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As ICE Cracks Down, Minnesota County Invests in Legal Defense for Immigrants

<b>Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear this segment</b><p>In Hennepin County, Minnesota, local officials are responding to an increase in immigration arrests by spending tens of thousands of dollars on legal defense. Spurred by the arrest of union organizer Luciano Morales, elected officials are …


Super Bowl LII

Normally, the Minnsota Vikings would've attempted an extra-point kick following Stefon Diggs' dramatic touchdown that clinched a playoff win over the …

Super Bowl LII

01/17/2018: What's a "contribution" to the economy look like?

Business<p>Larry Fink, the company's chairman, issued a letter to corporate leaders urging more corporate responsibility.<p>Business<p>The world's most valuable company plans to contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy over five years.<p>Economy<p>Tech<p>According to Bloomberg, employees used a lock-out program …


Duluth native C.J. Ham took the long road to Vikings' backfield

BlackRock CEO wants companies to make a "positive contribution to society"

Larry Fink, the CEO of the giant asset management company, BlackRock (think pensions and mutual funds), wrote an open letter to corporate CEOs about social responsibility. Specifically, about how companies shouldn't just think about profits, they also should be making a "positive contribution to …


01/16/2018: Is "Catan" the next blockbuster?

World<p>China's Cabinet has decreed that the city's population should be 25 million — barely more than it is today.<p>Business<p>Economy<p>A new housing subsidy plan in Denver aims to make high end apartments affordable.<p>Economy<p>Business<p>Popular German board game Catan may be headed to the big screen.


With California Freeway damaged by mudslides, commuters find alternatives

Acres of mud and debris continue to make travel in and out of the Santa Barbara, California area a big challenge. So commuters are relying on some old fashioned transportation alternates.<p>It usually takes Mitchell Guzman about 40 minutes to get from Ventura to his job in Montecito. But today with …


Minneapolis improves connectivity to prepare for Super Bowl

New England

01/16/2018: A corporate collapse that rivals Enron's

News happens while you sleep. Marketplace Morning Report gives you a head start on the day. Throughout the morning, host David Brancaccio shares the latest on markets, money, jobs and innovation, providing the context you need to make the smartest decisions. And from London, host Anu Anand presents …


01/17/2018: What Facebook could learn from the Reformation

What does Martin Luther have to do with Facebook? According to one historian, they both prove that networks have great power and can do a lot of harm. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks with Niall Ferguson, whose new book is called "The Square and the Tower: Networks and Power, from the …


Daily Download: Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 5: II. Sturmisch bewegt

Classical Music

01/16/2018: The taxman is coming for your bitcoin

The bitcoin gold rush involves a lot of money, and where there's lots of money, there is also the taxman. The IRS has started to take a keen interest in cryptocurrency over the past several months, and it's not just bitcoin millionaires who should be taking notice. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood …


Resilient Vikings have taken their cue from Zimmer

Mike Zimmer

The best memes from the Vikings' big win over the Saints

U.S. Bank Stadium

Minneapolis, St. Paul declare snow emergencies


01/15/2018: Should posting revenge porn be a federal crime?

Revenge porn is the non-consensual sharing of nude photos or videos. Thirty-eight states and the District of Columbia have revenge porn laws, according to the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative. And now Congress is considering a bill that would make revenge porn a federal crime. Marketplace Tech host …


Demand for New Mexico green chiles leaves farmers scrambling to increase supplies

If you go out to eat in New Mexico, there’s a good chance your server will ask you, “Red, green, or Christmas?” when you order. It means, do you want your food smothered in red or green chile …. or both. In this state, the green chile is king. So much so that it’s the official state vegetable and …


New Nye's bar hopes to recapture old magic

Vikings’ fan reaction: There is no joy like unbridled joy

The takeaway here is that there are an awfully lot of football fans who take video of each other watching television.<p>Also: There are a lot of …

01/15/2018: How health care is changing this year

Congress may not have completely repealed the Affordable Care Act, but it sure is changing everything about affordable care. First up: CHIP, which covers about nine million children, who are now in danger of losing that coverage. Congress failed to extend funding back in September, and the program …


50 Minnesota lakes and streams impaired because of road salt

Fifty Minnesota lakes and streams are on the state’s impaired waters list because of too much chloride.The chloride is mainly from road salt, …

Key to aging well is to remain connected to social network

When creating a retirement planning checklist, one way to organize your thoughts about the big questions is how will you stay in touch with your …


Minnesota expects to see more strong growth in solar energy

Minnesota is expected to see more strong growth in solar energy after the state added enough solar panels in 2017 to power about 53,000 homes.<p>The …

Renewable Energy

Stunner: Keenum-Diggs TD on last play; Vikes win 29-24

Case Keenum

Mondale celebrates 90th birthday with Carter and others

Many speakers honored Mondale including former President Jimmy Carter, Sen. Tina Smith, former Sen. Al Franken, and former Secretary of State …

Tina Smith

President Trump's idea of good and bad immigrant countries has a historical precedent

Liam Neeson: Hollywood Sexual Misconduct Allegations Spurred "Witch Hunt"

<b>Liam Neeson</b> says the growing number of sexual misconduct allegations launched against famous people has spurred a "witch hunt."<p>The Oscar-nominated …

Celebrity News

Minnesota Native American tribe seeks farm bill funding

Minnesota Native American leaders are part of an initiative to bring more farm bill funding to Indian Country.<p>More than 30 tribes across the country …


01/12/2018: Here's the thing about this week

Economy<p>Close, but no cigar.<p>Economy<p>Business<p>Business<p>Tech<p>Life<p>From new attractions in Atlanta to a U.S. Civil Rights Trail, tourism around civil rights history is growing.


'Racist' and 'shameful': How other countries are responding to Trump's slur

Erna Solberg