Michael Steele

Liberal Hypocrisy And Lies About Illegal Alien Kids

12:10 PM 06/18/2018<p>On today’s show we discuss how liberals have lost their collective mind (not pluralized deliberately because it is one hive mind) …

Donald Trump

Trump: Mueller is Comey’s best friend

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, NBC’s Heidi Pryzbyla, and Fmr US attorney Barbara McQuade on the president’s war on justice and where the Mueller …

Donald Trump

"They look like dog kennels, no other way to describe it"

NBC’s Jacob Soboroff, WAPO’s Ashley Parker, fmr RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and The LA Times’ Eli Stokols react to the growing outrage over family …


The Origins of Trump Derangement Syndrome

2 hours ago<p>Three years ago, Donald Trump started on a journey down an escalator that is still shocking the world today! Take a few minutes and look …

Donald Trump

Using wailing children as leverage for the border wall

NBC’s national reporter Heidi Pryzbyla and fmr RNC chair Michael Steele on the Trump administration’s doubling down on its zero-tolerance immigration …


Laura Ingraham Blasts Former RNC Chair Michael Steele For ‘Concentration Camps’ Comment

5:57 PM 06/16/2018<p>Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasted former RNC chairman Michael Steele on Friday for reaching a “shocking new low” in rhetoric by …

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Trump: Manafort was only with campaign for 49 days (it was 144)

With Paul Manafort now in jail, Trump is trying to downplay the role his former campaign manager had to his 2016 success. Michael Steele and Nancy …


NY Attorney General sues Trump Foundation

The office of New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed a lawsuit against President Trump, his three eldest children, and the Trump …


Trump base supports president 'at every turn,' faults Congress for failures

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele explains why Trump supporters still unwaveringly stand behind the president and instead blame leaders in Congress …

U.S. Politics

Canada leaves SA dry

The Global League T20 (GLT20) starts on June 28 and will involve many of the usual suspects — among them David Miller and Wayne Parnell — and the …


Tom Marino drops 80-year-old woman from defamation suit because she apologized

The Lycoming County Republican Tuesday filed notice he was removing Marlene Steele from his suit that stems from a pre-primary election email.


Why did President Trump cancel the Eagles visit to the White House?

President Trump rescinded his invitation for the NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles to visit the White House after learning that only a “tiny handful” …

Donald Trump

How Democrats could hurt their own chances in Tuesday's California Primary

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Cornell Belcher of Brilliant Corners Research join Katy to preview tomorrow’s primary races in California.


Crooks and Liars Daily Update For 06/02/2018

By driftglass at Fri, 06/01/2018 - 6:54pm<p>Michael Steele talks a great never Trumper game until it comes down to voting him out of office. <i>Read …

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Michael Steele: Not Sure I'd Vote Dem Vs. Trump

Wed, 05/30/2018

Donald Trump

Michael Steele's Lifeboat Lesson: Hate Trump But Don't Vote Against Him

Join me now as we watch former RNC chair, Michael Steele, completely obliterate the last half century of extraordinarily inconvenient Republican …

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McCain takes on Trump, McConnell in new book

Andrea Mitchell joins Michael Steele, former Chair of the Republican Party, and Mark Salter, former Senior Adviser to John McCain’s 2008 Presidential …


Fmr. RNC Chair: Trump may be setting the stage to pardon himself

Michael Steele, the former head of the Republican Party, looks at all the talk of pardons coming from the Trump White House and discusses what it …

Donald Trump

Fmr RNC Chair: GOP unwilling to defend DOJ, afraid of Trump's base

Michael Steele & former FBI special agent Clint Watts on Trump’s strong-arming of Jeff Sessions over the Mueller investigation

Donald Trump

Fmr. RNC Chair: Boehner is right, GOP in a 'self-induced coma'

Michael Steele & Nicolle Wallace on Trump’s full takeover of the Republican party

Michael Steele

Trump using pardons to spite James Comey ?

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and former FBI special agent Clint Watts on Trump’s selective use of the pardon power

Donald Trump

Ex-RNC chair Michael Steele explains why Trump’s tax returns are tied to obstruction of justice

Ex-RNC chair Michael Steele gave insight into why people should not look over the<br>obstruction of justice allegations against President Donald Trump in …

Donald Trump

Why the Roseanne Barr controversy is an important moment

MSNBC political analyst Michael Steele breaks down the Roseanne Barr controversy after the ABC sitcom revival of "Rosanne" was canceled following a …

Michael Steele

Do Republicans believe a 'spy' was embedded in Trump's campaign?

As very few Republican lawmakers are willing to openly challenge President Trump over his allegations about the FBI spying on his campaign, Former …

Donald Trump

NFL plans to fine teams who kneel during national anthem

The NFL has issued a policy that will fine teams who kneel during the national anthem. Democratic strategist Marjorie Clifton and MSNBC political …

Football (U.S.)

Ex-RNC chairman Michael Steele shreds Devin Nunes: 'Republicans are complicit in this crazy'

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele blamed GOP lawmakers for President Donald Trump’s destruction of constitutional …

Donald Trump

Second Trump Tower meeting part of Mueller's money trail?

Former RNC chairman Michael Steele on the report of a second Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr and foreign contacts

Trump Tower

Do the Comey memos validate the Steele Dossier?

Former FBI Director James Comey’s memos are breathing new life into the salacious and still-unverified claims from the Michael Steele dossier. Former …

Donald Trump

Is James Comey to Blame for Giving Us Trump? Michael Steele Thinks Otherwise

Former Clinton campaign adviser Zerlina Maxwell and former Republican Nat’l Convention chair Michael Steele butted heads over the weekend amid buzz …

Donald Trump

Watch: Republican Michael Steele tries to mansplain the 2016 election and Zerlina Maxwell is not having it

The media tour tied to the release of James Comey’s book is bringing back all sorts of arguments about what happened in the 2016 campaign and why.<p>On …

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