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Scientists hope microbots will revolutionize medicine

via GIPHY<p>A group of scientists is calling for more aggressive research on microrobots (or micromotors) that they hope can be used in the human body …


Baylor Scott and White lays off 100 employees | Health Care

A handful of employees at Baylor Scott and White Health are searching for new jobs.<p>A statement from the Dallas-based health system confirmed Friday …

Health Care

Yale/UC study finds extensive Facebook usage decreases health & happiness

A large-scale study jointly carried out by academics from Yale University and the University of California has concluded that greater than average use of Facebook decreases both mental health and happiness …<p>The <i>WSJ</i> reports that the study was a rigorous one, tracking the Facebook habits of more than …


As AI spreads through healthcare, ethical questions arise

New Infosys report points to the importance of "ethical standards" for maintaining and sometimes retraining talent as automation changes workflows.


Australian hospitals fighting system failure after botched WannaCry patch

Five Queensland Health hospitals were forced back to pencil and paper after the IT failure, and the system will likely remain sluggish for at least a …

Health Care (Australia)

Cisco unveils IoT security architecture for healthcare devices

The new framework includes analytics, cloud security, malware protection and other services.

Internet of Things

Medical Devices Fall Short in Security Best Practices

More than half of medical device makers and healthcare delivery organizations anticipate an attack on their medical devices within the next 12 …


Crysis averted: New round of ransomware master keys released

Nearly 200 decryption keys were released and confirmed valid by security researchers, which can be used to decrypt and unlock data on infected …

Information Security

Nightmare scenario: Only 5% of hospitals annually test medical device security

Both device manufacturers and providers lack confidence that devices are secure and most won’t get a bigger budget to protect them until a breach …

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Symantec cites links between WannaCry ransomware and Lazurus, but ICIT calls report a 'distraction'

The security firm stressed the connection to North Korea-linked hackers was purely technical, but there were substantial commonalities in the tools, …


Digital health should mature from disruptive screens to innovative environments

Over the past decade, an entire industry has emerged to support the use of mobile health technology. New digital trackers and connected sensors are …

Digital Health

Biotech Forum Daily Digest: Medicare Cuts Looming? Spotlight On Invuity

Biotech has slightly underperformed the market so far this week as the president's proposed budget cuts to many healthcare programs have weighed on …


Trump's budget guts ONC even deeper than it seemed

Health IT agency will run on a lot less cash and without a slate of operating units.

Health Care

'Careless handling' of private patient information leads to $387,000 HIPAA fine for St. Luke's-Roosevelt

The settlement stems from 2014 OCR complaint that staff member from Spencer Cox Center disclosed a patient's protected health information.

Health Care

OIG stings Virginia for failing to secure Medicaid data

The state’s Department of Medical Assistance Services didn’t meet federal security requirements, which could have compromised the integrity of the …


Best Hospital IT Departments 2017: Nominations now open

Our annual awards recognize top hospital and health system teams based on leadership, professional development opportunities, salary and benefits, …

Health Care

AMIA presses FCC on broadband access as a health issue

Informatics group tells the federal agency that robust internet access is key to ensuring everyone benefits from advances in health IT.

Health Care

InterSystems, Epic land more global business than any other EHR vendors

On the EHR world stage, Intersystems and Epic won more new hospital contracts in 2016 than any of their rivals, according to a new KLAS report: …

Health Care

Ransomware worse than WannaCry discovered, also leverages NSA tools

Security researcher Miroslav Stampar has found a new malware variant capable of spreading by exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows SMB file sharing …

Information Security

Cera is building an AI for social care decision support

Can AI overhaul the social care system? That’s the pitch underpinning UK home care provider Cera‘s plans. The startup has today taken the tiniest baby steps to launch an AI chatbot that it hopes will, at an unspecified point in future, be able to assist carers with recommendations for home care of …

Health Care

Trade groups pan Trump's cuts to health IT

HIMSS, AHIMA, AMIA all say the drastic cuts to ONC and other agencies will hamper patient safety and new cures, send innovation in a downward spiral …

Health Care

Intermountain goes live on American Well telehealth platform

Utah health system says the platform make its nurse practitioners and physician assistants available for online patient visits.

Health Care

​DTA and Human Services give myGov a 'timely' makeover

The Australian government has revamped its myGov website in response to user feedback.<p>The Department of Human Services (DHS) has unveiled a new-look …


McKesson spinoff Change Healthcare bets big on blockchain

Value-based care company joins heavy-hitters such as a IBM and Kaiser Permanente to explore new avenues for digital ledger platforms in the health …

Digital Health

Epic rollout at Penn Medicine owes success to training, optimization

Team of "advanced provider educators” focused on ensuring clinicians were using the EHR optimally.

Health Care

Not so fast, Congress: VistA is more interoperable than you think

While Congress has long-spurned DoD and Veterans Affairs for failing to become interoperable, the VA isn’t necessarily to blame.

Health Care

IBM, Rensselaer Polytech launch AI, cognitive computing project

IBM and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are creating the new Center for Health Empowerment by Analytics, Learning, and Semantics. The center, which …

Cognitive Computing

Scientists One Step Closer To 3-D-Printed Ovaries To Treat Infertility

The list of things that can be created with 3-D printers keeps getting longer: jewelry, art, guns, food, medical devices and, now, mouse ovaries.<p>Scientists have used a 3-D printer to create a mouse ovary capable of producing healthy offspring. And researchers hope to create replacement human …


Disrupting the Health Benefits Business

A Canadian company is looking to disrupt the world of traditional health insurance. Using an app based platform they're allowing businesses to offer …

Health Care

Monitoring Your Java Services With Dropwizard Health Checks

Troubleshooting applications can be tedious and time-consuming. It generally involves checking application logs, networking, firewalls, databases, …

Cloud Computing