Migraine and Heart Disease: The Link Intensifies

Dr Arefa Cassoobhoy highlights a study that further links migraine and cardiovascular disease.

Medical Research

Atrial Fibrillation: Is Screening a Good Idea?

We can detect more cases of atrial fibrillation with widespread screening. But should we?


Can HRT Relieve Migraines in Symptomatic Women?

New research explores the risk/benefit profile of reproductive hormone therapy in menopausal women with migraine.

Cardiovascular System

Man's Unusual Sunburn Lets Him Make A Dent in His Forehead

One time I shaved my head, got severely sunburned, & swelled up just a little bit :-)<p>— Cade Huckabay (@CadeHuckabay) …

Skin Care

How Fear of Losing Their Doctor Affects Chronic Pain Patients

<i>By Linda Cheek.</i><p>As more doctors are attacked for treating chronic pain in the country, chronic pain patients are finding fewer doctors willing to …


Doctors view technology as largely problematic

Technology offers doctors a view inside patients’ hearts, brains and bowels. And technology may speed the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, the …

KKR said to be in talks to buy WebMD

Private equity giant KKR is said to be in acquisition talks with medical site WebMD, according to a report from Reuters on Sunday. Shares of WebMD ticked up slightly in after-hours trading after the report.<p>The price of the potential offer could not be learned, but the public market cap last valued …


International AIDS Society (IAS) 2017 Conference

Read clinically focused news coverage of key developments from IAS 2017 <i><br>Medscape HIV/AIDS</i>


FDA Approves Generic Version of Truvada

The cost of PrEP may be going down.<p>The Food and Drug Administration has approved a generic version of Truvada, the only drug OK’d so far for use as …


How Do You Know When You've Warmed Up Enough?

The time you spend preparing for your workout is worth its weight in gold. But how long does that take, how do you know when you're there, and what …


A New Vaginal Ring.

Medscape.<p>Researchers are working on a new vaginal ring, which combines contraception and dapivirine, an antiretroviral drug. The outlook is good, but …

University of Alabama

Gender And Race Wage Gaps Among Doctors Are “Egregious,” Study Shows

You’ve gone to medical school. Passed all your exams. Worked hard as a resident. Naturally, you expect to pull in the same salary as your fellow …


Study: Black Doctors Make Less Salary Than EVERY Other Race, But They’re ‘Happier’

Black Doctors Make Less Salary Than Any Other Race<p>Physician incomes are on the rise, but a study shows that a pay gap still exists. According to a …

African-American News

Black physicians earn significantly less than their white colleagues, study finds

A wide-ranging new survey released Wednesday reaffirmed something disturbing about the medical profession: Black physicians in the United States are …

Medical Technology

It’s 2017, and African-American doctors are still paid less than their white counterparts

The 2017 Medscape Physician Compensation Report is out and reveals that African-American doctors are still paid significantly less than their white colleagues—about 15% less (<b>$262,000 vs. $303,000</b>). Unsurprisingly, African-American doctors are less <b>likely to feel fairly compensated</b> (because they’re …

Health Care

How much do doctors earn? Survey finds gender, regional differences

Physicians in the Mid-Atlantic earn less money — pulling in an average of $282,000 — than in any other region in the nation, according to a new …

Health Care

Doctors Earn Less If They’re Women or Minorities

Doctors earn six-figure salaries, but gender and race wage gaps within the profession are egregious, about twice the national average in some …


New salary survey shows even in medicine, women and blacks earn less

Doctors earn six-figure salaries, but gender and race wage gaps within the profession are egregious, about twice the national average in some …


Women and minority doctors make much less than white male doctors, study finds

Many who deny a wage gap exists between women and men and white people and minorities tend to attribute differences to career selection, saying if …

Health Care

Doctor salary survey reveals big pay gap for some

Being a doctor pays well, but there are still major discrepancies when it comes to paychecks within the medical profession, a new physician survey …

Health Care

What I wish I would've known going into residency

In honor of Match Day...<p>Medscape physician experts weighed in with what they wish they had known going into residency. As Match Day approaches, what …

Work-life Balance

Highmark Spoofs Patients With So. Many. Questions

It’s a phenomenon that gets worse with every birthday: The average doctor’s visit gets shorter, while patients’ list of health problems gets …

Advertising Industry

Adventures in Obamacare

My cold wasn’t getting any better after two weeks so I went to the doctor. The receptionist asked for my insurance card. This is a “silver” Obamacare …

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Interesting Facts on Physician Burnout in 2017

Physician Burnout is an ongoing concern in the medical field. Trying to manage the stress of patient cases, administrative tasks and balancing life …

Health Care

Here's how much money doctors actually make

Not all doctors take home the same amount of money. Orthopedists — doctors who treat bone and muscle problems — make the most on average. Pediatricians, or those who take care of children, earn the least. And white doctors take home significantly more than their equally qualified peers of color, …


How Powdered Blood Could Revolutionize Medicine

During an emergency, having blood on hand for transfusions is critical. But blood needs proper refrigeration, making on the spot care a difficult …


M&M | Biomedicals

RENEWABLE ENERGY<p>Free Energy for all...<p>Your source for abbordable free and unlimited energy through solar, wind and hybrid.<p>Get it now<p>BIOMEDICAL …

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Use These 6 Tips To Maximize Pharmacology Study Sessions

1. Take a look at the drug on a Pharmacology app like MedscapePharmacology apps are fantastic resources for healthcare workers so naturally you will …


Thyroid cancer overdiagnosis on the rise, study finds

In the next year, more than 60,000 American adults will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but as the number of cases increases, so do the number of overdiagnoses and unnecessary interventions, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found.<p>Researchers analyzed data from 12 …


Surgeon Salary: Here's How Much Doctors Make

Doctors still earn high wages, but there are distinct gaps based on speciality—and, unfortunately, gender.<p>A survey released by Medscape of 19,200 …

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