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The clients discovered this house, which was built in the early 1990s, while looking for a place in which to raise their family. They were drawn to the site's natural landscape and its western views to Lake Washington. The original 3,800-square-foot house was an unusually austere interpretation of …


New book about Greater Manchester's modern architecture has a concrete cover

An architecture lecturer’s guidebook to modern architecture in Greater Manchester has been published following a successful crowdfunding</i> …


A Photographer’s Guide To Frankfurt

Among European cities, Frankfurt would not probably be high on a first choice list for photographers. Consider the competition, London, Paris, Rome …


This Rural Home Combines Rustic Interior Elements With Modern Architecture

Australian architecture firm Dan Gayfer Design, have recently completed a modern ranch-inspired house that’s located in the rolling hills of Ceres, a …


Rustic Luxury! The Tunbridge Winter Cabin By New Affiliates

We love architecture, especially outstanding designs in stunning settings. Today we get a look at another beautiful example of modern architecture, …


Modern architecture focus of home tour

A midcentury-style Del Mar beach home designed by the late architect Sim Bruce Richards is among six residences that will be open to visitors on …


Second instalment of two-part exhibition series on Pietro Consagra opens in London

ARTUNER and The Italian Cultural Institute are presenting the second instalment of their two-part exhibition series on the renowned post-war Italian …


Brick House That Looks Warm Cozy and Inviting

This contemporary house project of Andrew Burges Architects located at North Bondi, Sydney, Australia is featuring not only clever architectural …

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Modernism, Heal Thyself

Austria’s most famous asylum rises on regular terraces up the shallow slope of Vienna’s Gallitzinberg hill. Seen from the south, the asylum’s 60-odd …

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Amazing Virtual Art Galery by Adobe

Designate. Photographer. Filmmaker. Dreamer. Whatever the activity, ADOBE offers you a service unique in the world to express its creativity …

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Top 10 Amazing Glass Buildings in the World

Modern architecture is traversing many unconventional ways. The use of glass in as a dominating material is one of the features that developed …


Articles about 6 hip and innovative manhattan homes on - Dwell

If you’re bored of solid ground and want to try out a life on water, then these international companies will give you the tools...<p>A home wet bar can be much more than just a place to make drinks with access to running water.<p>Whether you just really love art or you're an avid collector, you may want …


20 cool flat roof houses!

Hardly any other type of architecture is as timeless and modern as the flat roof house. It is therefore no wonder that they are experiencing a full …


Modern Architecture in Créteil

article<p><p>Fubiz Media


What makes a work of architecture American?

Founded in 1892 and housed since 1932 in a building designed by local luminary Pietro Belluschi, the Portland Art Museum recently opened its …


The Mental Disorders that Gave Us Modern Architecture

How did modern architecture happen? How did we evolve so quickly from architecture that had ornament and detail, to buildings that were often blank …


Desert Wash

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a modern home? A home where the line between inside and out is so blurred that nature sometimes comes crawling into your room. Are you afraid modern architecture is only for childless Avant guard art collectors who wear black turtleneck …


No1 Houseboat: No1 Living 40'

No1 Living 40’ was introduced to the market in the spring of 2013. It brings a new style to the traditional way of living and spending time on the …

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In 2006 I spoke at a conference in Budapest. At the time, there was a bunch of fascists protesting in the town square, and it was getting …


Retractable restaurant addition provides flexible space that adapts to any weather

Could this be the end of waiting outside a restaurant in crappy weather? Turkish company Libart installed an innovative retractable wall system for a …


Modern architecture: The home built around an old Oak tree

Using the existing old Oak, Madrone and Redwood trees in the forests of the Santa Lucia mountains to determine the shape, positioning and layout of …


The alt-right targets modern architecture

You wouldn’t think the National Rifle Association would have a position on modern architecture. But then you’d get a gander of an incendiary new ad …


Hawaiian Pavilions with Beautiful Tropical Landscape

A little piece of paradise? A tropical mixture of contemporary luxury and vernacular architecture and characteristic spirit from the Polynesian …


The role of plywood in modern architecture

A man who made a fortune from plywood built one of 20th-century Britain’s most exciting blocks of flats, says Judith Martin<p>I look forward to seeing the Plywood exhibition at the V&A (Oliver Wainwright, 13 July) and hope that as well as big names like Charles Eames and Elon Musk, it includes Jack …


Innovative retractable glass roof can convert a mall into an outdoor space at the touch of a button

Large complexes such as shopping centers, hotels, conference centers aren’t exactly known for their energy-efficient design, but it doesn’t have to …


Why does the NRA use so much modern architecture in its latest ad?

A NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch says "the left uses their media to assassinate real news, and their entertainers to repeat the false narrative over and …

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Gallery of A Curated Guide to the Modern Architecture of São Paulo - 11

Image 11 of 21 from gallery of A Curated Guide to the Modern Architecture of São Paulo. © Ricardo Amado


Modern Architecture, Contemporary Architecture, Modern Buildings Photos | Architectural Digest

Designed by such starchitects as Frank Gehry and Santiago Calatrava, these buildings are influenced by the shapely curves found on yachts and boats of all shapes and sizes<p>1/8<p><b>IAC Building (New York)</b><p>2/8<p><b>Burj Al Arab (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)</b><p>3/8<p><b>Kobe Maritime Museum (Kobe, Japan)</b>


Why Is There So Much Modern Architecture In The NRA’s New Ad?

For decades, authoritarian regimes have waged war on modern architecture and the philosophy it embodies. A new ad proves it’s still a target.<p>If you came across a video featuring Frank Gehry‘s frenetic Disney Concert Hall, Renzo Piano’s towering <i>New York Times</i> building, John Portman‘s postmodern …

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A white and wood home that is oh so good!

It's no secret that white and wood is a combination that ALWAYS looks good, but today, we are going to show you a modernist home that takes things to …

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