Military History

The Lancaster – Remembering Britain’s Mightiest Bomber of WW2 (and the Men Who Flew Them)

Lancasters of the RAF’s No. 44 Squadron. Avro manufactured more than 7,300 of the four-engined heavy bombers during the war years. Today, only two …

20th Century

Body Armor of the First World War, 1914-1918

During the First World War, the size and scale of some of the weaponry produced devastating wounds and losses on soldiers. In order to provide some …

20th Century

Most expensive Antiques Roadshow find is Faberge flower owned by army regiment valued at £1m

The most expensive ever Antiques Roadshow find has been revealed as a Faberge flower gifted to an army regiment - and valued at £1m.<p>It was taken in for valuation on Wednesday June 21 when the BBC was filming at the Black Country Living Museum at Dudley near Birmingham.<p>Simon Shaw, the show’s …


Learn How Barbarossa Went from Pirate to Ottoman Admiral

He began his naval career as a Barbary pirate, alongside his brothers, raiding Christian coastal villages and seizing ships across the Mediterranean. …

World History

BBC Four - The Vietnam War, Series 1

Ten years in the making, this immersive series tells the epic story of the Vietnam War, bringing the war and the chaotic epoch it encompassed viscerally to life.

20th Century

Massey Air Museum

DEMYSTIFYING THE NORDEN BOMBSIGHT<p>Norden Bombsight (Mark 15, Mod. 7) - Made by Carl L. Norden, Inc.<p>Massey Air Museum has on display a Norden Bombsight …


The U.S. Military's 5 Biggest Military Defeats Ever

The worst of the worst. <i>The real disaster of the campaign became apparent at Detroit in August, when a combined British and Native American army</i> …

20th Century

Dunlop's Corps - American Revolutionary War Forums

During the American Revolution, Britain fielded many military units in an effort to suppress the colonies. The Dunlop's Corps, a local volunteer …

20th Century

Diggers' life on Western Front recreated

The centenary of the WWI Battle of Polygon Wood will include a walk re-imagining the experiences of Australian soldiers on the Western Front.

20th Century

Radioactive object found near Nazi-era nuclear research site

A German man's metal detecting hobby makes history.<p>German police are investigating a 64-year-old man who found a radioactive metal object in …

20th Century

Into the Mushroom Cloud

He wasn’t supposed to do it, but on May 15, 1948, Lieutenant Colonel Paul H. Fackler, commanding officer of the U.S. Air Force 514th Reconnaissance …

20th Century

Navy vet recalls typhoon, kamikazes of World War II

CLEVELAND, Ohio (Tribune News Service) — John "Jack" Ehrbar saw the skies explode with blasts of antiaircraft fire directed at Japanese kamikaze …

20th Century

Rufus Putnam - American Revolutionary War Forums

Rufus Putnam (April 9, 1738–May 4, 1824) was a colonial military officer during the French and Indian War, and a general in the Continental Army …

20th Century

Asia's Great and Most Famous Conquerors

They came from the steppes of Central Asia, striking fear into the hearts of the settled peoples of western Asia and Europe. Attila the Hun, Genghis …

20th Century

The world's first stealth fighter jet is being permanently retired — here's a look at the F-117A Nighthawk

The world's first stealth combat jet, the F-117A Nighthawk was officially retired in 2008, but remained in "flyable storage" condition. The 2017 defense budget will retire the fleet permanently, as they will be demilitarized over the next 15 years.


Quiz: How much do you really know about World War 2?

Every schoolchild knows we won the Second World War , the Germans and Japanese lost and Hitler only had one, um, moustache.<p>But what else do you know …

20th Century

How Marines Held the Line At the Chosin Reservoir

Accurate Chinese snipers, the brutal cold, and a lack of food were just some of the rough aspects allied forces faced while occupying the Chosin …

20th Century

Operation Ginny: How Nazi Germany Crushed America during a Secret World War II Raid

The OSS raid ended in tragedy during the Italian Campaign.The three rubber dinghies struggled through the rough surf in the pitch black night toward …


The Most Important Battles in Asian History

You probably haven't heard of most of them, but these little-known Asian battles had a major impact on world history. Mighty empires rose and fell, …


China’s forgotten Second World War

Well before it battered London, a Blitz devastated the south-western Chinese city of Chongqing, China’s temporary wartime capital. At noon on 3 May …


Mightier Than The Sword: 30 Best War Books

1776<p>David McCullough, one of the most respected American historians alive today, lays out in fine detail the human story behind the fight for …


5 Historic War Cannons Still Visible in NYC

<i>Castle Williams on Governors Island. Image via Flickr: Army.arch</i><p>From the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776 to the Draft Riots of 1863, a number of …

20th Century

How World War One observer planes paved the way for modern aviation

“Does this plane go any faster?” The pilot pushes the stick in front of him, and we start to nosedive. “No, stop, please, I was just wondering…”<p>I am in the passenger seat of a Miles Messenger, a Second World War observer plane, doing 85 knots (approx 100 mph) somewhere above Sywell Aerodrome in …

20th Century

Pioneers in the sky - Aviation in the First World War

At the outbreak of the First World War few people believed that aircraft would play a major role in the conflict. Hot air balloons had been used for …

20th Century

In the North

<b>Edith Wharton (1862–1937)</b><br>From <i>World War I and America: Told by the Americans Who Lived It</i><b><br>Interesting Links</b><br>“Edith Wharton’s War” (Elizabeth D. Samet,</i> …


Sunken WWII Graveyards in the Java Sea

The situation surrounding a number of Allied ships sunk in a series of desperate battles around what is now Indonesia 75 years ago is a mixed bag, a …

20th Century

Jack Hunter was killed in one of WWI's most brutal battles. Then the body disappeared

<b>All this for one lousy strip</b> of shiny tin. It's the first light of dawn in West Flanders, Belgium, and Private John "Jack" Hunter is crouched behind …


Soldiers Demonstrate Power and Lethality in Field Artillery Exercise

<b>By Sgt. Thomas Calvert</b><p>ORO GRANDE RANGE, N.M. -- Power.<p>Power and lethality are what artillery crewmen assigned to M777 howitzers feel every time they …


On This Day In History: Battle of Salamis Was Fought – On Sep 22, 480 BC

Share this:<p><b> – On September 22, 480 BC,</b> the battle of Salamis in the Greco-Persian Wars was fought. The place of this encounter was …

20th Century

Closing the Back Door

<i>Jeffrey D. Wert, Hallowed Ground Magazine</i><p>THE RECKONING WAS LONG OVERDUE. SINCE THE CIVIL WAR'S INITIAL WEEKS, THE Shenandoah Valley of Virginia had …

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