Psychedelic discovery could lead to new antidepressants

Structural changes in the brain may suggest that psychedelics, such as LSD and MDMA, are capable of repairing the circuits that malfunction in mood …


Having Sex with Aliens

Not too long ago I became interested in paranormal phenomena in a fairly normal way, as a reader and researcher. I was immersed in studying C. J. …

Living Rooms


Read an Excerpt<p>CHAPTER 1<p>Keira O'Shay flexed and released her fingers around the grip of her Colt AR-15 assault rifle, her mind on the little boy …

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The Spy with the Red Balloon

Read an Excerpt<p>CHAPTER 1<p><b>NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK AUGUST 15, 1943</b><p><b>ILSE</b><p>Sometimes, I thought I might drown in all the marvels of this world. Usually this …


Deadly Games

Read an Excerpt<p>CHAPTER 1<p>Marissa sat on the edge of her bed in her underwear, pants down around her ankles and her apron still tied around her waist. …

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Google Is Using AI to See Inside the Brain Like Never Before

New data might help neuroscientists better understand the structure of the brain.


Walking off my Twenties on the Camino de Santiago

<i>The Camino de Santiago is a web of ancient paths across Europe, all leading to the holy city of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The most famous and</i> …

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Lord Snow: Life, Death, Immortality, and What Matters Most (LSP #51)

July 16, 2018 by Captain Cassidy<p>On Thursday night, Lord Snow passed away. Today, I’ll share what happened, and why he was the best boy ever. Please …


My Husband Blamed Me For The Death Of Our Child

My husband and I have lived life on the hilltop, and unfortunately, we have lived life in the lowest of trenches.<p>Our rapid fall from above was …


Brain scientists meet to share data on magic mushrooms and other matters

What’s the best way to fine-tune brain stimulation to stop tremors? How do brain-wave patterns shift as we grow up? Can psychedelic drugs reverse the …


Ears ringing, buzzing or clicking? What you can do about tinnitus

In most cases, tinnitus can be managed fully. But for some, it’s a chronic condition.


10 Superpowers Real People Have (And Why They’re Terrible)

Superpowered mutants aren’t just in comic books. There are real people who have been born with unusual gifts so incredible that they can only be …


Scientists genetically modified gerbils to hear light through an implant

A team of German scientists recently developed a spectacular new cochlear implant that uses light to simulate sound. So far it’s only been tested on gerbils, but the results are promising.<p>Cochlear implants are a decades-old invention that uses electricity to stimulate or bypass deadened auditory …


Beyond Fight or Flight

Gabriel Cohen on how you can defuse stressful situations by pausing before reacting instinctively.The post Beyond Fight or Flight appeared first on …

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Imran Khan was doing about six grams of cocaine a night and sinking deep

<b>Reham Khan writes about how ex-husband Imran Khan’s drug addiction got out of hand, even if he preferred her being a ‘clean woman’.</b><p>It appeared that …

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To Understand The Outside World, The Brain Has To Ignore Its Own Body

A new study shows just how our brains use an editing tool to separate internal and external signals — a process which helps us perceive our …

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What if You Could Live Forever?

Rachel Heng’s <i>Suicide Club</i> takes place in a near-future America, where technology has made it possible for the people to live for hundreds of …


Could pulses of light lead to higher-tech cochlear implants?

Within the cochlea, hair cells rest on an organic platform known as the basilar membrane that is floppy and wide on one end and narrow and taut on …


Stable, Don’t Touch Nothing

Mr. M. was short of breath. Each shallow contraction of his diaphragm inflated just a fraction of his lungs, the fraction that was not invaded by …


Electric fish helps scientists understand how the brain filters out internal stimuli

Scientists at Columbia University have identified the neurological origins of internal noise-cancellation inside the tiny brains of electric fish.

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New method reveals how well cancer drugs hit their targets

Scientists have developed a method to measure how well cancer drugs reach their targets inside the body. It shows individual cancer cells in a tumor …



You’ll see them someplace you’re going when you’re trying to make the most of your time. They’re standing at the top of the steps to the public …


Ask Polly: ‘I Feel Empty’

<b>Dear Polly,</b><p>I’m writing to you from Paris, precisely from my kitchen table, full of empty coffee mugs I haven’t cleaned for like a week, unpacked …


ENOUGH: If You Hadn’t Happened

<i>ENOUGH is a Rumpus series devoted to creating a dedicated space for essays, poetry, fiction, comics, and artwork by women and non-binary people that</i> …

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Ear implant lets deaf gerbils sense sound from light signals

A special cochlear implant has used to light to enable deaf gerbils to sense sound. The results suggest that optical stimulation could one day be …


To Make Sense of the Present, Brains May Predict the Future

A controversial theory suggests that perception, motor control, memory and other brain functions all depend on comparisons between ongoing actual …

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The Scientific Reason People In Crisis Benefit from Ayahuasca

In 1993, a team of international researchers ventured into the Brazilian Amazon and set up a makeshift laboratory inside a temple of the União do …


I Run to Silence My Demons

How a simple exercise, repeated, nudges me from the abyss.<p>I am not a good runner. I can’t go very long. I stop when I’m tired. I don’t stretch before or after; I’m sure that’s bad. My form is probably wrong. People have told me how to run the right way before, but I haven’t remembered.<p>I don’t …


Suicide Club

Lea Kirino is a “Lifer,” which means that a roll of the genetic dice has given her the potential to live forever—<i>if</i> she does everything right. And …


Against all odds: Dave Repsher's helicopter crash survival story

Dave Repsher’s memory of the accident is spotty.<p>It was Friday, July 3, 2015, the beginning of a Fourth of July weekend that had brought throngs of …