This North Carolina Rape Law Is Straight Out Of The Middle Ages

A longstanding legal loophole may finally get closed – but it may not<p>A bizarre, outdated, and frightening law that’s been on North Carolina’s books …

Middle Ages

PSN Flash Sale Incoming for June 23rd - up to 90% off Select Games

June 23, 2017<p>Share This<p>PlayStation Is Officially Hosting Two Big Sales Simultaneously<p>The Month of June has witnessed a flurry of sales from the …


June 2017 PSN Flash Sale Is Live, Here's All the Deals

June 2017 PSN Flash Sale Is Live, Here’s All the Deals<p>June 23, 2017 Written by Jason Dunning<p>The June 2017 PlayStation Store Flash Sale is live in …

Middle Ages

The TV Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

<b>Medieval Studies</b><p>REQUIRED VIEWING:<p><i>Game of Thrones</i><p>Until last season, the hit HBO show had been relying on George R.R. Martin’s formidable source …

Middle Ages

Medieval Dog Tricks

<i>By Cait Stevenson</i><p>Can your dog dig up rings, dance to music, or tell if a lady is pregnant?<p>14th century image of a dog – from British Library MS …

Middle Ages

The many faces of Duchess Matilda: matronage, motherhood and mediation in the twelfth century

<b>The many faces of Duchess Matilda: matronage, motherhood and mediation in the twelfth century</b><p>By Tjisje Geertje Jasperse<p>PhD Dissertation, University …

Middle Ages

A brief history of aquatic resource use in medieval Europe

<b>A brief history of aquatic resource use in medieval Europe</b><p>By Richard C. Hoffman<p><i>Helgoland Marine Research</i>, Volume 59, Number 1 (2005)<p>Detail of a …

Middle Ages

Frail or hale: Skeletal frailty indices in Medieval London skeletons

The representative nonmonastic, or lay, community in Medieval London comprises samples from Guildhall Yard (1140–1350 CE), Spital Square (1200–1500 …

Middle Ages

Game on: medieval players and their texts

Medieval games, I argue, do not always fit neatly into traditional or modern theoretical game models, and modern blanket definitions of ‘game’—often …

Middle Ages

Monks, memes, and medieval art

Article Author: Shanna Johnson When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press around 1440 in Germany, everything changed. For the first time, …

Middle Ages

Travel back in time this weekend for Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival

It is held on the grounds of the Millers Fall R&G Club in the Turners Falls section of Montague.

Middle Ages

Quiz: Can You Name the Location of These Churches?

Which city are these famous churches located? It’s a mix of medieval and non-medieval, so beware for some difficult ones!<p>You can also play:

Middle Ages

Buena Park adding second parking lot to Beach Boulevard entertainment corridor

Buena Park is building a $2 million parking lot next to Medieval Times to accommodate the influx of visitors to the city’s revamped entertainment …

Middle Ages

The Western Roman Embassy to the Court of Attila in AD 449

<b>The Western Roman Embassy to the Court of Attila in AD 449</b><p>By Hrvoje Gracanin<p><i>Byzantinoslavica</i>, Vol. 61 (2003)<p>Abstract: Based on the analysis of an …

Middle Ages

Haunting Discovery: Medieval Skeletons Bear Evidence of Barbaric Punishment

Archaeologists who were digging in a medieval Portuguese necropolis unearthed three skeletons of young men who had their hands and feet cut off just …


Medieval Monday: The Labors of June

In the Middle Ages, the arrival of June meant not only a change in the weather, but a shift in daily labors, and in what was on the menu to eat.<p>While …

Middle Ages

New Medieval Books: Historical Fiction

Escape this summer to the Middle Ages with these five historical fiction novels...

Middle Ages

Tips on being a good CEO from a medieval abbot

In many ways, Abbot Samson would resemble the Chief Executive Officer of a company - indeed, he was actually running a corporation that would have …

Middle Ages

Medieval Prisons: Between Myth and Reality, Hell and Purgatory

<b>Medieval Prisons: Between Myth and Reality, Hell and Purgatory</b><p>By Guy Geltner<p><i>History Compass</i>, Vol. 4 (2006)<p>Abstract: When were medieval prisons …

Middle Ages

Enemies All Around—The Medieval/Modern Game of Thrones

“Enemies to the east, enemies to the west, enemies to the south, enemies to the north. Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it.” —Queen Cersei …

Middle Ages

Heather Long joins The Washington Post as economic correspondent

<b>Announcement from Financial Editor David Cho, Deputy Financial Editor Zachary Goldfarb and Economic Policy Editor Patrick Reis:</b><p>We’re very excited to announce that Heather Long, a reporter and editor at CNN, will be our new economics correspondent, writing analytical stories on Wonkblog about a wide …

Jerry Sandusky

AR Gurney, playwright who penned The Middle Ages and Sylvia, dead

He explored the conventions and anxieties of the upper-class white Anglo-Saxon protestant society, of which he was a member.<p>American playwright and …

Middle Ages

Brewing Viking beer — with stones

There’s nothing archaeologists like better than piles of centuries-old rubbish. Ancient bones and stones from trash heaps can tell complex stories. …

Middle Ages

Two Rabbinic Views of Christianity in the Middle Ages

<b>Two Rabbinic Views of Christianity in the Middle Ages</b><p>By Asher Finkel<p>Paper given at 45th International Conference on Medieval Studies at Western …

Middle Ages

How to travel to the physical and heavenly Jerusalem without leaving home

<b>How to travel to the physical and heavenly Jerusalem without leaving home (Oxford, Queen’s College, MS. 357)</b><p>By Kathryn Rudy<p><i>The Queen’s College</i> …

Middle Ages

Dreams in medieval Saints' lives: Saint Francis of Assisi

<b>Dreams in medieval Saints’ lives: Saint Francis of Assisi</b><p>By Krijn Pansters<p><i>Dreaming</i>, Vol. 19:1 (2009)<p>Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337), Basilique Assise, …

Middle Ages

Ler a Idade Média hoje: Fontes, Texto e Tradução

Presentation<p>"In the Middle Ages visual communication was, for the masses, more important than writing. But Chartres Cathedral was not culturally …

Middle Ages

10 Things to Know About Medieval Drinking Horns

One of the most iconic objects of the Middle Ages is the drinking horn. In the new book <i>The Story of the Drinking Horn</i>, Vivian Etting explains the …

Middle Ages

A Dynasty of Saints

By all accounts, St. Æthelthryth was married twice and remained a virgin. During her life she was a princess of East Anglia, queen of Northumbria, …

Middle Ages

The Light of Nature? No ‘Experience’ in the Middle Ages!

When we think of the concept of experience, we would most likely not be thinking of the Middle Ages.

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