.<p>The Oscar-winning actor will play Colin Powell in a biopic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Powell" is set during his time as the first African-American …

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Morgan Freeman to Play Colin Powell in Biopic

Morgan Freeman will star as Colin Powell in an independent biopic about the former U.S. Secretary of State. The film will focus on Powell’s 2003 …

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Morgan Freeman Starring In Powell

Morgan Freeman has a history of playing politicians on the big screen; while they're usually fictional, he has tackled the likes of Nelson Mandela. …

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Morgan Freeman to Play Colin Powell in Biopic (Exclusive)

'Marshall' director Reginald Hudlin will helm the project from Hyde Park Entertainment and Revelations Entertainment.<p>Morgan Freeman is taking on the …


Morgan Freeman to play Colin Powell in new biopic

Morgan Freeman is reportedly poised to play Colin Powell in an upcoming biopic about the former secretary of State.The film, “Powell,” is set during …

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Trump, Zuckerberg and Larry David get graffiti treatment in new West Bank murals

An Australian graffiti artists has plastered the West Bank separation barrier with images of Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton and Larry …

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Morgan Freeman Not Dead: Yet Another Viral Death Hoax Claims The Life Of Beloved Actor

Morgan Freeman is not dead — just like he was not dead in 2012, 2014, or any of the countless other times that viral reports have spread about the …


Morgan Freeman explores humanity in NatGeo’s ‘The Story of Us’

At a time when events seem to be driving cultures apart, Morgan Freeman goes on a global journey to understand how human culture has taken so many …

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Morgan Freeman Meets With Transgender Woman in Afghanistan

On tonight's launch of Nat Geo's new series <i>The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman,</i> Freeman meets with Victoria Khan, a transgender woman from …


Morgan Freeman is not dead, confirms comedian Rob Schneider after false reports alarm fans - Mirror Online

Contrary to some dubious online reports, Morgan Freeman is not dead.<p>The 80-year-old has become the victim of an online hoax which suggested he had …


Morgan Freeman shares his approach to ‘discipline’ that keeps him working at age 80

By John Lynch<p>At 80 years old, Morgan Freeman is as active as he’s ever been in film and television.<p>From his numerous upcoming film credits, to his …

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Airdate: The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman

Tonight National Geographic premieres <b>The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman</b>.The 6 part series which debuts globally today, addresses questions such as: …

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Morgan Freeman Dead at 80?

Morgan Freeman isn't dead, and Action News 3 is a fake news site.

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Morgan Freeman recorded a bunch of random phrases for Stephen Colbert and they all sound incredible

Be honest, if you could have Morgan Freeman record himself saying random stuff for you, you would.<p>Morgan Freeman was a guest on Stephen Colbert's <i>The</i> …

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At 80, Morgan Freeman has one little tip for keeping his energy up

This June, Oscar winner Morgan Freeman rang in his 80th birthday.<p>But at an age when most folks are thinking of playing golf and sleeping late, Freeman shows no signs of slowing down.<p>He's the producer of the CBS hit "Madam Secretary," now in its fourth season. And he's the host of National …

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You might think that zombies had had their moment in the spotlight for now, ...<p>Morgan Freeman has a history of playing politicians on the big screen; …

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Morgan Freeman had a very memorable night in a Sydney gay bar

Morgan Freeman has opened up about a memorable night in an Australian gay bar.