These monkeys are having better sex than you.

No banana dildos allowed, these six species of monkey have fascinating sex. What primates lack in cognition and intellectual ability they make up for …


Horny monkeys that will sleep with anything have created a new species

Sex-mad monkeys have been mating with other species, creating an entirely new hybrid population of apes — and scientists are absolutely fine with …

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Arctic Monkeys Announce Fall Tour

Arctic Monkeys have announced additional dates in support of their upcoming album <i>Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino</i>. Following shows around the world that kick off with two nights at San Diego’s Observatory North Park in May, they are set to return to North America on October 9 with a performance at …

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Different Species of Monkeys are Having Sex Now, but Biologists Don't Mind

"It is nature's way to respond."<p>Hooking up with members of other species is generally frowned upon. But maybe we’re just prudes. As grolar bears, …


Court Rules Monkeys Can Take Selfies But Only People Can Copyright

A monkey created a series of selfies in 2011 and a photographer used them. PETA sued claiming copyright infringement. An appeals court has ruled against the suit.


Promiscuous monkeys discovered mating with other species, finds research

When it comes to finding a partner, monkeys are not necessarily so picky they insist a mate comes from the same species.<p>New genetic research suggests …


World's first cloned monkeys bask in the sun

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Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner defends infamous BRITs mic drop speech: “What else was I supposed to do?”

Singer says he didn't want to be "dishonest"<p>Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has defended his infamous 2014 BRIT Awards speech, asking: “What else …

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New poop sample analysis reveals interspecies monkey romance

The hybrid kids are alright.<p>In 1994, when Kate Detwiler, then a junior in college, rode the bus to her research site in Gombe National Park, what she was going to observe wasn’t part of the mainstream scientific discourse. Chatting with other people on the bus, she says, she’d explain that she was …


Arctic Monkeys announce more North American tour dates

<b>Arctic Monkeys</b>‘ highly anticipated new album <i>Tranquiltiy Base Hotel & Casino</i> — their first in five years — will be out on May 11, and the band keep …

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'Alex Turner has written another masterpiece': Sony/ATV's Guy Moot on Arctic Monkeys' amazing comeback

With less than three weeks until its release, there’s a code of silence surrounding the sixth album from Arctic Monkeys. The band have yet to release …

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Monday's headlines and your open line

Your headlines for April 23, 2018: New poll finds Asa Hutchinson with sizable lead over Jan Morgan; Anonymous Harding University students relaunch …

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Monkeys Can't Sue over Selfies After All - April 23, 2018

Forget the White House’s remarkable legal woes and the San Francisco mayoral election for a minute — an Indonesian monkey has been denied the right …

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Sabroso: Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival

posted by Nick -<p>3 months ago<p><b>Sabroso: A Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival</b><p><b>Featuring: The Offspring, Pennywise, Street Dogs, Lit, Unwritten Law and Los</b> …

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Holden pits man against beast in new Colorado campaign

A man and his truck take on a mountain goat in a new campaign promoting Holden’s Colorado vehicle.<p>The campaign follows a man and his Colorado in an …


Novel therapy stops Zika in pregnant monkeys but not their fetuses, UM scientists say

A promising experimental therapy that prevents Zika in monkeys does not stop the virus spreading from a pregnant mother to her fetus, researchers at …

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Arctic Monkeys ‘autobiographical’ new album was nearly an Alex Turner solo album

"It's definitely not a guitar-heavy record"<p>Arctic Monkeys have spoken out about the lyrical approach and bold new direction in sound on upcoming …

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First genetic evidence of ongoing mating between 2 distinct species of guenon monkeys: Monkeys see, monkeys do cross species boundary

Monkeys see, monkeys do cross species boundary<p>A new study of guenon monkeys in Gombe National Park is the first to provide genetic evidence of …


Arctic Monkeys boss calls on Government to shut down Viagogo and freeze out touts

Ian McAndrew spoke out after the resale platform was the only one among the big four tout sites to carry tickets for the band’s sold-out tour.<p>The …

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New edition of Music Week out now

The new edition of <i>Music Week</i> brings with it one of the biggest music business stories of recent times: the coming together of PPL and …

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A vaccine for heroin addiction?

Addiction to opiate drugs has become a worldwide public health epidemic. Bremer <i>et al.</i> sought to test whether a vaccination approach might be a way to …

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Greatest Showman soundtrack denies Manics Number 1 album

The Greatest Showman soundtrack is back at Number 1 on this week's Official Albums Chart, scoring its 13th week at the top.<p>The collection rebounds 2 …

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Human Cloning Could Be Possible In The Future, Says ‘MIT Technology Review’

According to <i>MIT Technology Review</i>, human cloning could be possible in the future. This prediction is based on the current state of cloning, which …


Firefly announces daily lineups, ticket info

The headliners will be Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Arctic Monkeys and The Killers.<p>The Firefly Music Festival, the East Coast’s largest music and camping …


Inside Arctic Monkeys' New Album: Alex Turner Discusses Why Swapping Guitar for Piano Led to the Band's Most Ambitious Album

Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner is in a darkened room within a rehearsal space in Burbank, Calif. “Just before you called, I was disappearing …

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The First Line on Arctic Monkeys’ New Album Is About The Strokes

On May 11, Arctic Monkeys return with their new album <i>Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino</i>. According to an album bio on an event listing—and confirmed by the band’s representatives to Pitchfork—the record opens with Alex Turner singing about the Strokes. The first track, “Star Treatment,” begins, “I …

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A Male Contraceptive Has Been Developed That Stops Sperm Without Side Effects

Men who have long dreaded the use of rubber during their greatest sexual exploits now have something to get excited about. A new study from journal …


11-Day Costa Rica holiday from £1579 per person, including flights, transfers accommodation.

11-Day Costa Rica holiday from £1579 per person, including flights, transfers & accommodation.<p>Llama Travel Ltd<p><b>Valid from:</b> 09 April 2018<p><b>Valid to:</b> 10 …

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'Sea Monkeys' show how tiny critters churn ocean - Futurity

Swarms of tiny organisms like krill can create enough turbulence to redistribute ocean waters. The idea "has been almost heretical in oceanography."


What a Scientist Learned From Studying the ‘Synchronized Swimming of Sea Monkeys’

John Dabiri isn’t an oceanographer. And he’s not a biologist. But for more than a decade, he’s been studying tiny shrimp swimming through water. It hasn’t always been easy.<p>In 2014, he found his research on small crustaceans under the powerful microscope of Tom Coburn, then a Republican senator from …

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