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Bryan Greenberg Had Burgers and Beers with Meryl Streep, AKA Life Goals

<i>The Mindy Project</i> is a show that's not-so-secretly about food, and star <b>Bryan Greenberg</b> is committed to the cause. Like his character, Ben, he's <i>really</i> into frozen yogurt, and will load up sky-high with toppings to make it into a healthy<i>ish</i> ice cream sundae.<p>Offscreen, he lets his dog, Ewok indulge, …


Are you in the UK's most stressful job?

A survey reveals the most dissatisfied employees<p>A survey by the Telegraph and Channel 5 has revealed the UK's most stressful jobs, and it's not what …

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The "Reading Rainbow" Made A Meryl Streep Meme And People Think It's The Best One

"Not gonna lie, this is my favorite version of this meme."<p>Posted on March 24, 2017, 19:24 GMT<p>Nevermind your sports brackets: the Meryl Streep yelling meme is the best thing to happen to March.<p>It's just so good! And accessible!<p>Enough for the no-longer-airing-but-4ever-in-our-hearts PBS Kids show</i> …


One Month After Vile Anti-Trump Rant, Meryl Streep Gets CAREER ENDING NEWS!

Share Email Comments<p>During the Golden Globe Awards back in January, Hollywood A-lister Meryl Streep gave a pompous speech villifying President Donald …


Meryl Streep's Call-And-Response Meme Is Our New Favorite Thing

A photo of a shouting Meryl Streep has taken social media by storm.<p>It’s time for another new meme to take over the internet!<p>This time it is Meryl …


Attention, Screenwriters: New Opportunities for Horror, TV and Women Over 40 — Roundup

Also, 2017 Sundance Screenwriting Intensive, TFI Sloan Student Winner and BVAC Fellows announced.<p>Every week, IndieWire’s Filmmaker Toolkit rounds up …


16 Celebrity Siblings Who Could Totally Pass For Identical Twins

Did you know that Emma Watson has a brother? And on top of that, did you know the two of them look almost exactly alike? The same goes for a handful of other celebrities, and whether they're siblings you never knew existed or a part of Hollywood families you've been seeing around for years, there's …

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How the F*@k Do You Build Value in Sales?

It seems like everyone writes sales content these days, and nearly all of it talks about the importance of building value for your prospects. That …

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Glenn Close denies that she pipped Meryl Streep to play Hillary Clinton

Streep, unlike Hillary, is still in the running.<p>Forget what you heard: Glenn Close has not pipped Meryl Streep to play Hillary Clinton in an upcoming …

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Meryl Streep will play the opposite of Miranda Priestly in new movie ‘The Post’

In “The Post,” a new movie about the Washington Post’s behind-the-scenes battle to publish the Pentagon Papers, feminism and the First Amendment take center stage, according to an undated copy of the film’s script received by the Post.<p>Starring Oscar winners Tom Hanks as executive editor Ben Bradlee …


Guess Which Power Cast Member is Expecting a New Bundle of Joy?

One Power cast member is expecting their first to find out who.


Meryl Streep and Others to Champion Poetry at Lincoln Center

Actresses Meryl Streep, Meg Ryan, and Uzo Aduba; Grammy-winning jazz singer Cécile McLorin Salvant; best-selling author Sebastian Junger; food and …


Go listen to Meryl Streep read poetry at Lincoln Center next month

Meryl Streep could do pretty much anything and we'd eagerly watch it. She could hold an event in which she yanks on her elbow skin for three hours, …


11 fashion lessons famous daughters have learnt from their super-stylish mothers

We all turn into our mothers eventually, or so they say. Terrifying as it may be to think of ourselves developing the habits that we found so annoying as children, when it comes to fashion, a few style lessons from someone older and wiser can be a valuable gift - particularly if your mother happens …


This Meryl Streep Meme Is Even Better Than Nicole Kidman’s Seal Hands

This article originally appeared on Time. For more stories, visit<p>An image of decorated actor Meryl Streep is making the viral rounds on Twitter recently. The beloved thespian‘s visage from the 2015 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards has become the canvas on which meme artists are plying their …


