Why this midwife is begging couples to stop having sex this Christmas

A midwife has begged couples to stop having sex during the festive season - after having to deliver a wave of babies this month.<p>Typically, September …

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The Truth About Doulas: They Aren’t Just for Rich People

A new web series follows four women attending their clients through a c-section, a miscarriage and a live birth.

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Woman begs ‘stop shagging at Christmas’

Mhairi Maharry, a 33-year-old British nurse, wrote a tweet earlier this month complaining about how busy she was.<p>“How is it only the 5th of …

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This midwife really wants couples to stop having sex at Christmas

Midwives everywhere are undoubtedly sharing her pain rn.<p>It's weird to think Christmas is considered to be one of the sexiest times of year. I mean, apart from the fact that by Boxing Day you feel so bloated and are living in day-old, gravy-stained jogging bottoms, I guess you could say it's a …

Everything You Need To Know About Doulas

If you're pregnant (or thinking about it), you may want one on your side.<p>Whether you're a mom-to-be or you've just attended way too many baby showers lately, you've probably heard at least a few mamas in your crew buzzing about hiring a doula to assist them through their pregnancies and births.<p>You …


WARNING: Stop having so much sex over Christmas for THIS reason, begs midwife

Getty ImagesA midwife has urged couples to stop having so much sex at Christmas time in a joke Tweet<p>September 26 is the day with the highest number …


If Mother’s Happy | Kathleen McCaul Moura

I spent a number of years living in Brazil, and it was there that I gave birth to my first child. I’ll always remember Lucila telling me I was …


Midwife urges people to 'stop having sex at Christmas' after surge in September births

If you’ve noticed a lot of pregnant women around of late or seem to have a lot of birthday parties in your diary over the next few weeks, you’re …


Midwives Beg Nation to Stop Having Sex at Christmas

Not you, you take anything you can get. They mean the baby producers.


Book doulas: the new way to push your writing into the world

A cuddly new publishing service has arrived to help struggling authors with ‘bookbirthing’ – and for all its new-age trappings, it seems to be catching on<p>“Are book doulas a thing?” asks a writer I know. “I’d love to get one.”<p>Book doulas <i>are</i> a thing, because where there is a need, there is a service. …

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You Can Now Hire a ‘Book Doula’

If you’ve been talking about writing a novel for years now but haven’t managed to get around to it, you can now hire someone to give you that extra, …


Women over 40 should not be 'terrified' about having babies, leading midwife says

A leading midwife has said people should stop "terrifying" women about having babies later in life, saying those over 40 only face a "relatively …


Waikato women struggling to find midwives as they leave the profession in droves

<b>By Nikki Preston and Amy Wiggins</b><p>Waikato midwives are leaving the profession in droves, leaving pregnant women unable to find a trained maternity …

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Onnie Lee Logan: Respected Midwife Who Used God-given "Motherwit" to Deliver Hundreds of Babies

Onnie Lee Logan was a well-respected midwife of Alabama who became a folk hero when her life story was published.<p>Logan was born around 1910. Growing …


Former SA midwife to return to court Yahoo7 News

Prosecution material is still to be filed in the long-running case against a former South Australian midwife charged with the manslaughter of two …

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Health ministers 'working' to save private homebirths

Midwives are concerned it will become illegal for them to attend homebirths in two years' time — but state and federal health ministers say they are …

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Midwife in court over home delivery deaths

Prosecution material is still to be filed in the long-running case against a former South Australian midwife charged with the manslaughter of two …

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LETHBRIDGE: Midwives could deliver real savings

Let’s start with a fundamental fact: a pregnant woman is not a sick woman.<p>So why do we need doctors to deliver babies? Doctors take care of sick …

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What It Takes to Become a Midwife (& How It Differs From a Doc or Doula)

<b>Name:</b> Alixandra Bacon<p><b>Age:</b> 32<p><b>Education:</b> Bachelor of science and bachelor of midwifery from University of British Columbia<p><b>Current jobs:</b> Registered …


Three brave mums reveal their harrowing experiences of stillbirth

There are more than 3,600 stillbirths every year in the UK, and one in every 200 births ends in a stillbirth.<p>Eleven babies are stillborn every day in …


Doulas Are F*cking Awesome

Tracey O’Halloran had one C-section and didn’t want another, so she found a hospital that would respect her wishes — and a doula, Katie …


A Career As A Doula Has Endless Rewards

These days, the word "doula" is less of a mystery than it was even five years ago. A search in your area will likely turn up 10 or more names, even …

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Midwife crisis in England

Labour is warning that an NHS staffing crisis among midwives in England is forcing maternity units to close their doors to new mothers.<p>Cathy Warwick, chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives told the Today programme "the system is under considerable pressure...it's really important mothers …


The rise of the postpartum helper

There were many things about being a new mom that Courtney Lee-Ashley didn’t know: how often she’d need to pump, how hard infant poop stains would be to get out, and how many times she must sterilize baby bottles. But there was one thing she did know: She and her husband, Matt, would be primarily …


Baltimore enlists doulas to help bring infant mortality rate down

When Kendra Nelson was in labor with her second child, small gestures from a doula helped her get through the strongest and most painful …


In the U.S. and India, a small, but growing number of women choose 'natural' births

It's a trend that has some medical professionals and insurers concerned.


To Doula Or Not To Doula

Considering hiring a doula while on this crazy, scary, yet magical ride called pregnancy? Have questions? We got you. We’ve tapped seasoned doula, …


Saving the Smallest

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It's 11:32 p.m. on a Friday night, and 31-year-old Alisha Samuel is entering her sixth hour of natural labor at Cleveland Clinic's …


Why a midwife shared a photo of blood-stained trousers

<b>A midwife in Sweden who says she was so overworked she had no time to change her sanitary products has posted an image of her trousers, stained with menstrual blood, to highlight the pressures of her job.</b><p>Petra Vinberg Linder uploaded the photo on July 14 on Facebook with the comment: "Night shift …


Nurses And Midwives To Pay Back Thousands More In Student Loans Than Bankers, UCU Study Claims

'There are no winners - just different ways to lose.'<p>Nurses and midwives could end up paying back thousands more for their student loans than their high-earning peers in finance and law, new research claims.<p>According to a report by the University and College Union, a “regressive” student loan …