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Kentucky tiring of Gov. Matt Bevin but not President Trump, Western Kentucky Poll shows.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's public fight with teachers over pension reform and budget cuts may be to blame, the Big Red Poll indicated.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin may ruin the state’s public schools

Bevin was widely criticized for saying it is a “fact” that kids were “sexually assaulted” during a teacher sick out<p>Kentucky's Tea Party governor may destroy the entire public education system in the state, Courier Journal columnist Joseph Gerth warned on Wednesday.<p>"If the school board loses focus …

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin slams state AG's lawsuit against J&J: 'These are political moves'

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin slammed his state's attorney general on Wednesday, telling CNBC he does not support the official's lawsuit against Johnson & …

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's Teacher Tirade - The Opposition with Jordan Klepper (Video Clip)

As teachers across America protest for higher wages and funding, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin apologizes for using outrageous talking points to fire …

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Kentucky Governor not worried about Trump's trade strategy

CNBC's Wilfred Frost speaks with Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin about potential trade impact on his state and reacts to news that the US is targeting a …


Kentucky Governor Bevin: I'm not on board with JNJ opioid lawsuit

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin discusses his state District Attorney suing Johnson & Johnson for contributing to the opioid epidemic through deceptive …

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Matt Bevin gives promotion to wife of Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers

Gov. Matt Bevin chose Regina Stivers, the wife of Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers, to lead the state’s Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet …


Letters on Bevin comments, apology

Governor phony<p>Gov. Matt Bevin’s comments regarding school children being molested and using drugs while teachers were exercising their right to …


Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Has Apologized for Remarks Linking a Teachers' Rally to Child Sex Abuse

(FRANKFORT, Ky.) — Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin apologized Sunday for saying that children were sexually abused because they were left home alone while …


Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin apologizes for comments on child sex abuse

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Matt Bevin's Cockfighting Controversy - The Colbert Report (Video Clip)

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Kentucky Governor Claims Kids Were Assaulted While Teachers Absent From Classroom

Following an override of key bills he previously vetoed, Gov. Matt Bevin blames the teachers demonstrating in support of the override for making …


Teacher rebellion tests Republican grip on Kentucky


Bevin sorry for 'unintended consequences,' confusion and hurt

On his Facebook, Governor Matt Bevin addresses comments he made Friday about students potentially being sexually assaulted due to teachers attending …


Matt Bevin isn't exactly original

It’s worth pointing out that blaming striking teachers for a sexual assault was a House of Cards plot line -in season 6 Frank Underwood made a point …

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Kentucky governor apologizes for saying teacher strike led to sexual assaults

April 15 (Reuters) - Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin apologized on Sunday for saying last week that a teacher walkout that shut schools in many of the state's districts led to children being sexually assaulted.


Gov. Bevin Releases Video Statement After Friday Comments

posted by NewsRadio 840 WHAS -<p>15 minutes ago<p>Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has released a video statement following comments he made Friday following the …


Crooks and Liars Daily Update For 04/15/2018

Matt Bevin's hatred for livable wages has led him to imagine all sorts of heinous unintended consequences. <i>Read more...</i><p>Cadet Bone Spurs is in a lather …

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'He's a disgrace to our state.' Kentucky teachers outraged over Gov. Matt Bevin's sex abuse remarks

LOUISVILLE — Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's "guarantee" that a teacher protest led to a child being sexually abused somewhere in Kentucky added to the outrage that many educators say they have been feeling for months.<p>"For the governor of the state of Kentucky to come out and basically say teachers …


Kentucky gov. believes children were sexually assaulted due to protest


'It's unfathomable.' President of teachers association reacts to Bevin comments.

"He's done more to unite us than anything." Kentucky Education Association President Stephanie Winkler reacts to Gov. Matt Bevin's comments that a …


Governor: Kids harmed due to teachers' strike

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY) says children were left vulnerable to harm, sexual assault and drugs as a result of public school closures throughout the state Friday to allow teachers and supporters to protest at the state's Capitol.


Gov. Matt Bevin on Twitter: Hoover paid 'hush money' as part of sexual harassment scandal

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin took to Twitter on Friday to chide former House Speaker Jeff Hoover for "paying hush money" to a woman as part of a sexual …


'He's just resorted to bullying.' Teachers at the Capitol respond to Bevin's comments on rallies.

Kentucky teachers at the Capitol reacted strongly on Saturday to Gov. Matt Bevin's controversial comments linking teacher rallies in Frankfort to the …


'Well, I think he's ignorant.' Beshear blasts Bevin at teachers' rally.

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear talks about Governor Matt Bevin to a crowd of teacher Friday at the Capitol after talking of his plans to sue …


Kentucky teachers prepare massive protest

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Arizona teachers demanding raise protest at schools

<i>Posted:</i> <i>Updated:</i><p>Many Kentucky teachers are worried about what lies ahead now that Gov. Matt Bevin has signed the state's pension reform bill into …


ACLU sues Kentucky over ban on common abortion method after 11 weeks

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing Kentucky over a law that bans one of the most common abortion methods in the U.S after 11 …

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GOP legislative leaders say Gov. Matt Bevin 'misguided' for blocking budget and tax bills

CLOSE<p>Gov. Matt Bevin on Monday said he will veto the tax reform bill and the entire two-year budget proposal that Kentucky's Republican-run …

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Bevin on comprehensive tax plan: 'Does that mean everybody ... gets what they want? Of course not.'

kentucky<p>article<p><p>Governor Matt Bevin calls for comprehensive tax plan in 'Fiscal …