The Best Books on The Beauty and Fun of Mathematics

You have picked five books that describe the fun and beauty of mathematics – two words which many of us may not usually associate with the subject.<p>I …


Infinity war: The ongoing battle over the world’s hardest maths proof

It’s the stuff of Hollywood. Somebody somewhere is surely selling the movie rights to what’s become the biggest spat in maths: a misunderstood …

Avengers: Infinity War

Mathematician claims to have solved modern math's "holy grail" - Xinhua

LONDON, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- British mathematician Michael Atiyah claims that he has a "simple proof" for the Riemann hypothesis, which has been one …

News (China)

Maryam Mirzakhani, a Stanford University professor who became the only woman to receive the highest honor in mathematics, died Sat… | Maryam Mirzakhani

Pinterest<p>Maryam Mirzakhani, a Stanford University professor who became the only woman to receive the highest honor in mathematics, died Saturday …

Stanford University

The maths that can stop an apocalypse

How do you prevent AI from taking over the world? In this talk, Nira Chamberlain discusses how mathematics is providing crucial answers. Mathematical …


Y6 Mathematics: 8 Sets of Differentiated Fractions Worksheets

These differentiated sets of worksheets are written to meet the objectives for Year 6 Number. Each of the eight topics (equivalent fractions, …


Quiz: You Probably Won't Score 100% On This Trivia Test But You Can Try!

General trivia is a fun way to see what you know and measure out your knowledge. Give this quiz a try!


Dept. of Mathematical Sciences Kicks Off Math Seminar Series on Sept. 28 – Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences will continue its Math Seminar Series on Friday, September 28, at 11:20 a.m. in Armitage Hall, Room 121. …

Theory of Relativity

Why Mathematicians Can’t Find the Hay in a Haystack

In math, sometimes the most common things are the hardest to find.<p>The first time I heard a mathematician use the phrase, I was sure he’d misspoken. …


No matter what method is used to teach math, make it fun

There’s a change coming to Ontario’s elementary school math curriculum. The new provincial government says it is responding to a decline of …


If You Can Solve One Of These 6 Major Maths Problems, You'll Win A $1 Million Prize

In 2000, the Clay Mathematics Institute announced the Millennium Prize problems. These were a collection of seven of the most important math problems …


007 Problem-solving, geometry puzzle, G&T yr7

The problem of the dropped box of matches, pt 1<p>“<i>Isabella Ringing dropped a box of matches, the box opened and the matches went everywhere. As she</i> …


Resources For Having Students Write Math Autobiographies – Contribute More

I’m planning to have students in my Long-Term English Language Learner support class to write their math autobiographies, and put a out a call on …

What is Surface Integration in Electromagnetics?

Surface Integration is one of the useful mathematical tools that are used in Electromagnetics. In this article let us overview the surface …


Quiz: If You Can Define Every One Of These SAT Words, You Have A 165+ IQ

If you thing you have a pretty strong vocabulary, we think you'll know the meanings of these difficult words!

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Let's teach students why math matters in the real world

I encourage these teacher candidates to think differently and to help students discover mathematical concepts for themselves. What better way to …

Ancient Civilization

A mathematical model captures the political impact of fake news

Policymakers and opinion formers the world over are grappling to come to terms with the nature of fake news and its implications for society, …

Fake News

The 21st century digital workplace makes mathematics inescapable

By Makada Henry-NickieThe mathematics discipline usually strikes fear into the hearts of most students and working-age adults in the U.S. A Google …


Reinforcement Learning: a comprehensive introduction [Part 0]

Think of this series as the journal of a curious Machine Learning practitioner who wants to learn and master Reinforcement Learning.<p>Note: this …

Machine Learning

Quiz: Only 1% Of Americans Can Ace This World Geography Challenge. Can You?

How well do you know world geography? Take this quiz to answer questions about landmarks and locations around the globe to see how much you know!


A Unified Theory of Randomness

Researchers have uncovered deep connections among different types of random objects, illuminating hidden geometric structures.<p>Standard geometric …


Chinese university canteen forces students to solve maths puzzle to use the Wi-fi ‘because we’re all geeks, right?’

An elite Chinese aeronautical university is forcing students who want to use the Wi-fi in the canteen to solve a fiendishly difficult maths equation …


Accounting industry loses out as SA pupils drop it to avoid maths

Related Links<p>A drop in the number of pupils taking accounting as a school subject was a grave concern, the South African Institute of Professional …

News (South Africa)

A brief history of the numeric keypad

Picture the keypad of a telephone and calculator side by side. Can you see the subtle difference between the two without resorting to your …

UX Design

Singleton teacher scoops prestigious national maths award

Number One: Singleton Primary School teacher Sheila Griffin won an Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Choose Maths Award last week. Photo: …

Mandurah, Australia

Anger as Northern Ireland school withdraws pupils from GCSE maths

Furious parents have slammed a decision by Craigavon Senior High School to withdraw some pupils from their final GCSE mathematics exam.<p>Last week, a …


how to solve %d outputs in my printf show the ascii values of num1, num2, and sum, instead of their assigned values [on hold]

here is my code. Just trying to make a simple calculator in C.When I run a.out and punch in 3 for num1 and 2 for num2, I getADDITION The sum of -7316 …


Institute warns of steep drop in number of accounting students

Saipa says organisations would face the prospect of paying a premium to retain scarce financial employees or service providers.

Labor Economics

Thousands of children could be suffering from an undiagnosed condition that affects their ability to do mathematics

Thousands of school children across the UK may be suffering from an undiagnosed condition that affects their ability to learn mathematics, a study …


Nonfiction Book Review: The Art of Logic in an Illogical World by Eugenia Cheng. Basic, $27 (320p) ISBN 978-1-5416-7248-2

The Art of Logic in an Illogical World<p>Eugenia Cheng. Basic, $27 (320p) ISBN 978-1-5416-7248-2<p>More By and About This Author<p>Mathematician Cheng (<i>Beyond</i> …

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