Hillary Clinton’s defense of a U.S. ambassador was red meat for conservatives

In the past week—perhaps not coincidentally as speculation about a 2020 run emerged—Hillary Clinton has stepped up her Twitter attacks on President …

Hillary Clinton

Natalie Portman Compares Meat Consumption To Atrocities Of Holocaust [VIDEO]

5:20 PM 07/19/2018<p>Natalie Portman compared meat consumption to the atrocities of the Holocaust in a new video out for the People for the Ethical …

Natalie Portman

Austrian pol wants to make Jews register to buy kosher meat

An Austrian far-right politician has said he wants to register Jews in a chilling echo of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.<p>The disturbing plan was …


Meat consumption, health, and the environment

OUTLOOK<p>Governments act to shape food systems for economic purposes and to protect health from contaminated food. But there is less agreement over the …


Beyond Meat goes beyond burgers

7/19/18 7:52:10 AM --- BEYOND MEAT -- El Segundo , CA: Beyond Meat showed off their new breakfast sausage at the company's new EL Segundo, Calif. office. Photo by Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY staff Assignment note: -- Beyond Meat’s ‘Future of Protein’ R and D facility in El Segundo, Ca. We are going …


Old beef, new tricks: ageing meat with Gareth Ward

There’s dry-aged beef – and then there’s Gareth Ward’s incredible 300-day-old dry-aged Welsh Wagyu beef. Tom Shingler pays the boundary-breaking chef …

Food (UK)

Stomach-turning moment when girl chows down on raw ground beef

Humans have known for centuries that raw meat needs to be cooked before being consumed. Apparently, this woman in Virginia needed a refresher course …


Not just a veggie burger: We get a look inside Beyond Meat's new research lab 2


Man Demands Meat, Refuses To Leave Panda Express In Downers Grove

Police say he demanded all the meat and then demanded to see it thrown away in front of him.<p>DOWNERS GROVE, IL — Police in Downers Grove are looking …


Increasing meat consumption might "devastate environment": study - Xinhua

LONDON, July 19 (Xinhua) -- Increasing global meat consumption is likely to have a "devastating environmental impact", a recent research has …

News (China)

4 Reasons Aldi’s Meat Is So Cheap

It's not too good to be true. Their meat is just as good as other grocery stores at a fraction of the price.<p>There are so many reasons to love Aldi! …


FDA and CDC warn people to stay away from imported crab meat


Here’s How to Get Super Tender Meat Every Time You Grill

Brining is a great strategy for keeping lean meats moist. But does that mean you should brine everything before it hits the grill?<p>For years, I …


Crab Meat Is Being Investigated After Infection Sickens a Dozen People

You might want to leave some variations of crab meat out of your summer salad.<p>The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug …


Track: Mince Meat | Artist: Danger Doom | Album: The Mouse & The Mask

<b>Track:</b> Mince Meat | <b>Artist:</b> Danger Doom | <b>Album:</b> The Mouse & The Mask<p><i>Kotaku Soundtrack</i> <i>is a selection of the stuff we’re listening to at the moment.</i>


Chick Chows Down On Raw Hamburger Meat

2 hours ago<p>Skip the cooking tonight and try this good old family recipe! According to the girl in this video, for generations her family has been …


New VR horror game gets scarier if your heart rate isn’t fast enough

A bit like spicy food, the effectiveness of horror titles varies from person to person. What makes me break out in a sweat may not be enough to …

Virtual Reality

Health officials: Don't eat crab meat From Venezuela


Attack on Titan's Reeves Tries to Market Titan Meat

LAWSON campaign creates fake commercial, website starring merchant character<p>The collaboration campaigns for the latest Attack on Titan season seem …


Girl eats raw hamburger meat

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Dutch cultured meat startup Mosa Meat nabs funding

<b>Mosa Meat</b>, a Dutch cultured meat startup, has raised 7.5 million euros in funding. <b>M Ventures</b> and <b>Bell Food Group</b> led the round with participation from …

Venture Capital

This lab-grown beef will be in restaurants in 3 years

Mosa Meat has raised a round of venture capital and plans of bringing $10 burgers (without any cows involved) to tables by 2018.<p>When the Dutch stem-cell researcher Mark Post unveiled the first lab-grown burger in 2013–handmade fiber-by-fiber from cow cells in petri dishes–he announced that the …

Stem Cells

11 Clever Kitchen Hacks that Only the Professionals Know

They say that architects cover their mistakes with ivy, chefs with mayonnaise. Unfortunately, not all your cooking mishaps can be fixed with the help …


Desi Vega Is Expanding His Red Meat Empire to Metairie

Desi Vega, the restaurateur behind the CBD’s lauded Desi Vega’s steakhouse, Harahan’s Desi Vega’s Prime Burgers & Shakes, and Mr. John’s Steakhouse, is bringing his next meaty restaurant to an office building on Vets in Metairie, Ian McNulty reports. Desi Vega’s Seafood & Steaks will open in early …

New Orleans

Startup Producing Cell-Grown Meat Raises New Funding

Mosa Meat receives $8.8 million in investment as race to transform the global meat industry ramps up<p>German drugmaker Merck KGaA and a top European meat processor are backing a startup producing beef from cattle cells, ramping up a race to transform the global meat industry with cell-culture …


Horse Meat Disco - 8th July 2018 by Rinse FM - Listen to music


WeWork bans meat at company events and won't let employees expense meals that include meat because it's bad for the environment

WeWork is going vegetarian.<p>In an email to about 6,000 employees on Friday, the $20 billion office rental company announced that it will no longer reimburse employees for meals that include red meat, poultry, or pork and will stop serving meat at company events.<p>Employees who need medical or …


The Blend: A Cooking Technique That Makes Red Meat More Nutritious

Adding one unfussy ingredient to your burgers can help your health and the planet.<p>Nothing says summer like a burger fresh off the grill, char marks and all. But eating too much beef can have some pretty rough consequences on your health and the environment.<p>If only there were a way to eat less red …


Meat Katie ‘Lowering The Tone’ Episode 24 - interview with Brent Newitt (Aquasky/Black Noise) by Meat Katie - Listen to music


Beltway Beef: Danielle Beck on FDA's Fake Meat Hearing