Mike Trout

Social media shows Mike Trout is everything that's right about baseball

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The strange back and forth between Major League Baseball and the Los Angeles Angels over Mike Trout's popularity, or lack thereof, …

Social Media

FOX broadcaster Kenny Albert describes juggling different sports, Mike Trout’s impact across the league

As a broadcaster, Kenny Albert gets to see athletes across all sports in their best moments and Mike Trout still finds a way to impress him, he says

Mike Trout

Instead of Mike Trout, how about making Mookie Betts the face of baseball?

Commissioner Rob Manfred was right that it makes no sense to promote a player who doesn’t want the attention.

Mookie Betts

Mike Trout is the role model baseball needs on and off the field

A lot of talk recently regarding Mike Trout has caused people to come to support the 2x MVP as a genuine role model on and off the field

Mike Trout

Ever want to be Mike Trout? Step inside fan fest at the MLB All-Star Game

Fans were able to play like pros at the 2018 ASG Fan Fest experience

MLB All-Star Game

Ramirez is 1st Major Leaguer to 30 homers

ARLINGTON -- Jose Ramirez is in uncharted territory in terms of personal power production and there is still a significant amount of baseball left to …


MLB fighting an unwinnable battle with Mike Trout

During a meeting Tuesday with the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred was questioned for more than 45 minutes about the problems confronting the national pastime.<p>Topics from defensive shifting to revenue sharing to stadium issues to cleat colors were addressed, …


Angels Weekly Question of the Week: THIS or THAT edition with Mike Trout and other All-Stars in D.C.

Angels Weekly Question of the Week: Listen to what players at the All-star game have to say when asked several this or that? questions

Mike Trout

Red Sox Unfiltered (#15)- Mookie 1st-Half MVP?

On this episode of the RSU podcast, hosts Patrick Green, Dave Latham and Jordan Dickow discuss Mookie Betts vs. Mike Trout AL MVP race, Joe Kelly’s …

Mookie Betts

Effectively Wild Episode 1246: A Brad in the Hand

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about beard grooming, the indy-league exploits of Rafael Palmeiro, Patrick Palmeiro, and the Chinese national …

David Bowie

MLB needs to stop using Mike Trout’s personality as a shield for its failures

Leave Trout alone and promote those who want to be promoted.<p>In mid-April, MLB suspended baseball Twitter account @PitchingNinja, for his frequent (and valued) practice of posting pitch gifs for fans to enjoy and break down. They reinstated him a week later after a fan outcry, and he is now aligned …


Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout is the center of the baseball world

On the continuum of controversies, the one that erupted at the All-Star Game was good for baseball. If the sport is unable to figure out how to …


Phillies Fans To Be Able To Get Beer, Water Delivered To Seats Through Text Message

<b>Follow CBSPHILLY</b> <b>Facebook</b> <b>|</b> <b>Twitter</b><p><i>PHILADELPHIA (CBS)</i> — Philadelphia Phillies fans won’t have to leave their seat to get a drink. The organization …

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Keuchel's no-hit bid ends in 7th on nearly-caught liner

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Justin Upton ended Dallas Keuchel's bid for a no-hitter in the seventh inning when shortstop Marwin Gonzalez couldn't snag his high line drive.<p>The Houston Astros left-hander hadn't allowed a hit with two outs in the seventh inning Friday night when Upton smoked a line drive. …


Joey Votto offers strong explanation for why more people don't appreciate Mike Trout

The MLB world now seems transfixed with a topic that has been discussed in these pages somewhat regularly for the last several years: Mike Trout’s relative lack of fame for a player of his otherworldly inability.<p>At All-Star media day on Monday, I asked Joey Votto to name the best player in …


Whicker: Mike Trout is a regular guy who happens to be the best player in baseball

It was early in the 2002 season, another beautiful night in a beautiful stadium in Anaheim, another parade of cars on the 57 South, visible beyond …


Letters: Fans like Mike Trout just the way he is

Rob Manfred better be careful in hoping that Mike Trout would try to make himself more marketable. If reporters start digging into Trout’s teenage years they may find out that he coudn’t tie a knot in the Boy Scouts, never walked an old lady across the street and once stuck his bubble gum under his …

Los Angeles

Eastern Conference Supremacy

Michael Smith and the national panel debate if the Raptors or the Celtics have a better shot at winning the east, discuss the Angels' statement after …

Tiger Woods

Pirates prospect Mitch Keller was once stung by a bee during a start but kept on pitching

Pirates pitching prospect Mitch Keller hasn't had too much trouble on the mound since being selected in the second round of the 2014 Draft. The …


Shohei Ohtani injury update: Angels announce pitcher is cleared to resume throwing

Shohei Ohtani has been given the go-ahead to resume throwing.<p>The Angels announced Thursday their rookie sensation's elbow has shown "improved …

Shohei Ohtani

Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles Tops Patriots’ Tom Brady In NFL Merchandise Sales

<b>Follow CBSPHILLY</b> Facebook TwitterPHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Nick Foles and the Eagles beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and now he’s …


Rosenthal: Spotlight is on the great Trout; Machado's L.A.

Part of a journalist’s role is to hold public figures accountable for statements that are misleading, inaccurate or just plain dumb. Alas, the echo …

Los Angeles Angels

LA Angels need Justin Upton to return to All-Star form in 2nd half.

The LA Angels have had many reasons they haven’t had success like they were hoping for so far this season. If they want to climb back into the …


Mike Trout on Rob Manfred's Comments: 'Everything Is Cool'

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred received some criticism recently for saying that Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout could do more to market himself, but the seven-time All-Star isn't here for the drama.<p>Trout addressed the situation on Wednesday, via the Angels:<p>This comes hours after …


Charles Barkley: Mike Trout would get publicity if Angels won more

Charles Barkley told Dan Patrick that if Mike Trout were on a more successful team, he'd be getting the notoriety that he deserves.

Charles Barkley

Angels' Mike Trout responds to Rob Manfred's criticism about marketing; says 'everything is cool'

Trout, the Angels, and Manfred have all taken turns throwing in their two cents<p>Wednesday, the day after the All-Star Game, was an off day for Major …


Mike Trout says "everything cool" with Manfred

1 day ago<p>Baseball sometimes gets criticized for not marketing its players. However, that is difficult if the player is unwilling to market himself. …


Joe Morgan: Mike Trout Plays For The Fans

• Instantly replay songs from the radio<br>• Unlimited skips<br>• Listen offline<br>• Create unlimited playlists<br>• Play millions of songs on demand


Mike Trout 'just messing around' when he predicted a better record for the Browns than the Bears

Mike Trout has no grudge against the Bears.<p>Trout, a seven-time All-Star outfielder for the Los Angeles Angels, said he was only joking last month when he told a radio reporter that the lowly Browns would have a better record than the Bears in 2018.<p>“I’ve got the Browns having a better record than …

Chicago Bears

Angels show support for Mike Trout, fire back at Rob Manfred following commissioner's statements about star

The Angels have thrown some chin music at MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.<p>“Mike is a great, great player and a really nice person, but he has made certain decisions about what he wants to do, and what he doesn’t want to do, and how he wants to spend his free time, and how he doesn’t want to spend his …