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Should you worry about heavy phone use causing cancer?

Do mobile phones increase the risk of cancer? An Italian court has ruled that heavy cellphone usage caused a man’s benign tumour, but there is still …


Clinical Sensors lands $1.5 million in NIH grants for sepsis work

Startup is developing device to measure nitric oxide level in seconds.

EHRs pose greater threat to patients in America, Sermo survey suggests

Most respondents from foreign countries report far fewer electronic health record dangers.


VA hospitals outperform mainstream facilities on readmissions, mortality rates

The agency scored higher on six of nine patient safety indicators, but still needs to work on behavioral health and patient experience, a JAMA …

Artificial intelligence could build new drugs faster than any human team

Artificial intelligence algorithms are being taught to generate art, human voices, and even fiction stories all on their own—why not give them a shot at building new ways to treat disease?<p>Atomwise, a San Francisco-based startup and Y Combinator alum, has built a system it calls AtomNet (pdf), which …

Artificial Intelligence

HIMSS acquires Health 2.0 conferences

HIMSS on Wednesday announced that it is acquiring the Health 2.0 conferences focused on healthcare technology innovation.<p>HIMSS CEO H. Stephen Lieber …


Minnesota has seen 75 percent rise in H-1B visa requests since 2012

The number of applications for H-1B visas sought by Minnesota employers has grown by 75 percent since 2012, to nearly 10,000, according to …

Employment Law

Cardinal Health to Buy Medtronic Units for $6.1B

U.S. drug distributor Cardinal Health said on Tuesday it would buy medical device maker Medtronic's medical supplies businesses for $6.1 billion in cash.<p>Cardinal Health is acquiring the patient care, deep vein thrombosis and nutritional insufficiency units from Medtronic.<p>The businesses encompass 23 …


New in Wearable Health Tech: A Wrist Sensor That Works Up a Sweat

Researchers who are trying to find a way to make wearable health technology real say they've taken a big step with a device that generates enough sweat to be useful.<p>They've built a prototype that generates a few drops of perspiration — enough to measure blood sugar and to monitor other bodily …

Wearable Tech

At Intel, A Retirement Perk That Can Kick Off A New Career As A Paid Fellow

Not everyone who reaches so-called retirement age is ready to retire. But they may be ready for a change. That's one of the reasons that the tech giant Intel pays longtime employees a stipend while they try out new careers at nonprofit organizations.<p>One of those employees is 61-year-old Gail …


AI can predict heart attacks more accurately than doctors

An estimated 20 million people die each year due to cardiovascular disease. Luckily, a team of researchers from the University of Nottingham in the UK have developed a machine-learning algorithm that can predict your likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke as well as any doctor.<p>The American …

Technology (India)

One of Alphabet’s other divisions has made its own health-themed smartwatch

While Google and its third-party partners have been quite busy launching Android Wear-based smartwatches over the past few years, another company under Google’s parent organization Alphabet has been quietly working on a smartwatch of its own. Today, that company, Verily, announced some of the …

Wearable Tech

What the new, FDA-approved 23andMe genetic health risk reports can, and can't, tell you

Genetic testing firm 23andMe got approval from the Food and Drug Administration last week to sell reports that show customers whether they have an increased genetic risk of developing certain diseases and conditions.<p>The go-ahead is the first time the federal agency has approved such …

Genetic Testing

Health Savings Account Fraud: The Rapidly Growing Threat

As income tax season comes to a close, financially-motivated cybercriminals are honing new tactics for monetizing medical PII.<p>While information …


How does blockchain actually work for healthcare?

To say the technology is advanced is an understatement, but hospitals should understand the reasons that it’s getting so much attention.


How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare

There’s currently a shortage of over seven million physicians, nurses and other health workers worldwide, and the gap is widening. Doctors are stretched thin — especially in underserved areas — to respond to the growing needs of the population.<p>Meanwhile, training physicians and health workers is …


India-based health platform Lybrate quietly raises $3M more

Indian health tech startup Lybrate has raised $3 million in new funding, according to a filing in the U.S., where it is incorporated.<p>Lybrate declined to comment on the filing, nor would it provide details of the investors who participated in the round.<p>Make what you will of that cagey response. The …

Emerging Technology

Samsung Premium Care is an enhanced warranty program for the Galaxy S8

Samsung has officially launched an enhanced warranty program in the US for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Called Samsung Premium Care, it has your back in case of any accidental damage done to your device — drops, spills, cracked screen — and in a case of a mechanical or electrical breakdown due to …

Samsung Galaxy

Doctors demand extreme EHR makeover... right now

Just about every week or so there’s a new report chronicling doctors’ frustrations with electronic health records. Drill down a bit and the source of …


Fitbit’s first ‘proper’ smartwatch needs more time to iron out production kinks

Isn’t it time for a “proper”, full-fledged, high-end Fitbit smartwatch already? After all, modest, low-cost activity trackers and mid-range “smart …

Wearable Tech

Half of hospitals to adopt artificial intelligence within 5 years

A new Healthcare IT News and HIMSS Analytics survey found population health and precision medicine among the initiatives where health IT …

Artificial Intelligence

State finds hundreds of medication errors linked to healthcare technology

The majority of errors were attributed to the human-computer interface, workflow and communication, and clinical content, Pennsylvania Patient Safety …


Hospital makes $119 million bet on virtual, augmented reality center

The University of Nebraska Medical Center will give doctors and nurses hands-on training with emerging technology.

Augmented Reality

iPhone-Connected Hearing Aid Gives Doctor Remote Access

GN ReSound<p>Some hearing-impaired people visit the audiologist so often they exchange Christmas gifts every December. But thanks to GN Hearing, you can …


Silicon Valley has a fresh take on a new movement that could be the future of medicine

Forward is Silicon Valley's futuristic doctor's office that looks "like an Apple Store meets 'Westworld.'"<p>For $150 a month, it acts as your primary care provider, along with providing some extra perks and technology used with the intent to keep you healthier.<p>It's a type of doctor's office that's …

Health Care

To Be a Genius, Think Like a 94-Year-Old

In 1946, a 23-year-old Army veteran named John Goodenough headed to the University of Chicago with a dream of studying physics. When he arrived, a professor warned him that he was already too old to succeed in the field.<p>Recently, Dr. Goodenough recounted that story for me and then laughed …


Medtronic recalls devices used to manage fluid build-up in the brain

The medical company behind a device used to control fluid build-up in the brain has issued a recall after receiving several complaints about potential under-drainage. Medtronic Plc, which produces StrataMR, said affected devices were manufactured between Oct. 27, 2015 and Nov. 11, 2016.<p><b>DRUGMAKER</b> …


Reinventing Healthcare With Technology

One of the most painful parts of medical treatment – surgery – too is being made less painful now, thanks to the use of robotics.


Hackers will target hospitals like never before in 2017

Global spending on cybersecurity is set to surpass $65 billion by 2021 but the real problem isn’t how much healthcare organizations spend — it’s how …