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Morgan Freeman Angers Russians Over Video About 2016 Election

The investigation into Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential election features a cast of what by now are household names: Donald J. Trump, Vladimir V. Putin, Paul J. Manafort and Robert S. Mueller III.<p>A two-minute video posted online this week added another well-known — albeit unlikely — …


Russian Trolls Are Waging War on Morgan Freeman

Russian media is waging war on silky-voiced siren Morgan Freeman in response to a short video of the actor calling out the country for meddling in the 2016 presidential election, the <i>Washington Post</i> reports.<p>Freeman filmed the two-minute video for director Rob Reiner's nonprofit, the Committee to …


Russian media calls out Morgan Freeman for ‘marijuana use’

Russia’s state-controlled news media outlets are questioning Morgan Freeman’s pot use in response to a viral video calling for further investigation on the country.<p>Nearly all state-controlled media in Russia are currently verbally abusing the Academy Award winner after his appearance in a video …


Russia's state-run media goes after Morgan Freeman

As we stand on the brink of war(s) and a gutted healthcare system, it’s clear who’s to blame for all of this: celebrities. Well, really just Donald …


Russian Twitter trolls are attacking Morgan Freeman, and is nothing sacred?

First the Russians came for our election and our social media platforms, and now they're coming for another beloved institution: Morgan …


Why bashing Morgan Freeman, of all people, is suddenly the rage in Russia

Morgan Freeman’s honey-kissed baritone has narrated dozens of documentaries and public announcements in the Oscar-winner’s long Hollywood career.<p>But the 80-year-old star’s tenure in the business probably failed to prep him for the Russian reaction that greeted a two-minute online video he recorded …

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Morgan Freeman Must Think He's God to Take on Putin ... Says Russian News

<b>Morgan Freeman</b>'s pissed off all of Russia and is now public enemy #1 at the Kremlin ... if you're buying what Russia's state news is selling, …


Why doesn’t the Committee to Investigate Russia have any Russia experts?

There’s a lot to unpack about the new Committee to Investigate Russia, which aims to “help Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s …


Morgan Freeman, David Frum, and the no-good non-profit

Star-studded but otherwise utterly useless, the Committee to Investigate Russia serves little purpose.<p>A specter is haunting Russia. The specter of... …


Actor Morgan Freeman says the US is 'at war' with Russia

Hollywood star Morgan Freeman has appeared in a video, accusing the Kremlin of attacking America's democracy during the 2016 US elections.<p>The clip was produced by The Committee to Investigate Russia, a group set up by director Rob Reiner to expose what it views as Russia's meddling.<p>Russian …


Kremlin slams 'stressed' Morgan Freeman after he appeared in anti-Russia video

Russia’s media has unleashed on Morgan Freeman following his public call for an investigation into Russian interference in US affairs, suggesting the …


NATO Adviser Says Morgan Freeman May Be Russian Troll Target After Calling Out Putin

American actor Morgan Freeman has come under vitriolic attack on social media over a video in which he accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin of …


The Kremlin Lashes Out At Morgan Freeman For Headlining A Committee To Bring Awareness Of The Russia Probes

The Committee to Investigate Russia, a nonprofit that seeks to raise awareness of Russia’s threat to American institutions, launched this week with frequent Trump critic Rob Reiner and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper as two of the splashier names on the advisory board of the …


Russia Claims That the US Has Used Morgan Freeman as a Weapon

Russian Foreign Ministry has just discovered the United States's greatest and most powerful weapon: Morgan Freeman.<p>“Morgan Freeman has been roped in, …


Morgan Freeman accuses Russia of declaring war on US

<b>Moscow:</b> The Kremlin has called the Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman "emotional and self-exalted" after he appeared in a high profile video accusing …

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Who are the 5 people on Advisory Board behind Morgan Freeman "We are at War with Russia" video?

The “Committee to Investigate Russia” is the crystallization of the neo-liberal left merging with the neoconservative right, united by one common …


Russia: America has 'roped in' actor Morgan Freeman

A Russian diplomat said Wednesday that Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman “had been roped” into pushing a “story” about Russia’s actions that encourages …


Russia turns on Morgan Freeman over election 'war' video

<b>Russia has aimed its entire media arsenal at the veteran Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman over his appearance in a video accusing the Kremlin of waging "war" on America during last year's presidential election.</b><p>The video shows the Oscar winner accusing President Vladimir Putin, a "former KGB spy", of …

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Russia Attacks Hollywood’s Morgan Freeman and Other Celebrities Declaring U.S. at ‘War’ With Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin was once a darling of Hollywood's top talent, but a downturn in U.S-Russia relations has hurt his image.


Rob Reiner And Morgan Freeman Are Going To Save Us All From Russia

It was a cool, crisp autumn day nearly one year ago when I became impervious to shock. A tape of Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault had just …

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Russia: America has 'weaponized' actor Morgan Freeman

Russia's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that actor Morgan Freeman has been "roped in" by the U.S. government in its latest effort to send out …


Morgan Freeman powers effort to raise awareness of Russia's true intentions: 'We are at war'

"We have been attacked," Morgan Freeman stoically announces. "We are at war."<p>The Oscar-winning actor has played the president of the United States in …

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Morgan Freeman interviews Bill Clinton in new season of The Story of Us

For his upcoming National Geographic series, Morgan Freeman will sit down for a two-episode interview with President Bill Clinton, EW can reveal …

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The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman Trailer - The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman Video

Morgan Freeman travels the globe in search of an answer to one fundamental question for humanity: what are the common forces that bind us together? Premieres Wednesday, October 11.

Amazing Polaroids of Morgan Freeman During the Filming of "The Electric Company" in the 1970s

Before making it big in the movies (<i>The Shawshank Redemption</i>, <i>Million Dollar Baby</i>), Morgan Freeman appeared on the PBS children’s TV show <i>The Electric</i> …


Morgan Freeman to star in cat-and-mouse thriller The Manuscript

According to Screen Daily, Morgan Freeman has joined the cast of <b>The Manuscript</b>, a high-concept cat-and-mouse thriller from director John Moore (<b>A</b> …


From Morgan Freeman to Susan Sarandon: A look at who's filming what in Louisiana |

New Orleans film crew<p>Morgan Freeman<p>Terrence Howard<p>Susan Sarandon

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Kremlin mouthpieces attack ‘emotional’ Morgan Freeman — and insist everyone should ignore his Russia video

The Kremlin smeared Morgan Freeman on Wednesday for saying that the United States is “at war” with Russia over that country’s attempts to destabilize …

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Morgan Freeman In Town To Shoot Scenes For New Series [Updated]

Castro, Financial District, SoMa, Upper HaightPhoto: Anonymous/Hoodline TiplineAcademy-award winning actor Morgan Freeman is in town, reportedly …

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Morgan Freeman Spotted Filming New National Geographic Series In SF

Walking home when suddenly crowd of people around Morgan Freeman<p>— Jamacanbacn~Eric (@Jamacanbacn) August 29, 2017<p>Academy …

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