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Torched Photos of Kim Jong Un Show South Korea's Olympic Divide

A glamorous North Korean singer arrived at Seoul’s main train station on Monday to a media frenzy and raucous crowds. Also present were protesters …

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South Koreans slam North Korea participation, unification flag at Winter Olympics

North and South Korea agreed to put past tensions aside and promote a “Peace Olympics” — but some South Koreans slammed the decision to make temporary amends with the Hermit Kingdom, accusing Seoul of embracing Kim Jong Un’s propaganda efforts amid the nuclear and missile crisis.<p>Though South Korean …

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The Precarious Politics of the Joint Korean Hockey Team

It's an unprecedented diplomatic breakthrough. But how can two rival nations build teamwork?<p>On January 9, roughly 30 years after North Korea bombed a Korean Air passenger plane in protest of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Seoul and Pyongyang announced a stunning diplomatic breakthrough: North Korea would …

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The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here's what's happening on Monday.<p><b>1. The US government shutdown continues.</b> The partial shutdown will enter it's third day on Monday after the Senate failed to pass a short-term funding deal.<p><b>2. Hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered for Women's March events across the world.</b> It has been …

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SitRep: U.S. Govt. Shuts Down; Defense Strategy Unveiled; Nuclear Torpedo

<b>The Trump shutdown.</b> It’s Monday morning, and the U.S. government has shut down. Senate negotiators failed to reach a spending deal late last night, …


S. Korea's Chinese tourist slump endures despite pledges

Chinese tourist numbers to South Korea continued to decline in December, figures showed Monday, even though Beijing and Seoul pledged to improve …


North Korea: Japan hosts first ballistic missile evacuation drill

Japan is escalating its efforts to prepare its citizens for war, with Tokyo hosting its first ballistic missile evacuation drill.<p>While tensions …

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Seoul eyes ban on digital signature certificates

The South Korean government on Monday decided to push for the abolishment of the uniformly used digital signature certif


A 'precious chance': 'Olympics should lead to nuclear talks with US', says South Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Monday more efforts should be made to ensure that inter-Korean discussions for next month's Winter …

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Trump reportedly asked South Korea's president to publicly give him kudos for the talks with North Korea

• <b>Earlier this month, South Korean and North Korean officials met for landmark negotiations amid the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.</b>• <b><br>President Donald Trump reportedly asked South Korean President Moon Jae-in to publicly acknowledge his role in advancing the bilateral talks between the</b> …

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Kim Jong Un’s Winter Olympics ‘Army of Beauties’—and Me

The North Korean Winter Olympics athletes may not amount to much, but the cheerleaders are something special, as the author once discovered in China …

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Trump Asked For Public Recognition For Talks Between North And South Korea In Phone Call

Donald Trump, keen to get recognition for what he saw as his role in creating an atmosphere that encouraged talks between North and South Korea, …

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A critical moment in Korea: Will the U.S. give peace a chance?

Amid a serious thaw between North and South Korea, the Trump administration prepares for war. Don’t exhale yet<p>North and South Korea have suddenly entered a critical passage. In a week of Page 1–worthy events, it would be difficult to overstate the importance of what transpires over the next month …

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‘Alternate no-driving day’ policy to be implemented during Olympics in Seoul

Amid worsening air quality, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a mandatory “alternate no-driving day” program o


A year on, Trump’s US still deeply divided

In affluent Brecksville, south of Cleveland, Ohio, it is easy to find voters who are happy with President Donald Trump. Retired engineer Gary Kasmer, …


UN best framework to address NK nuke issue

Illustration: Peter C. Espina/GT<p>Alongside China's rise, neighborhood diplomacy has been a priority in its foreign diplomacy. Northeast Asian nations …

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How to fail geopolitics: The world according to Trump

How to build a wall and lose an empire<p>As 2017 ended with billionaires toasting their tax cuts and energy executives cheering their unfettered access to federal lands as well as coastal waters, there was one sector of the American elite that did not share in the champagne celebration: Washington’s …

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Will Trump’s Bruised Ego Launch a Nuclear War?

With his China trip a bust and his isolation strategy failing, Trump has few options but to eat crow or raise the specter of war. The more ominous danger, however, is that a spurned Trump may feel his manhood so imperiled that he will opt for pre-emptive military strike.<p>Chinese President <b>Xi Jinping</b> …


U.S. Humiliates South Korea, Threatens North Korea. Trump Undermines North-South Dialogue

<i>Fearing that peace might break out with the two Koreas talking to each other, Washington instructed South Korean President Moon Jae-in to keep the</i> …

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South Korean Officials Initiated Insider Trading by Buying Bitcoin

Advertisement<p>According to Choi Heung Sik, the director of South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service (FSC), the country’s integrated financial …

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Avoiding armageddon in Korea

Launching a war for the ages<p>Most people intuitively get it. An American preventive strike to wipe out North Korea’s nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles, or a commando raid launched with the same goal in mind, is likely to initiate a chain of events culminating in catastrophe. That would be true …

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Talks between the two Koreas are worth a try

Faced with escalating military tension and the threat of a conflagration on the Korean peninsular, Washington and Seoul have done their utmost over …

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The woman battling South Korea's 'birth strike'

SEOUL: The woman appointed to try to reverse the world's lowest birth rates knows better than most why billion-dollar campaigns to encourage South …


Tales from the crypto: South Korea frets over crackdown on virtual economy

In South Korea, more than 200,000 people have now signed a presidential petition imploring the government to reconsider a proposal to crack down on …

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Olympics has Koreas playing for same side | Sunday Independent

With President Donald Trump having threatened to unleash fire and fury on North Korea just five months ago, did we ever think we would see North and …

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Korean détente a positive but limited step forward

South and North Korea currently are enjoying a limited détente. But their seeming embrace, with plans for a unified Olympics team, is a symbolic act …

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[Editorial] Regrettable collision

Former President Lee Myung-bak has denounced the prosecution’s investigation of his aides as “political retribution,” wh

Asia in 3 minutes: Yabba, dabba, doo for sultan’s Flintstone car; yabba, dabba, don’t for Japan’s fugu lovers | This Week In Asia | South China Morning Post

<b>Malaysian sultan channels Fred Flintstone with new car</b><p>Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar of Johor, one of Malaysia’s most powerful and wealthiest state …

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North Korea Wants to Reunite with South, But Only if U.S. Stays Out

North Korea has reaffirmed its commitment to ultimately reunite with South Korea, but not before rejecting any involvement by the U.S. and any other …

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A theory about the recent crypto price plunge

Note: this is just a theory. One of those of things that pops into your head when you’re in the shower after a long run. It may be nuts — and we …

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