Baby moose causes controversy after it was found severely injured near Okotoks

Alberta residents near Okotoks said they stepped in to try and save a baby moose’s life after being told to let it die by provincial officials.<p>Last …


EastEnders: The real reason behind Moose's return revealed as he drops shocking marriage bombshell on Woody Woodward

EastEnders: The real reason behind Moose's return revealed: Moose surprised Whitney with his arrival [BBC] Moose was last seen in EastEnders when he …


Moose, deer with fawn poached near Pemberton - Surrey Now-Leader

Conservation officers are investigating after a doe with a fawn and a bull moose were shot dead in separate poaching incidents near Pemberton.<p>A …

British Columbia

Famous White Moose Marked for Death, Then Spared

Sweden's most famous moose has been beleaguered by attention since video of it published last August.<p>When Swedish politician Hans Nilsson captured video of a large white moose walking through the country's Värmland district, he knew he had something extraordinary on his hands. But just how famous …


Westhampton trail cam captures swimming bear, battling beaver (video)

<i>This is the latest in an occasional series on the wildlife caught on trail cameras set up by The Republican reporter George Graham and his wife,</i> …

Western Massachusetts

Solved: Deer bringing death to moose in Minnesota

The parasites that deer carry into the North Woods prove fatal, but hunters resist thinning the herd.


Do hungry moose affect where bats eat? Research underway in Gros Morne to find out

Darrian Washinger looking to see where pest-controlling bats like to hunt for bugs<p>A master's student at Memorial University's Grenfell Campus is …


'We decided to be brave': Moose Knuckles reveals upcoming Pornhub partnership

Montreal-based luxury parka maker Moose Knuckles has revealed an upcoming collaboration with popular porn site Pornhub. BNN’s Paige Ellis speaks to …

Business (Canada)

Many N.L. drivers don’t know how to avoid a moose-vehicle collision: survey

On a clear night, an experienced highway driver can detect the reflection of headlights in the eyes of a moose or other animal in time to stop to …

Canadian News

New Emergency Cable Repair Kit by Moose Racing

<b>EMERGENCY CABLE REPAIR KIT</b> <i><br>MSRP: $15.95</i><br>– Contains cable components to repair many types of cables<br>– Two wire diameter sizes and assortment of cable …


Wardens: Man illegally shot moose, dragged it behind truck

WESTMORE, Vt. (AP) — Vermont wildlife officials have accused a man of poaching a moose cow out of season, dragging the animal behind his truck for 11 miles and leaving it to rot by the side of the road.<p>The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says 20-year-old Gerin Fortin, of Irasburg, was arrested …


Wardens: Vermont man illegally shot moose, dragged it behind truck for 11 miles

Vermont wildlife officials have accused a man of poaching a moose cow out of season, dragging the animal behind his truck for 11 miles and leaving it …


Fish and Wildlife Enforcement investigating two allegedly illegal moose killings in Lethbridge

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement, is seeking the public’s assistance relating to an incident where two …

Canadian News

Watch this moose take his frustrations out on a car (and a mailbox)

It’s mating season for moose, and that means surging hormones and raging bulls … and bad news for this woman’s car!<p><i>Warning: This clip contains some</i> …


Michigan moose on the loose — and on the rebound

Moose are on the rise in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


Hunter in Boulder County kills moose when he mistakes it for elk

A hunter who killed a cow moose Saturday when he mistook it for an elk faces a fine ranging from $100 to $1,000 and will have 20 points assessed …


New Qualifier Footpegs by Moose Racing

<b>QUALIFIER FOOTPEGS</b> <i><br>MSRP: $102.95</i><br>– Two-piece light weight footpeg design<br>– CNC machined aluminum alloy construction<br>– Extra wide replaceable stainless …


Everyday Bag For Gadgets, Laptops, Adventurers And Travellers (video)

Anyone searching for a new gadget bag may be interested in this new everyday bag which has been created by Moose Designs is based in Los Angeles, …

Gear & Gadgets

A rare white moose is spotted in Sweden


Limping moose temporarily blocks couple from voting in 2017 Calgary election

A Calgary couple who make use of Elections Calgary’s in-house ballot process were briefly delayed from voting in the municipal election Monday …


B.C. First Nation declares local ban on moose hunt

'We are alarmed that the province has failed to take action," says ?Esdilagh First Nation<p>The small First Nation community of ?Esdilagh in Quesnel, …


Hunters upset over moose hunt closure in B.C. Cariboo

Ban is 'what's easy and looks good instead of what's hard and works,' says B.C. Wildlife Federation<p>A ban on moose hunting in parts of B.C.'s Cariboo …


Video: Moose vs. Wolf in the Backcountry of Ontario, Canada

This video was captured purely by chance when a filmmaker took his drone out to shoot some aerial footage of the backcountry in Ontario, Canada. When …


Roadkill for lunch? Alaska's doing it and students are eating it up

N.L. government looking at ways of using moose killed on the road as a source of food<p>The Newfoundland and Labrador government is exploring ways of …


Watch This Wolf Attempt To Take Down A Moose in This Gorgeous Drone Video

It is in every imaginable way, a better fight than McGregor vs. Mayweather.<p>Sometimes in life—especially in 2017— it feels like we're chasing down something bigger than ourselves, something that we can't take down easily.<p>Whether it be love, a career milestone, a somewhat functioning social life, …


Wolf attempts to take down moose in Canadian lake in dramatic video

A filmmaker in Canada was capturing fall colors on an inland lake north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, when an unexpected scene unfolded before him: a …


Man drives 100 miles after collision with moose

A Canadian man has been reprimanded by officials, after driving more than 100 miles (170km) in a car that had been badly damaged by a collision with …

Rick and Morty

What to do if you spot a moose in the wild

Hint #1: Get the hell out of its way.<p>A mother moose refuses to share the road with a truck — and ends up ramming it for 15 minutes. (Photo: Snapshot …

Adventure Travel

Drone Footage of Wolf Trying to Take Down Moose Is the Most Dramatic Wildlife Footage Ever

<b>In nature’s way, it’s competely beautiful.</b> Northern Ontario in the fall can lull you into a dreamy state. But it ain’t that dreamy for the wildlife. …


The Wearable Reentry Spacecraft of Yesteryear

Imagine an astronaut on board a dying spacecraft in orbit. The vehicle is losing power and there’s no way it will be able to make it safely back …