Maureen Dowd

Trump, Flush With Power

WASHINGTON — This was the week Donald Trump became president.<p>Or at least the week he became the president we were always expecting. He ceased bothering to pretend that he was ever going to do the job in any normal sense of the word. He decided to totally own the whole, entire joke that he is.<p>He …


Is Uma Thurman Abandoning the River House?

Uma Thurman might be leaving one of the most exclusive buildings in New York. The actress is reportedly thinking about listing her co-op at the River …

Celebrity Homes

‘Get Out’ producer Jason Blum talks about Netflix, low-budget movies and the Oscars

“My theory — very un-Hollywood — is I’d rather have a small piece of what I anticipate to be a much bigger pie than a big piece of what I anticipate to be a small pie.”<p>Blumhouse Productions CEO and founder Jason Blum talked with <b>Recode’s</b> Peter Kafka in front of a live audience at South By Southwest …


The Whitney delivers with an artist double-header: Zoe Leonard and Grant Wood

Last week, the Whitney Museum of American Art snapped locals to rapt attention with a whipsaw double-header opening. Zoe Leonard: Survey (until 10 …


WashPost's Werner Calls Pompeo 'A Benghazi Bomb-Thrower'

Whenever establishment press reporters drop their masks of objectivity, de facto Democratic Party operatives or even hardened leftists almost …

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Eddie Jones apologises for ‘scummy Irish’ comment

News (Ireland)

A Tale of Two Women, and Two Eras

Twenty years ago, Monica Lewinsky was pilloried throughout the American media for her affair with Bill Clinton. <i>New York Times</i> columnist Maureen Dowd …

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Berkeley’s Atlas Edibles are cannabis treats even your grandmother will like

These granola cluster treats come in four flavors — infused with sativa, indica or a hybrid — that complement the taste of cannabis.The post …


Choctaw generosity to Famine Ireland saluted by Varadkar

‘The Choctaw family identified with the anguish, the spread of disease and starvation’<p>49 minutes ago<p>More than 170 years after the Choctaw nation …

News (Ireland)

Delays in discharging patients exacerbating trolley crisis

Nursing home owners say a “disconnect” between hospitals and private nursing homes, arising from delays moving patients out of hospital, is …

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Trump Says Melania’s Life Isn’t Easy — But Not For The Reason You’d Think

In a campaign rally speech that's since garnered a lot of attention, President Trump agreed First Lady Melania Trump's life is "not so easy." But …

Donald Trump

Maureen Dowd: Stormy days ahead for first US porn president

Damage from gender chasm awaits Trump and Republican Party in midterm elections

Donald Tusk

How to trace your Irish family history: a step-by-step guide

It’s easier than ever to trace your ancestry, using online church records to DNA kits<p>3 minutes ago Updated: less than a minute ago<p>Ireland has a …

Garry Ringrose

Gardaí say they have foiled 50 Hutch-Kinahan feud killings

Fourteen people have died, most of them linked to Hutch gang, since September 2015<p>Mon, Mar 12, 2018, 19:17 Updated: Mon, Mar 12, 2018, …

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Toast with Irish butter and sardines: simple and smart

Vitamin D: Making sure we have enough calcium for our bone health ‘is just as important for the adult as the child’<p>about an hour ago<p>Somewhere along …

News (Ireland)

Shades of the Dossier

Maureen Dowd: “Stormy Daniels’s real name is Stephanie Clifford, but she was called Peggy Peterson, or ‘P.P.’ (shades of the dossier!), and Trump was …


Irish America founder honored at book party

Niall O’Dowd, founder of the Irish Voice newspaper, Irish America magazine and the Irish Central Web site, was feted at a book party for his latest …

New York Times

Rebecca Miller on the Mother of All Subjects: Her Father

Arthur Gelb, the human pinball machine who served for decades as The New York Times culture czar, had many fantastic stories. But my favorite was his attempt to assign our music critic a feature on Wanda Horowitz.<p>Arthur had met her at a dinner party one night and was intrigued by what life must be …

The Theatre

Confirm or Deny: Rebecca Miller

<b>Maureen Dowd: Like the Alma character in “Phantom Thread,” you sometimes have to put poisonous mushroom shavings in your husband’s eggs to settle him down.</b><p>Rebecca Miller: I don’t relate to that, quite.<p><b>Like your character Greta in “Personal Velocity,” you’re rotten with ambition.</b><p>I am a little bit …

Kevin Spacey

Lynne Ramsay: From Ratcatcher to revenge thriller

The Scottish film-maker on her taut new film starring Joaquin Phoenix, watching movies with her mum, and the awkward fallout from that Natalie …


The First Porn President

WASHINGTON — Why not just go with Dirk Diggler?<p>I mean, if you’re going to pick a fake name to pay off a porn star you’ve dallied with, why choose something bland like David Dennison?<p>If you are, after all, Donald Trump, the king of grandiosity, go for a name worthy of being Stormy Daniels’s …


Tayto and TGI Friday’s among firms named, shamed and fined in UK

Wagamama and Moy Park also among 179 businesses fined £1.3m and forced to repay £1.1 m to workers for breaches of minimum wage rates<p>Fri, Mar 9, 2018, …

Chuck Feeney


#BoardForward Awards<p>When<p>Mar 29, 2018<p>Where<p>San Francisco<p>Social<p>#BoardForward<p>About The Event<p>Hosted by Forbes and theBoardlist, the #BoardForward Awards will recognize organizations and individuals who have adopted innovative approaches to tackling issues of diversity and inclusion in the boardroom and …

New York City

New York Times' Frank Bruni shares his tools for versatile writing

Longtime New York Times reporter Frank Bruni doesn't have a set beat. Instead, he skillfully wanders as a writer by exploring a variety of …

Creative Writing

What's Next for Time's Up: Making a Moment Into a Movement?

A leaderless group "became a brand overnight," say insiders, but the anti-harassment crusade now seeks structure and a real leader amid skepticism …

New York Times

The Shape of Hollywood — Losing the Plot

According to Nielsen ratings, this year’s Academy Awards ceremony was a huge bust. The hoped-for watchers did not tune in, and the number of viewers …

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MSNBC political analyst/host Joy-Ann Reid to speak for the University Lectures on April 3

The University Lectures welcomes MSNBC political analyst and the host of “AM Joy” Joy-Ann Reid as a new addition to the 2017-18 series. She will …

Barack Obama

Is menopause finally mainstream?

‘It’s probably never going to be exactly ‘hip’ but it is coming out of the shadows because this generation are willing to talk about stuff’<p>Tue, Mar …

Chuck Feeney

Irish are more likely to view women’s sports than people in UK

New survey also finds that ‘lack of interest’ is main reason for not engaging with female sports

Rugby World Cup

What's killing more pedestrians: smartphones or legal weed?

There were roughly 6,000 pedestrians killed in car accidents in the U.S. in 2017. That's the same high level of pedestrian fatalities as was recorded …