Michael Bloomberg

Is Michael Bloomberg the Antidote to Trump?

Maybe one superrich old white guy from New York can save us from another superrich old white guy from New York.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg Undecided On 2020 Presidential Run, Will Make Final Decision After Midterms

In an interview that aired Sunday on CNN‘s <i>Fareed Zakaria GPS</i>, Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that he will wait until after this fall’s …

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Michael Bloomberg ready to hold Democrats' 'feet to the fire' if they win the House

Potential 2020 presidential contender Michael Bloomberg claims he warned House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that he will be as critical of House …

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Who Wants Michael Bloomberg?

Since the <i>Times</i> of London reported last week that Michael Bloomberg, the smol ex-mayor of New York City, was planning a run for president, the …

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Bloomberg speaks out on 2020 run

Michael Bloomberg tells Fareed Zakaria why he thinks his track record of hiring experts and listening to voters as mayor could give him a shot at the Presidency.

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6 siblings of an Arizona Republican congressman endorsed his Democratic opponent in a scathing campaign ad - SFGate

Six siblings of Arizona Republican representative Paul Gosar appeared in a campaign ad endorsing his Democratic opponent, David Brill.<p>Video of the ad made the rounds online Friday night. In it, Tim, David, Grace, Joan, Gaston, and Jennifer Gosar each gave their own takes on why they believe Paul …


Michael Bloomberg, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo: Sunday guests

An early look at the Sunday morning guests:<p>CBS’ <b>“Face the Nation,”</b> 10:30 a.m. on WKMG-Channel 6: Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C.; Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif.; a …

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'Fixer' Bradley Tusk on Uber – Bloomberg

'Fixer' Bradley Tusk on Uber<p>'Fixer' Bradley Tusk on Uber<p>'Fixer' Bradley Tusk on …

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg To Speak At EMILY's List Event Amid Controversial Me Too Comments

"I don’t know how true all of it is,” Bloomberg said of the Me Too movement.<p>EMILY’s List, a New York-based women’s political action committee, announced on Thursday that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be a featured speaker at an upcoming event for the group.<p>Bloomberg, 76, is set …

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Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg eyes 2020 run

Republican-turned-independent Michael Bloomberg may enter what is expected to be a very crowded Democratic Party field; Laura Ingle reports.

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Michael Bloomberg and the Case of the Homeless Republicans

How the displaced center-right could affect the Democratic Party<p>America’s homeless have lately been joined by a new group: wealthy, moderate …

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'His trial balloon went over like the Hindenburg': Democrats are skeptical of Michael Bloomberg's potential 2020 run

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul and former New York mayor, is seriously considering a run for the presidency in 2020 as a centrist Democrat, despite an energized left wing and a crowded field.<p>The former Republican, who's spending $80 million largely on Democratic candidates in this …

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Will Michael Bloomberg Challenge Donald Trump in 2020?

Michael Bloomberg is apparently prepping for a 2020 presidential campaign, according to The New York Times, The Times of London, and other …

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Michael Bloomberg Is Considering Running for President in 2020 as a Democrat

(NEW YORK) — Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is actively thinking of running for president in 2020 as a Democrat.<p>“It’s …

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Michael Bloomberg Would Make an Awkward Democratic Candidate for President

The long list of potential Trump challengers just got a little longer: Michael Bloomberg is now openly considering running for president in 2020. His …

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Michael Bloomberg may run for president as Democrat

The Medford native and media executive was elected New York City mayor as a Republican and an independent.

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Michael Bloomberg suggests doubts about #MeToo movement and allegations against Charlie Rose

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York mayor, suggested doubts in a recent interview about the #MeToo movement, citing disgraced former TV news anchor Charlie Rose's ousting from the media industry following harassment allegations against him.<p>"The stuff I read about is disgraceful — I …

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Should Michael Bloomberg Run for President in 2020?

<b>To the Editor:</b><p>Re “Bloomberg Weighs 2020 Run Cast as a Discordant Democrat” (front page, Sept. 18):<p>The two most important issues facing society today are climate change and guns. Michael Bloomberg is on the correct side of both of those. He has good experience running a large bureaucracy. He …


Michael Bloomberg's Views on #MeToo Could Threaten a 2020 Presidential Run as a Democrat

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg hasn’t denied that he’s considering a 2020 run for president. But Bloomberg, currently an independent, …

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Michael Bloomberg is weighing a 2020 run as a centrist Democrat

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York mayor, is considering a run for the presidency in 2020 — as a centrist Democrat, The New York Times reported Monday.<p>The media mogul, who was elected mayor as a Republican and independent, is spending $80 million on this year's midterm elections, …

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He took on climate change. Will Michael Bloomberg take on Trump?

The Global Climate Action Summit may or may not save the planet, but it did serve as a great platform for launching former New York Mayor Michael …

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Report Says Bloomberg Will Run as a Democrat

The Times of London, which is probably not the most reliable source for American politics, reports that Michael Bloomberg “has told confidants that …

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How the Trump administration created a funding crisis for the Paris climate agreement

<b>To the editor:</b> Gov. Jerry Brown and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote that despite the Trump administration, the United States is upholding its commitment to the Paris climate agreement. Unfortunately, such a statement is, quite frankly, untrue.<p>There is one central element of the …

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Michael Bloomberg to take on Trump in 2020: Report

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is preparing to run for president in a bid to take on President Trump in 2020, according to a new report.<p>…

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Michael Bloomberg To Run For President, Report​ Says | Patch PM

Voters Turn Out In Record Numbers | Henri Bendel To Close After 123 Years | Butterflies Return To NYC<p>Share-worthy stories from the New York City …

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Seattle named winner of American Cities Climate Challenge by Michael Bloomberg

Loading...<p><b>SEATTLE</b> - Seattle is the initial winner of the American Cities Climate Challenge, United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action and …

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Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg Gives Mayor Durkan (and the City of Seattle) a $2.5 Million Check for Being Green

by Greg ScruggsMichael Bloomberg at the America's Pledge launch event, "We Are Still In," in Germany last fall. Lukas Schulze/Getty ImagesThe Storm …

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Michael Bloomberg Is Reportedly Going to Run for President in 2020—as a Democrat

The already crowded ring of potential Democratic presidential candidates two years from now might be growing: Michael Bloomberg is reportedly gearing …

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State Department spent more than $52,000 for Nikki Haley’s curtains | Michael Bloomberg reportedly plans presidential run

The New York Times reports the State Department spent $52,701 last year buying customized and mechanized curtains for the picture windows in Nikki …

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UK paper: Bloomberg to run for president

A UK paper is reporting that Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and billionaire owner of business news network, is planning to running as a …