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Ant-Man and Wasp's new suits are revealed, to diminishing returns 

Sometimes costume changes include pretty significant alterations to the look and vibe of superheroes. Batman gains or loses some bat-nipples, the …

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Conde Nast, eBay to Auction Golden Globes Red-Carpet Ensembles to Benefit Time's Up

Score Meryl Streep's gown or Seth Meyers' tux for a good cause.<p>Conde Nast has partnered with eBay to auction 29 of the all-black ensembles worn by …


Matt Damon Finally Gets The Message About Sexual Harassment

View Gallery60 photos<p>1 / 60<p>Angelina Jolie<p>Attending with her son Maddox, Angelina Jolie chose a floaty sheer dress with voluminous feather-trimmed …


Evangeline Lilly suits up in new Ant-Man and the Wasp photo

It’s been a difficult road for Evangeline Lilly‘s Hope van Dyne, who was forced to sit out the action during Marvel’s <i>Ant-Man</i> — even though she was …


6 Comic Book Movies That Really Need a Reboot (and Who They Should Star)

If you use the word “reboot” in conjunction with any entertainment property other than the ’90s CG cartoon of that name, you’re guaranteed to get …


Mr. Ratchett Is Dead Again

WHY DID SIDNEY LUMET in 1974 and Kenneth Branagh in 2017 go to the trouble of assembling star-studded casts to revisit Agatha Christie’s ingenious …


A look at all of Walt Disney Studios films coming in 2018

2018 is well underway and there is still so much to look forward to. Walt Disney Studios has a full, exciting slate of films set for this year, …

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Applications for the 2018 NYC Marathon are now open

While most of us are cleaving to fantasies of a spring and summer to come, New York Road Runners are already looking ahead to next winter. The TCS …

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Stars believe what?

From alien abductions to leprechauns and Bigfoot, here are some of the strangest celebrity theories out there.


19 Movies That Were Canceled For Stupid Reasons

It’s important to remember that despite the numerous sophisticated ways we can now track a movie’s progress from inception to cinema release, there’s …


Tuesday's TV highlights: 'This Time Next Year' on Lifetime

SERIES<p><b>The Flash</b> Barry (Grant Gustin) is on trial for murder in the superhero drama’s midseason premiere. 8 p.m. KTLA<p><b>America’s Next Top Model</b> The contestants undertake a challenge at Venice Beach in this new episode. Tyra Banks hosts. 8 p.m. VH1<p><b>This Is Us</b> A trip to a shopping mall turns into quite …


Can You Match The Quote To The '90s Movie?

As if.


Superbad: 20 Insulting On-Screen Supervillain Performances That Fans Hated

A hero is only as good as his or her villains. Look at some of the most iconic and legendary figures in comic book lore and for each you’ll see a …


This Twitter Thread Is an Inspiration to Anyone Who Has Ever Struggled with a Good Pick-Up Line

We all want something exciting in our lives. Especially when it comes to dating, we want someone to sweep us off our feet, just in that first …


Every superhero movie coming to cinemas in 2018 and their release dates: From Avengers to Black Panther

Before <i>X-Men</i> and <i>The Dark Knight</i> resuscitated the superhero movie from a camp extinction, comic book fans could only dream of stories such as <i>The</i> …


mother! Honest Trailer tackles 'kookoo-bananas-nuttzo-cray' film

If you thought <i>mother!</i> was “kookoo-bananas-nuttzo-cray,” watch this “kookoo-bananas-nuttzo-cray” Honest Trailer for it.<p>The latest installment of the</i> …


5 Bryan Fuller Actors Who Would Be Perfect For THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES

When news broke that <b>Bryan Fuller</b> was working on the television version of Anne Rice’s <i>Vampire Chronicles</i>, many fans of both Rice and Fuller jumped for …


15 Canceled Comic Book Sequels We Never Got To See

The only thing more interesting than learning about how our favorite movies got made is learning about how some potential Hollywood flicks were …


A Guide To Movie Musical Utopia

Let a little more joy into your heart.<p>Writing about the appeal of movie musicals in his 1977 essay "Entertainment and Utopia," Film Studies professor …

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Great Point Media Launches Distribution Arm With Full 2018 Slate, Including Judy Greer’s Directorial Debut

The new arm of the media fund manager has already lined up four new releases for spring, and they'll be at Sundance looking for more.<p>This year’s …


Why Age in Hollywood Doesn't Matter Any More—For Women, This Time

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, Hollywood can't be completely torn down and rebuilt in 24 hours, either.<p>While the wave of enlightenment crashed …


From Sam Rockwell to Patrick Stewart: Ranking Contenders for Best Supporting Actor Oscar

We look at eight master actors in contention for five Best Supporting Actor nominations.<p>There’s more than a few good men lining up for recognition at …

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Watch free movies under palm trees at Brookfield Place this winter

If you're still waiting for your Moviepass card to arrive, you've still got options for free movie screenings in NYC, weather be damned. Brookfield …

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Three teens and a baby: How do I tell my boyfriend I'm pregnant aged 42?

I’m a big one for imagining how things might go. Rehearsing every possible scenario in my mind. And I’ve learned this; they always go in the one way I didn’t imagine they would.<p>This especially goes for the huge, life-changing events; teenagers hanging up their wet towels in the bathroom without …

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Sir Daniel Day-Lewis’ Top 10 Films

As the greatest actor of all time retires, we look at the method behind the leading man<p>To Mr Martin Scorsese, he’s “simply the greatest actor of his …

Daniel Day-Lewis

Catherine Deneuve says men should be free to hit on women

The Oscar-nominated 74-year-old actress, best known internationally for playing a bored housewife who spends her afternoons as a prostitute in the …

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Which Will Be The Most - And Least - Profitable Superhero Movies This Year?

While 2017 proved to be a great year for superhero films, this year looks to be even bigger. Marvel Studios will kick things off with next month’s</i> …


The "Mother!" Honest Trailer is here to remind you that the movie is actually about a faulty sink

As anyone who’s seen it can attest, <i>M</i><i>other!</i> is…a lot to unpack. The psychological horror story, written and directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring …


15 Famous Actors Fans Didn’t Know Were First Choice For Iconic Roles

If there’s one thing that pop culture fans are good at it, it’s fantasy casting their favorite shows and movies. Well, it turns out, casting …


All the cutest couples at the Golden Globes 2018

"And the award for most loved-up couple goes to..."