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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have a dad joke face-off for Children In Need 2017

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg pitted their best dad jokes against one another in a battle for Children In Need 2017.<p>The comedy pair are currently …

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Watch Mark Wahlberg reveal he has a third nipple to a shocked Will Ferrell

The bizarre exchange took place on 'Good Morning Britain'<p><b>Mark Wahlberg</b> revealed on this morning’s <i>Good Morning Britain</i> that he has a third nipple – as …

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'Is it 1993?' - Mark Wahlberg bemused by Fair City and Irish TV on Gogglebox Ireland Celebrity Special

The cast of Daddy's Home 2 don't hold back when they feature on Gogglebox Ireland: Celebrity Special next week.

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Mel Gibson weighs in on Hollywood sexual harassment scandals

Appearing in a pre-recorded interview for Ireland’s <i>The Late Late Show</i>, actor Mel Gibson addressed the growing number of sexual harassment accusations …


It Took America Under 10 Years to Forgive Mel Gibson. What Will It Take to Get Rid of Abusers For Good?

I never would have believed you if you’d warned me. But somehow, it took America under 10 years to forgive Mel Gibson.<p>Gibson’s well-deserved downfall took up much of the early 2000s. Here are some highlights: When he got arrested for drunk driving in 2006, he called the arresting officer “sugar …

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This is How Angry Men React to Women's Stories of Abuse

"A lot of these stories are about grown men exposing themselves to women when they were children."<p>We seem to be living in a golden age of “learning about men whipping their penises out in horrible ways.”<p>Last week we learned that Louis C.K. made female comedians, some of whom he was working with, …



Samantha Bee has been, and always will be, the breath of fresh and funny air we need during our low points. And <i>wow</i> are we in the midst of a low …

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WATCH: Mel Gibson tells Late Late of concern for victims of Hollywood harassment

In a pre-recorded interview, Mel Gibson appears on tonight’s Late Late Show alongside his Daddy’s Home 2 co-stars Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell and …

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I have a great respect and admiration for auteur filmmakers—guys like Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino who write their own screenplays and direct …

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Johnny Depp in 'The Crimes of Grindelwald' Teaser Makes Me Not Want to See the Film

Faced with a <b></b>growing list of celebs who have been called out for gender-based violence—including everyone from Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey to …


TV Ratings Nov 16: Good Doctor saves a leg, makes Seven's Thursdays better too

Share Email Comments<p><b>• Good Doctor saves a leg, makes Seven’s Thursdays better too</b> <b><br>• Nine News and A Current Affair Nine’s best on quiet night</b> <b><br>•</b> …


Samantha Bee Calls Out ‘Critically-Acclaimed Pervert’ Louis C.K.

The ‘Full Frontal’ host said that if we want Alabama voters to reject Roy Moore than comedians need to denounce Louis C.K.<p>In the days since the …


Tim Allen Reveals His Iconic Santa Clause Costume Almost Gave Him Sores

"You are Santa Claus, with the beard and the hair and, of course, all the additional pounds in the fat suit," Billingsley says. "Did you have any …


'I think a lot of light is being shone into dark places right now' - Mel Gibson on issue of Hollywood harassment

Hollywood actor Mel Gibson discussed the issue of harassment in the film and entertainment industry at the Irish premiere of Daddy's Home 2 in Dublin.

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Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson up for blood-soaked time loop flick Boss Level

<i>Boss Level</i> is an upcoming film that sounds like Groundhog Day but meaner: Roy, a retired special forces veteran, is stuck in a time loop, a loop that …


People Magazine names country singer Blake Shelton ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

People magazine has left the world in a state of confusion after naming country singer Blake Shelton their Sexiest Man Alive.<p>The publication put the …

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Joe Carnahan’s BOSS LEVEL Will Star Frank Grillo And Mel Gibson

When <i>Daddy's Home 2</i> arrived in theaters last weekend, Hollywood paying very close attention. Not only did the film represent Mel Gibson's first major …


Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo May Star in a Groundhog Day-Style Action Thriller

We’ve gone around and around with <i>Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow,</i> and <i>Happy Death Day—</i>and now, add <i>Boss Level</i> to the list. The latest potential film …


Are we all going to forget Mel Gibson's vile behaviour on his road to redemption?

Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow and er…Mel Gibson, are all in Dublin on a fun-filled two-day promotional tour building up buzz about their …

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Movie News: Lanzmann, “The Graduate,” Louis C.K., and Mel Gibson Comes Home

As Thursday’s puckish sun rises on the horizon, the mind of man turns to film. So things have stood since time immemorial, or at least since two …

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Daddy’s Home 2 review: This unfunny sequel is a waste of everyone’s talent

There’s a depressingly familiar formula for comedy sequels – basically have the same plot again, only THIS TIME we have (insert famous actor here) as …


Bryan Cranston Breaks Bad on Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey

The Emmy-winning actor opened up about how ‘the Weinsteins and Spaceys of the world’ could make comebacks. It’s not the question we should be …


A tipping point on sexual misconduct? Don’t count on it

‘Daddy’s Home 2,” one of last weekend’s highest grossing films, boasts among its stars a man who went on an anti-Semitic tirade during a 2006 drunk …

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Taraji P Henson to Take Mel Gibson Role in Updated Version of 'What Women Want'

Paramount’s “What Men Want” is female-skewing take on Nancy Meyers’ 2000 comedy<p>Taraji P. Henson will executive produce and star in the Paramount …


Mel Gibson, Frank Grillo Star In Joe Carnahan-Directed ‘Boss Level’ | Deadline

<b>EXCLUSIVE</b>: Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo are in talks to star in <i>Boss Level</i>, an action thriller that Joe Carnahan will direct next year. The premise: …


Taraji P. Henson Set to Erase the Memory of Mel Gibson by Starring In What Men Want

I am here for anything Taraji P. Henson-related, but I have to admit when I first heard that she was set to star in <i>What Men Want</i>, a Paramount remake …


Taraji P. Henson Set To Star In What Women Want Remake, What Men Want

Whether you're here for it or not, it's a-comin'.

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Taraji P. Henson to Star in ‘What Men Want’ for Paramount Players

Paramount Players is looking to fast track “What Men Want,” a remake of the Paramount comedy “What Women Want,” and giving it a gender-bending twist …


Daily Podcast: Should Our Feelings About The Filmmaker Taint The Movie? Justice League, Tom Cruise, LotR & More – /Film

On the November 15, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, <b>Peter Sciretta</b> is joined by /Film senior writer <b>Ben Pearson</b> and writer <b>Hoai-Tran Bui</b> to discuss the …


Boss Level: Joe Carnahan Has Cast His Time Loop Thriller

The classic Bill Murray comedy <i>Groundhog Day</i> is the most famous movie example of a time loop scenario in which a character must relive the same day …