20 Interesting Facts About Aztecs You Probaby Didn’t Know

The Aztecs are known for eating chocolate, killing people in sacrifice to their gods and ultimately getting defeated by the Spaniards. They are known …

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10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About the Aztecs


Aztec wolf sacrificed yields golden trove in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY: A sacrificial wolf, elaborately adorned with some of the finest Aztec gold ever found and buried more than five centuries ago, has come …


Tenochtitlan: How a City in a Swamp Became the Capital of the Aztecs

Tenochtitlán, located in the heart of what is now Mexico City, was the largest city and capital of the Aztec empire. Today, Mexico City is still one …

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Animating an Aztec Myth with the Music of Tchaikovski

The three-minute film follows a jaguar god on a mission to awaken a volcano and bring the underworld to the surface.<p>In the Nahuatl and Mexica cultures of pre-Hispanic Mexico, the god of war, Tezcatlipoca, took on many transfigurations to make sure that his worlds were in order. From a warrior with …


aztec natives liberation of mexicans as natives to america

Aztec Natives liberation of Mexicans as natives to America. Education about Aztecs, Mexica, Hispanic, Latino, Latina, Chicano, Chicana, Mestizo, …


Did the Aztecs Simply Disappear? Surviving Biombo Paintings Tell Another Story

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently hosted an event featuring art historian Barbara E. Mundy entitled, “The Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan, …

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Cholo Goth Duo Prayers’ ‘Mexica’ Video Will Decolonize Your Mind To Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day

<i>Pyramid-builders</i>. That’s the way Leafar Seyer (aka Rafael Reyes) of the electronic rock duo Prayers describes his people — the Mexican people, or the Mexica — one of the indigenous peoples of the American continent. A brand new Prayers song and video named after them, “Mexica” is embedded above, …


We May Never Truly Fathom Other Cultures - Facts So Romantic

If they’re honest and humble enough, people who study societies that existed in the Americas before the arrival of Europeans will admit that they …


Prayers' "Mexica" Video is a Fierce Anti-Colonial Manifesto

Prayers have been one of the rarer cultural products to come out of the U.S.-Mexico border. Nothing about their background or visual aesthetic …


Mexican Boozy Hot Chocolate for Two

In a saucepan, whisk together cocoa powder, sugar, salt, cayenne powder, cinnamon and 1/4 cup of milk until they are well combined.<p>Add remaining milk …


López: New Spain and New England

The story of the European invasion of America beginning in the late 15th century involves two main groups of conquerors – the Spanish and the English.<p>…

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Mexico: 'Breakthrough' in mystery over Aztec rulers' remains

Where did the ancient Aztecs lay their rulers’ remains to rest?<p>The answer may be at Mexico City’s Great Temple or Templo Mayor ruins complex, where a team of archaeologists have made a tantalizing discovery – a passageway leading to a ceremonial platform and what are thought to be sealed, royal …


Giving birth was one big battle

‘The magnificent squatting image of the Mexica goddess of childbirth, naked, solitary in the ecstasy of total effort, does not represent a woman in …

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Behind the Mask: 10 Pieces of Ceremonial Headgear From Across Art History

To learn more about the rich history of traditional masks, we've excerpted 10 examples from Phaidon's 30,000 Years of Art.

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