Mediterranean Sea

Africa:Rural-Urban Exodus Slowing Progress of Fight Against Hunger

Long seen as a getaway from poverty, rural-urban migration is now casting a shadow on the prospects of eradicating poverty and hunger in the world, …


Hanini is the Chocolatey Digestif from Malta That You Need to Try

The Mediterranean is full of unique spirits made with a variety of herbs, spices, and other flavorings. Each nation in the region seemingly has it’s …


The Mediterranean Sea of America

If you superimpose the Mediterranean Sea (and the Black Sea) over a map of the United States — creating geographic landmarks like the Confederate …

Black Sea

Rescue ship brings 600 migrants to Italy in biggest recent influx

Some 600 migrants, including many children, have arrived in Sicily after being rescued at sea in the past days. The new influx highlights problems …

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Lebanon gets two bids for offshore gas exploration

Lebanese ambitions to draw investors to its offshore reserve potential, notably for natural gas, brought in only two bids, the government reported.

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Missing in the Mediterranean sea: A loss no parent should endure - USA for UNHCR

A mother and kindergarten teacher, Hope* fled the violence plaguing her home country of Nigeria with her daughters. They made the harrowing trek …


Tunisia: At Least 8 Migrants Drown in Navy Ship, Boat Collision

From ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English.Tunisia’s defense ministry said Monday that at least eight migrants have drowned after their boat sank following a …

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Israel growing in strategic importance for NATO

Following the reconciliation between Turkey and Israel in June of last year, Ankara withdrew its longstanding veto against Jerusalem being accepted …


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Reviving the Mediterranean Sea and Fisheries: dream or reality?

The <i>Our Ocean 2017</i> Conference, which opens today, will address some of the most pressing ocean issues globally, and for Europe and the Mediterranean …


British captain honoured for rescuing 907 refugees in Mediterranean

A British sailor has been honoured for helping rescue more than 900 refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.<p>Jamie Wilson is the captain of a commercial …


Young migrants face more dangers after reaching Italy

Four months ago, Italy passed a law aimed at protecting child immigrants, even those who do not qualify as refugees, providing them with housing, …


Imperiling Africa — And Its Own Soul

An unprecedented wave of African migration is warping Europe’s politics and threatening its stability. Can the Continent respond without destroying …


Award for Scottish ship's captain who rescued 907 migrants

<b>The captain of a merchant ship who helped save 907 refugees from overloaded and unseaworthy boats off the coast of Libya has been honoured.</b><p>Jamie Wilson was in charge of a vessel conducting underwater survey work when he took part in nine rescue missions over four days earlier this year.<p>The …


Pope Francis calls refugees ‘warriors of hope’ during visit to welcoming center in Italy

During a visit to a welcoming center for migrants in Italy on Sunday, Pope Francis called on European lawmakers to support forcibly displaced people, …


Sailing the Seven Seas in Ancient Times and Today

While a "sea" is generally defined as a large lake that contains saltwater, or a specific portion of an ocean, the idiom "Sail the seven seas," is …


Oil gains on optimism over demand outlook, supply cuts

TOKYO (Reuters) - Oil prices rose on Friday, with both Brent and U.S. crude set to chalk up another weekly gain as investors bet that efforts to cut …


Frederick W. Newcomb

Chief Liaison Officer to the United States of America<p>TEAM MEMBER since 2001<br>LAST MISSION: Expedition ARCTIC OCEAN PREDATOR<br>DISTANCE SAILED: 5.000nm<br>SEA …

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1,100+ migrants rescued in Mediterranean on Tuesday

Italian and other European vessels rescued more than 1,100 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the International …


The Mediterranean Sea: incomparable wealth in steep decline

<b>Rome, Italy</b> – Along its 46,000km coastline, the Mediterranean Sea supports around 150 million people living along its shores. The report <i>Reviving the</i> …


EU seeks to resettle more refugees from North Africa

European Union commits €500M to help refugees from Libya, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia<p>The European Union unveiled a new plan Wednesday to …


Geologists study the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea 5.96 million years ago

We already know that climate change influences such Earth processes as erosion and fluctuations in sea levels. But do surface processes in turn have …

Climate Change

Disappearance of Mediterranean Sea Seven Million Years Ago Triggered Widespread Volcanic Activity

In 1849 the Italian chemist Giulio Usiglio conducted evaporation experiments with seawater along the French Riviera, Mediterranean Sea. He noted that sediments and crystals precipitate in a certain order from the water, first clay and then minerals, like halite (common salt) and gypsum. Many cliffs …


Climate change can goad volcanoes into life

Geologists studying volcanic activity have uncovered new evidence about the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea 5.96 million years ago<p>We already know …

Climate Change

Russian warship stopping off at Greek tourist hotspot before joining Syrian civil war

Russia’s Admiral Grigorovich warship is heading to the Mediterranean Sea, loaded with cruise missiles, ready for action in Syria's civil war. But …


Israel finalises Seahawk sensor configuration

Israel's air force and navy have identified the intended sensor fit for a planned fleet of second-hand Sikorsky SH-60F Seahawk maritime helicopters.


Spain Saves 64 Migrants From 2 Boats Crossing Mediterranean

Madrid (AP) -- Spain's maritime rescue service says it has saved 64 migrants from two small boats trying to make a perilous sea crossing from Africa …


Russian sub fires cruise missiles at militants in Syria

A Russian submarine in the Mediterranean Sea has fired cruise missiles at militant positions in north-western Syria, Moscow has said.<p>The defence …

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Nearly 90 migrants go missing after shipwreck off Libya's coast

Local officials said at least eight migrants drowned as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean for Europe.<p>At least eight migrants drowned and …


Sewage Forces Beach Closures in Majorca

<i>PHOTO: A busy beach in Cala Major, Majorca. (photo via Flickr/Martin Weinhardt)</i><p>Officials in Majorca, Spain have been forced to close some of the …