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Hawking's death triggers emotional goodbyes, tributes in China

BEIJING (Reuters) - The death of British physicist Stephen Hawking unleashed a flood of tearful goodbyes on Chinese social media while state television and newspapers paid tribute to the man who had featured in many a school essay in China over the years.<p>Hawking, who died in England on Wednesday, …

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New president says Chile will be a First World country by 2025

When Chile's President Sebastián Piñera told me that Chile may become Latin America's first developed country by 2025, I was skeptical. But I found …


The Western Notion of Development Is Destroying the Planet: So What Are the Alternatives?

<i>As inequality and environmental degradation worsen, the search is on not only for alternative development models but also for alternatives to</i> …

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Far-Right Ministers in Chile's New Government Placed in Sensitive Positions

Chile's newly inaugurated president Sebastian Pinera attempts to move the country to the right, but faces important constraints from social movements …

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executive summary<p>Supporters of free college proposals in the U.S. often look to Europe for case studies, but Chile may actually provide a better …

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German finally has a government again as Angela Merkel sworn back in as chancellor

Angela Merkel was sworn in for a fourth term as German chancellor on Wednesday almost six months after suffering damaging losses in elections.<p>Mrs Merkel won a vote of confidence in parliament just over a week after securing a deal to form a new coalition after Germany endured almost six months …


Stephen Hawking a life in pictures - from the young boy to the Professor

Stephen Hawking

The Power of A Fantastic Woman's Oscar Win

Acclaim for the Academy Award­–winning Chilean film has helped revive a lagging gender-identity bill in its home country.<p>When <i>A Fantastic Woman</i> won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film last week, it marked the culmination of a year of acclaim for the Chilean drama. The movie, which centers on a …

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Chile LGBTI activists question impact of new president

LGBTI activists in Chile have differing opinions of the impact that new President <b> Sebastián Piñera</b> will have on their issues. (Photo public …


Stephen Hawking: A brief history of genius

Most of his life was spent in a wheelchair crippled by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking - a life in pictures

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, who unlocked the secrets of space and time, dies at 76

LONDON (Reuters) - Stephen Hawking, who sought to explain the origins of the universe, the mysteries of black holes and the nature of time itself, died on Wednesday aged 76.<p>Hawking's formidable mind probed the very limits of human understanding both in the vastness of space and in the bizarre …

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Female presidents don’t always help women while in office, study in Latin America finds

Latin America’s era of the woman president is over. What have we learned?<p>When Michelle Bachelet steps down as Chile’s president on March 11, she will bring to a close not just her own administration but also an era of female leadership in Latin America.<p>Between 2006 and 2018, four women served as …

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Chile: Conservative billionaire Sebastian Pinera returns to presidency

Pinera takes over from socialist Michelle Bachelet who capped a second term in office. He has vowed to fight economic "stagnation" from years of …

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Looking for female political leaders during Women's History Month? The list is small

I wanted to list female political leaders to watch in 2018, in honor of International Women's Day, but the list is sadly disappointing.

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Conservative billionaire Piñera returns as Chile's president

Sebastián Piñera, a conservative billionaire who previously served from 2010 to 2014, began his second term as president of Chile on Sunday, …


Theresa May faces more gender-based abuse than Jeremy Corbyn: report

British Prime Minister Theresa May was subject to three times as many derogatory comments related to her gender as opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, …

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Participant Media’s Jonathan King On ‘A Fantastic Woman’ & Continued Impact

<b>EXCLUSIVE</b>: Sebastian Lelio’s <i>A Fantastic Woman</i> scored a first win for Chile with the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar last week. It was also the first …

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Chinese president's special envoy attends inauguration of Chilean president - Xinhua

Ma Peihua (L), Chinese President Xi Jinping's special envoy and vice chairman of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political …


Colombian Right Shows Strength in Legislative Elections, Presidential Primary

Right-wing movements opposed to Colombia’s peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels were the <b>big winners of</b> …

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Chile again veers to the right as Sebastian Pinera returns to presidency for second stint

SANTIAGO, Chile — Conservative Sebastian Pinera returns to Chile’s presidency on Sunday, vowing to revive an economy that has slumped under outgoing …

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Pinera, a conservative billionaire, is sworn in as president of Chile

VALPARAÍSO (CHILE) (AFP) -<p>Conservative billionaire Sebastian Pinera was sworn in Sunday to his second term as president of Chile, replacing socialist Michelle Bachelet in the office for the second time in eight years.<p>An emotional Bachelet helped Pinera put on the sash of office, gave him a kiss and …

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Fast Chilean Growth Can Happen Again

A pragmatic president returns to office and the country may get its mojo back.<p>Arica, Chile<p>This hardscrabble port city is less than three hours from Santiago by jet. But in terms of development, the distance is far greater.<p>Much of the Chilean capital is modern. By contrast this sprawling metropolis, …

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Pinera Sworn In as Chile’s President With Major Task Ahead

Sebastian Pinera was sworn in as Chile’s new president Sunday with one major task ahead of him -- converting the euphoria in the business community …


Conservative Pinera begins second term as Chile's president

© Reuters. Chile's newly sworn in President Sebastian Pinera receives the sash from President of the Senate Carlos Montes at the Congress in …

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Piñera returns to Chilean presidency with new inclusive tone

When Sebastián Piñera, the silver-haired billionaire who grandiosely claims to be a direct descendant of the last Inca emperor, ended his four-year …

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Pinera to impose austerity but not 'mega-adjustments': financial minister

© Reuters. Chile's Finance Minister Felipe Larrain speaks during an interview with the media at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the …

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Wealthy socialite and friends die in private-jet crash before wedding

<b>Turkey: A wealthy Turkish socialite and her friends are among the 11 people who died when a private plane bringing them home from a Dubai</b> …

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UPI Almanac for Sunday, March 11, 2018

On March 11, 1918, the first cases of Spanish influenza were reported in the United States. By 1920, the virus had killed up to 22 million people …

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In Chile, a Billionaire Takes the Reins From a Socialist, Again

SANTIAGO, Chile — For the third time in 12 years, Chile’s two towering political figures will trade the powers of the presidency.<p>The socialist leader Michelle Bachelet made history in 2006 by becoming first woman elected president in Chile. But four years later, voters went in the opposite …