Meryl Streep goes viral on Twitter as an old picture of the actress turns into a meme

Twitter surprises the world every day. The Twitterrati have a happy knkack of turning the most mundane of pictures into a viral meme. The recent target of the hilarious meme world is the <i>Devil Wears Prada</i> actress Meryl Streep.<p>The Iron Lady became the talk of twitter town when a picture of her …


Meryl Streep finishing song lyrics is the best meme on Twitter right now

As we all know, Meryl Streep has no problem expressing how she feels. Even though <i>some</i> people feel the actress (who holds the record for most Academy …


The singing Meryl meme is the first great viral joke of 2017 - NME

In January the biggest meme was Salt Bae and his weird salt-sprinkling tactics. In February a trio of new memes included Roll Safe, #HurtBae and the …


The universe reached down and blessed us all with a new Meryl Streep meme

Cherished actress, political activist, wonderful eye-roller: Meryl Streep is a woman of many cultural roles. Now, she joins the ranks of other greats as a big, bright, beautiful meme.<p>An old picture from the 2015 SAG awards shows the inimitable actor shouting through closed hands. The internet …


Twitter Turned An Old Photo Of Meryl Streep Into An Incredible Meme

We never knew we wanted Meryl to sing "No Scrubs" until right now.<p>Meryl Streep is an Oscar-winning actress and, according to Twitter, a great singer.<p>It all started with a photo taken in 2015. The “Florence Foster Jenkins” star was snapped cheering on the late Debbie Reynolds as she received a …


Here’s why Meryl Streep is suddenly a meme on Twitter

We’re just wild about Meryl. So, seeing her even more on social media is always a good thing. But there’s a reason why Meryl Streep is a Twitter meme …


Meryl Streep Singing Is Everyone's New Favorite Meme

Pretty much everything Meryl Streep does is amazing. She's a formidable actress, an outspoken advocate for the causes she believes in, and just seems like the most fun ever.<p>That's probably why our new favorite meme features the legendary actress. A screenshot of Streep showing her support for …


The Internet Has Made This Photo of Meryl Streep Yelling a Hilarious Meme

For whatever reason, the internet has decided to meme a photo of Meryl Streep yelling at the Screen Actor Guild Awards in 2015. The result are memes of Meryl shouting out different songs and other phrases.<p>Meryl will sing some pop classics. . .<p>. . . As well as some indie favorites.<p>She sings some hip …


Meryl Streep Yells Your Favorite Songs in 11 Hilarious Memes (Photos)

From Rihanna to Whitney Houston, the Oscar winner knows it all


Meryl Streep shouting song lyrics is a rocking Twitter meme

The Oscar-winner might be singing along with Britney Spears, or filling in the phone number from a late-night TV commercial. Everything works, really.<p>Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep has played many roles, but now, thanks to the resurfacing of a two-year-old photo, she's playing a starring role …


Black Twitter Took Meryl Streep Memes To New Levels Of Funny

Meryl Streep has unknowingly taken on the role of an overzealous music head thanks to powers that be–A.K.A, Black Twitter.<p><b>READ What A Time: The</b> …


Meryl Streep Has Been Turned into an Incredible Meme

This photo of the actress makes your favorite songs even better.<p>Meryl Streep's latest, unexpected role is starring in a meme. And like all other parts she's played, she's killing it.<p>The latest viral sensation features a screenshot of the actress cheering on Debbie Reynolds at the 2015 SAG Awards. …


Meryl Streep is the internet's new favorite meme

<b>(CNN) —</b> Meryl Streep, venerable actress, multiple award winner, super hero to liberals <b>--</b> and star of a meme.<p>A photo of Streep cheering from the audience at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards is being paired with song lyrics and jokes, and the internet can't get enough.<p>Here's how it works:<p>Take a …


These Meryl Streep Shouting Memes Proves the Internet is Still Undefeated

Meryl Streep is currently the source of the funniest meme on the internet.


Meryl Streep Screams Song Lyrics She’d Never Sing in Real Life Thanks to New Meme

Meryl Streep is a certified legend with 20 Oscar nominations. She’s also a passionate political activist and critic of President Donald Trump, who …