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Syrian Army And Hezbollah Launch Attack Near Lebanese Border - Bloomberg

Beirut (AP) -- The Syrian army and members of Lebanon's militant Hezbollah group launched a major ground offensive on Friday aimed at ending the …


We should worry about Oman

Ian King, Business Presenter<p>It is often described as the 'Switzerland of the Gulf' - a pretty, tranquil spot, rich in beautiful scenery that is …


Analysis: How the US Would Attack Iran

5 weapons of war that could do it.<p>Zachary Keck [2]<p>In the event of an armed conflict with Iran, the single-seat, twin-engine F-22 would be integral in …


Iran says the US is violating the nuclear deal. It has a point.

Trump’s behavior at recent summits undermines its basic terms.<p>Iran is accusing the US of violating the landmark nuclear deal between the two countries. Surprisingly, Tehran may be right — and it could have serious consequences for the future of the accord.<p>The dispute dates back to May’s NATO summit …


Why a humble fish shack attracts Dubai's high rollers

Dubai, UAE (CNN) — Big and blingy is not always best in Dubai.<p>While the glitz thrusts further skyward or deeper into the Arabian Gulf, one humble fish restaurant in the shadow of the luxury Burj Al Arab skyscraper hotel bucks the trend.<p>Bu Qtair peddles simple seafood and fresh fish cooked in its …

Burj Al Arab

Saudi Arabia is about to behead 14 men. British police may have helped capture them

Training by British police may have directly helped Saudi agents arrest more than a dozen people now believed to be facing execution, it is …

Saudi Arabia

Candidate Trump called the Iran agreement “the stupidest deal of all time.” This week, he recertified it

Two years ago, the United States and its allies in Europe, China, and Russia announced to the world that the diplomatic coalition that had been negotiating with Tehran for the previous two years finally arrived at an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. And this week, one of the accord’s loudest …


Iraq's Mosul: Rebuilding a city fractured by sectarian mistrust - France 24

Archives<p>2017-07-20 Africa<p>In South Africa, some 3,800 babies are abandoned each year - that's ten every day. Sadly, the figure is steadily increasing. In the meantime, the adoption rate is in freefall....<p>2017-07-19 Europe<p>Since January, more than 85,000 migrants and asylum-seekers have landed in …

State Department says settlements, ‘lack of hope’ drive Palestinian violence

Annual US report on terrorism claims various Israeli policies spur Palestinian extremism, while PA has taken ‘significant steps’ to mitigate terror


Islamists surround rivals at Syria-Turkey crossing, truce agreed

AMMAN/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian jihadist fighters and rival Islamist insurgents agreed a ceasefire on Friday to end days of infighting, a statement said, after al Qaeda-linked militants surrounded the other rebels near a Syria-Turkey border crossing.<p>The fighting between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, an …


Reality is warped in Turkey. We may never get it back

Everything, including recent floods, is blamed on Erdoğan’s enemies. It makes me fear for the future of my country<p>• Ece Temelkuran is a Turkish journalist and political commentator<p>Imagine you are making a late-night call to your significant other and your president answers the phone instead. Last …


Animated map of Israel taking over historic Palestine - Palestine Remix

VANISHING PALESTINE<p>Creating a Jewish state in Palestine was a deliberate, drawn-out and violent process. Palestinians were dispossessed of vast swathes of land. Over 80 percent of Palestinians in what became Israel in 1948 were made into refugees overnight. The process may have culminated in 1948, …

Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Qatar's ruler voices willingness to talk to solve Arab rift

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Qatar's ruling emir said on Friday that his embattled Gulf nation remains open to dialogue with four Arab countries that have isolated it, but that any resolution to the crisis must respect his country's sovereignty.<p>Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani made the …

United Arab Emirates

Unphased by Brain Cancer, McCain Fires Off Shot at Trump Presidency's Decision

If John McCain treats brain cancer like he treats the Trump presidency, the cancer won't even know what hit it.<p>Just days after the Arizona Republican …


