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Lebanese army appeals for international assistance

The Lebanese Armed Forces are appealing for financial support from international donors to fight extremist groups in the country.

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France's Total to stay clear of Lebanese maritime area contested by Israel

French oil major Total will avoid work in the maritime area disputed by Lebanon and Israel as Beirut starts its much delayed offshore exploration for …

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If Trump will meet with Kim, why not Rouhani?

The White House could signal to Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman that the time has come to give diplomacy a chance to end the wars in Yemen and Syria.

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Lebanon plans to boost army on border with Israel: Hariri

LanguageUndefined PM says Israel 'remains the primary threat to Lebanon' and dismisses concern that army weapons may end up in Hezbollah's hands

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US Seeks Counter-Terrorism Role to UNIFIL Mission in Lebanon

The United States has kicked off consultations with other members of the United Nations Security Council in order to determine the feasibility of …

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Hezbollah expects its allies to win more seats in Lebanon vote | Reuters

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanon’s Shi’ite Hezbollah movement expects its allies to win more seats in a parliamentary election in May but does not expect any fundamental change in the balance of power in the government, the group’s deputy leader said on Thursday.<p>Lebanon's Hezbollah deputy leader Sheikh …

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EBRD’s first Lebanon deal is 2.51 percent equity stake in Bank Audi

Author: REUTERSFri, 2018-03-16 22:37ID: 1521145554954198000BEIRUT: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has made a 2.51 percent …

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Hezbollah leader accused of saying Shiite law more important than Lebanese constitution

Author: Arab NewsThu, 2018-03-15 03:00ID: 1521060965785169600BEIRUT: An Iranian news website has caused controversy in Lebanon by claiming Hezbollah …

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Lebanon elections pit old guard against new movement

Lebanon’s parliamentary elections, slated for May 6 under a new electoral law, include a new movement determined to break the control of political …

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Nasrallah Statements Spark Debate, Forcing ‘Hezbollah’ Clarification

Statements attributed to “Hezbollah” chief Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday sparked a heated debate in Lebanon after he said that the “Wilayet al-Faqih …

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Lebanon: Defense Strategy Depends on Elections Results, Hezbollah’s Readiness to Engage in Dialogue

Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s announcement that he will launch dialogue on the country’s defense strategy following the upcoming parliamentary …

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Saudi Charge d’Affaires to Asharq Al-Awsat: Positive Developments Expected in Beirut-Riyadh Ties

Saudi Charge d’Affaires Walid al-Bukhari in Lebanon assumed his duties on Tuesday by meeting with senior officials.<p>He told Asharq Al-Awsat: …

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Renowned Lebanese Novelist Emily Nasrallah Dies at 87

Prominent Lebanese novelist Emily Nasrallah passed away on Wednesday at the age of 87.<p>A women’s rights activist and distinguished author of novels, …

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Emir sends message to Lebanese president

QATAR | Official<p>QATAR | Official <br>Emir sends message to Lebanese president <br>His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani sent yesterday a …

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Lebanese President: ‘Hezbollah’ Arms Will Be on Negotiations Table after Elections

Lebanese President Michel Aoun will place the file of “Hezbollah’s” arms on the negotiation table following the May 6 parliamentary elections. On …

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Middle East Minute March 13, 2018

<b>BREAKING NEWS</b><p>Tuesday, March 13<p>On the Ground<p><b>Russia</b> vowed today to respond to potential US strikes on <b>Syria</b> by targeting any missiles and launchers that …

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Lebanese President Signs 2018 Budget Draft Law

Lebanese President Michel Aoun signed on Monday the 2018 budget draft law. Earlier, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil announced that the country’s …

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Iraqi Kurdistan’s not so friendly skies opening again soon

Baghdad to formally take charge of Kurdistan Region airports and borders; shift in Syria strategy by Moscow may follow Russian presidential election; …

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Mohammed bin Salman sends out key messages on Egypt and Lebanon

The two main messages sent out by Mohammed bin Salman ahead of his visit to the British and US capitals were about Egypt and Lebanon. The first …

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Dog Who Saw The Saddest Thing Hid In The Bushes Until Help Came

He was so scared when people found him, but now his rescuers have turned him into the happiest dog.<p>The dog did what he could to survive — he scurried …


Aoun Calls for Gradual Return of Syrian Refugees

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has called for the gradual return of Syrian refugees to their home country regardless of a political solution in Syria.<p>…

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The 2018 Lebanese Elections: What Led to Them?

Screenshot from Megaphone's video on Lebanon's post-2005 political scene. Picture, in a distorted way, the so-called ‘Christian marriage’, when Samir …

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Electronic Piracy under Scrutiny after Lebanese Actor’s Acquittal on Spying Charges

Lebanese officials have been seeking to restore the role of the judiciary in the case of Ziad Itani, who was recently acquitted on charges of spying …

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Charges dropped against Lebanese actor accused of spying for Mossad

An intelligence official is now being investigated for framing Ziad Itani.<p>><br>• ><p>Lebanese writer and actor Ziad Itani performing on stage in the capital …


Curbing and containing Hezbollah is a key focus

If true, reports suggesting the US is encouraging Saudi Arabia to forge ties with Lebanon’s prime minister Saad Hariri should be seen as part of a …

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Lebanon: Serious Indicators of Worsening Economic Situation, Fears of Social Unrest

As the Lebanese government is working on the 2018 budget, which will be submitted to Parliament for adoption before the upcoming Cedar Conference in …

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Israel Seeks US Ammunition, Support for Planned Attack on Lebanese Civilian Targets

<b>BEIRUT —</b> Just a few weeks ago, it seemed that Israel was on the brink of starting a war with Syria. However, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), known for …

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Elections Are Coming in the Middle East---but Change Isn't

DUBAI—It’s election season in the Middle East. The fact that few seem to care about the outcome of these votes shows just how much authoritarian restoration and sectarian conflict transformed the region after the 2011 Arab Spring briefly stoked its peoples’ democratic hopes.<p>The Arab world’s most …

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Saudi crown prince says reforms aimed at ‘cancer’ of corruption

WASHINGTON - Saudi Arabia’s crown prince says the anti-corruption drive launched late last year is the “shock therapy” his kingdom needs to root out …

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Lebanon army says ready to confront Israeli aggression

The Lebanese army has expressed its preparedness to confront any Israeli military aggression or infiltration into its borders amid escalating …

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