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Play shines light on Trojan Horse 'Islamist plot' to run schools

The notorious Trojan Horse inquiry into an alleged Islamist takeover of a number of inner city schools in the east of Birmingham is the subject of a documentary play that explores the devastating impact of the affair on the city and those whose lives it touched.<p>Based on more than 200 hours of …

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UK's plastic waste may be dumped overseas instead of recycled

Millions of tons of waste plastic from British businesses and homes may be ending up in landfill sites across the world, the government’s spending watchdog has warned.<p>Huge amounts of packaging waste is being sent overseas on the basis that it will be recycled and turned into new products. However, …


A No Deal Brexit Would Be Catastrophic For The Environment - But We Aren't Talking About It

Any pretence of Brexit Britain staying a green and pleasant land could disappear in a puff of toxic smoke<p>SAKhanPhotography via Getty Images<p>A ‘no …

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Sam Freedman's open letter to the new ed sec: ‘Start by improving teacher recruitment and retention’

Dear Damian,<p>By now, you’ll have realised that the most annoying aspect of becoming a secretary of state is the deluge of unsolicited, condescending, …


The Londoner: Australia may ban Elle's new lover

Elle Macpherson might not be able to bring her new partner Andrew Wakefield home to meet her parents because of Australia’s strict laws on …

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We Need to Talk About Bess

How will modern women respond to the realities of a 16th-century life?<p>Earlier this year, Roger Koppl, a professor of finance at Syracuse University, …


The Observer view on the threat to British democracy | Observer editorial

As parliament breaks for recess this week, our political system has perhaps never felt less up to the gargantuan task of paving a way out of the Brexit-related stalemate the country finds itself in. Just months before the article 50 deadline, the government’s negotiating position remains utterly …


Puffins starve as Danes grab UK sand eels

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Shahmir Sanni: ‘Nobody was called to account. But I lost almost everything’

Shahmir Sanni has been through the wringer. When I saw him two months ago, he was subdued, downbeat, self-critical. He has played a consequential part in British history, but it’s come at a high personal cost.<p>Sanni is the 24-year-old who in March came forward to the <i>Observer</i> to blow the whistle on …

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Brexit campaign chief must be hauled before Commons, say MPs

A cross-party group of MPs is demanding new powers that would force witnesses to give evidence before parliament or face possible imprisonment, as anger grows over the refusal of the former Vote Leave director, Dominic Cummings, to answer claims that the organisation that helped to deliver Brexit …


Voice of the Sunday People: Come hell or high water, it's time to nationalise

The majority of people in this country want to see the water industry nationalised. It’s not difficult to see why.<p>Fat-cat pay deals for a rip-off …

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Schools must teach pupils how to deal with failure ahead of results day, leading headteacher says

Schools must teach pupils how to deal with failure ahead of results day, a leading headteacher has said.<p>Claire Hewitt, head of Manchester High School for Girls, has introduced a range of new initiatives to help students cope with defeat, including “hug the monster” week.<p>As well as preparing pupils …


Fury at United Utilities as it pays £180m dividend to investors

The water giant set to impose a hosepipe ban on seven million customers is poised to lavish shareholders with a dividend payment of more than £180 …

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Protection for dolphins and seabirds ‘weaker under Brexit plans’

Protection for dolphins and seabirds will be weaker under government plans for Brexit than if Britain stayed in the EU, according to a new analysis by environmental groups.<p>Under the EU’s Seabird Plan of Action, the fishing industry is obliged to eliminate “bycatch”, where boats accidentally catch …


The Tory split is not Leavers versus Remainers any more, it’s dealers versus no-dealers

The prime minister has survived again. As she prepared to set off on a hill-walking holiday, I hear she commented that it is “harder to go downhill …

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Benedict Cumberbatch Brexit drama leaks online after thieves steal script ahead of Channel 4 premiere

It’s bound to cause a raucous when it eventually airs on Channel 4, but an early draft of the Brexit drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch has been …

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Brian Reade: Watching our infantile MPs this week was despair for democracy

A certain Billy Connolly quote has taken up permanent residence in my head.<p>It’s this gem of an observation which grows more perceptive with time: …

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The will of the people? These Brexit ideologues are destroying democracy | Jonathan Freedland

We should hardly be surprised that they’re now ready to turn on democracy and the rule of law<p>First, a confession. One that relates to the current threat facing our democratic way of life and which involves a decision I made nearly 15 years ago. It turns on the unlikely name of Brian. In January …

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Could this 'biodegradable bag' cut plastic pollution?

<b>Plastic bags that biodegrade to nothing. It sounds like one solution to the problems of plastic pollution.</b><p>One British company that makes so-called "Oxo-biodegradable" bags said they break down in the environment "in the same way as a leaf, only quicker".<p>The technology is now being widely used …


DfE publishes scandal-hit free school bid... 8 years after it opened

Delay in publishing application by controversial free school fuels call for greater transparency

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Fruit 'left to rot' due to labour shortages

<b>A shortage of fruit pickers combined with the summer heat wave has led to tonnes of strawberries and raspberries being left to rot, farmers have warned.</b><p>Scotland's fruit farms largely depend on seasonal workers from central and eastern Europe to pick their harvest.<p>But their numbers have fallen in …

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The perils of pyjama paralysis | Financial Times

Our hospitals wrestle with a condition that threatens to overwhelm patients at a crucial moment in their treatment. If the sick and injured can be …

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when are beauty companies going to stop animal testing?

The Body Shop has called for a worldwide ban on the practice.<p>No beauty product should come at the expense of an animal’s life. That was the principle The Body Shop was founded upon in 1976 -- a pledge that defines much of the contemporary population’s perspectives on animal cruelty. “It seemed to …

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The delay on teacher pay shows a lack of respect

With government focused on Brexit and the NHS, the funding crisis in schools is being overlooked, writes Ed Dorrell

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Revealed: Tory donors who paid £7m to socialise with May

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s business partner, a string of Brexit backers and the wife of a former senior minister to Vladimir Putin are among the Conservative donors who have paid more than £7m to socialise with Theresa May since the general election.<p>Eighty-one party benefactors have paid a total of £7.4m to …

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Vote Leave: Northumberland MP sat on board of Brexit campaign group

A Northumberland MP was a board member of the Brexit campaign group which broke electoral law.<p>Berwick MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan is a former board …

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Why the world should look to Norway when it comes to plastic bottle recycling

The deposit-based Norwegian approach is an attractive, effective one.<p>In 2013, Norway made headlines as it grappled with a unique and enviable …


Are Remainers to blame for this mess – or is Brexit impossible?

Remainers are to blame<p>Sir: I was intrigued by the parallel drawn by an ally of Michael Gove’s in James Forsyth’s piece on Brexit (‘Brexit in a spin’, 14 July), comparing Mr Gove to the Irish Independence leader Michael Collins. I think this misses the fundamental point that Collins and the Sinn …

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Front Bench: Boris Johnson didn't knife Theresa May, but he did show how the Brexiteers are divided, too

<b>A sample of today's Front Bench morning politics email is below. If you like what you see, sign up here. Don't forget to vote in the poll and leave your reasoning in the comments below. The best responses will feature in this afternoon's Brexit Briefing</b><p>Front Bench<p>The pace of the Westminster peloton …

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Up to 29% of supermarket packaging is not recyclable, Which? finds

<b>A Which? investigation has found big differences in how much packaging is recyclable at different supermarkets.</b><p>We ordered a basket of 27 of the most …