Qatar says UAE hacked its websites to start rift

July 21 (UPI) -- Qatar said its state news and social media websites were compromised by hackers in the United Arab Emirates.<p>It did not say the UAE …


Next Israel-Hezbollah confrontation could be in Syria

Author: Mona Alami<p>There is a relative calm in southern Syria in the wake of the July 7 US-Russian-brokered cease-fire agreement backed by Jordan. The …


Al Qaeda Is Hiding an American Hostage

Jeffery Woodke is a missionary from California who has spent decades in Niger. He was abducted last October. Since then… nothing.<p>CALABAR, Nigeria—When Sweden’s foreign minister, Margot Wallström, announced late last month that Johan Gustafsson—who was kidnapped by al Qaeda militants in Mali in …


The long-running family rivalries behind the Qatar crisis

Diplomats in Middle East say issues cannot easily be resolved partly because they are personal as well as political<p>It is a row that is roiling the Middle East, pitting the wealthiest and most influential Arab sheikhdoms against each other, and sparking weeks of shuttle diplomacy. However, behind …

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45 senators support bill that makes boycotting Israel a crime

A bill that would criminalise boycotts against Israel has been signed by 45 US senators and 237 congressman.<p>The so-called “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” …


Bethlehem: Israeli forces and Palestinians clash

It follows tension over the place known to Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif, and to Jews as the Temple Mount.<p>The BBC's Yolande Knell reports.

Temple Mount

Saudi source gives more detail on crown prince's dismissal

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - A source close to Saudi Arabia's rulers has given further details of how Mohammed bin Nayef, the former crown prince, was summarily removed from his post last month.<p>MbN, as he is known, was dismissed by the royal family "in the higher interests of the state" because …

King Abdullah

U.S. Issues Egypt Travel Warning Following Attack on Tourists

Egypt has expressed “discontent” over the latest U.S. travel warning to the Mideast country, saying the notice makes a false distinction between …


What's Behind the Qatar Kerfuffle?

Recently, Saudi Arabia and other nations in the Arab world, especially along the Persian Gulf, issued a list of 13 demands to be met by Qatar which …

Arabian Peninsula

China sends warships to the Baltic for military exercises with Russia – VICE News

China is flexing its naval prowess on the global stage again, this time sending one of its most advanced warships into European waters to take part in war games with Russia for the first time.<p>The Chinese military has sent three ships to Kaliningrad, a highly militarized Russian region, where they …

Suez Canal

Halamish terrorist identified with Hamas

Omar al-Abed, the terrorist who murdered three Israelis in a stabbing attack in the community of Halamish on Friday evening, identified with the …


Germany sends Turkey carefully calibrated warning signal

BERLIN – Germany's government is signaling to Turkey that its patience is running out and it can hit back against escalating provocations, but has sought to stop well short of burning its bridges with its NATO ally.<p>More than a year of strains in the countries' relationship came to a head this week …


Top general confirms end to secret U.S. program in Syria

Special Operations commander walked back remarks that appeared to surprise the CIA.<p>ASPEN — U.S. Special Operations Commander Tony Thomas confirmed Friday that the U.S. had ended its covert program aiding rebel groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, saying the decision was made …


The demolition of U.S. global power

Donald Trump’s road to debacle in the greater Middle East<p>The superhighway to disaster is already being paved.<p>From Donald Trump’s first days in office, news of the damage to America’s international stature has come hard and fast. As if guided by some malign design, the new president seemed to …

Suez Canal

3 Palestinians Killed In Violent Clashes With Israelis Near Jerusalem Religious Site

In a day of intensifying violence, three Palestinians were killed during a wave of clashes with Israeli forces. Later a Palestinian stabbed to death three Israelis in a West Bank Jewish settlement.


Israel Launches ‘Good Neighbour’ Aid Campaign on Syrian Border

<b>Golan Heights:</b> Israel has shifted from low-key humanitarian aid for Syrian civil war victims into a hearts-and-minds campaign billed as fostering new …

Golan Heights