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French Women Swear By This Massage For One Reason

I've never really liked massages. Because of my scoliosis, my neck and back pain run deep — deeper, I think, than any pair of hands can reach — and, …


Best products to celebrate National Men's Grooming Day - from aftershave to moisturiser

August 17 marks National Men’s Grooming Day, which means a whole day dedicated to encouraging blokes to take pride in their appearance. Yes boys, …

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Visual Guide to Frozen Shoulder


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Regulation of massage therapists still years away

Manitoba's health minister says massage therapists are three to five years away from being provincially regulated or disciplined — and an industry …


Vanderburg: Understanding fascia key to balancing stability and movement

In the ever-evolving study of human movement there are continually new approaches to exercise and health. One such conversation is the fascination …


The Roll Recovery R8 Uses a Vice-Like Grip to Soothe Weary Muscles

The spring-loaded R8 puts the pressure on your muscles for you so you can have a (nearly) effortless self-massage.<p><b>Price:</b> $129<b><br>Weight:</b> 2 lbs 11.0 oz<b><br>The right tool for:</b> Athletes who roll out consistently (or would like to!)<br>Buy Now More Images<p>This self-massage tool takes the extra effort out of an …


Massage Clinic to Open at Asnuntuck

The public is invited to call for a reservation for a massage through Asnuntuck Community College's Massage Clinic.<p>This post was contributed by a …


A Modern Massage! The Vortix Eye Massager v2.0

In these days of mobile devices and constant screen time, our eyes are becoming tired and worn. Our screens cause a constant strain on our eyes, and …

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Turning your health data into a "wellness score" might not be good for you

In this watched world, our data is compiled into products to be used by businesses, not only to discover what we buy, but to understand how we are …


Frequent sauna bathing has many health benefits

The research team led by scientists from the University of Jyväskylä, the University of Eastern Finland, and the University of Bristol conducted a …


Touch Research Institute Offers MTs Volunteer Opportunities

The Touch Research Institute performs research on how massage benefits premature babies, and massage therapy volunteers assist with its studies. …


7 Over-the-Top Treatments You Can Only Book at Seaside Spas

While National Relaxation Day (August 15!) comes but once a year, we are firm believers in treating yourself on the regular. And what better way to …

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Funding competition now open to support high quality research in Massage Therapy

The MTRF funding competition is a collaborative initiative between Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services (ARIES) of Centennial …


60 Employers Hiring Right Now In Oceanside, San Diego County

24 Hour Fitness​, CVS, Neighborhood Healthcare, Southwestern College and Target are among those hiring. More jobs at the Patch jobs board!<p>SAN DIEGO …

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How To Stretch & Massage Your Dog

For many of our dogs, especially as they age, joint degeneration, muscle atrophy, loss of flexibility and subsequent pain are all too common. …


Physical Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction? Yes, It’s a Thing.

If you're having trouble down there, you might want to consider a targeted workout.<p>Due to society's expectations and rigid gender performance standards, erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a daunting prospect for men. You might think the problem is squarely on something intrinsically wrong with your …


The Hyperice Hypervolt Makes Foam Rollers Obsolete

With this handheld, vibrating massager, you can easily target any muscle group.<p><b>Price:</b> $349<b><br>The right tool for:</b> Runners opting for something with a little more punch—than a foam roller or stick—to target sore muscles<p>If you haven’t already done so, ditch that old white foam roller. There are loads of …


Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Tasks, Not Jobs

There is no shortage of angst when it comes to the impact of AI on jobs. For example, a survey by Pew Research Internet finds Americans are roughly twice as likely to express worry (72%) than enthusiasm (33%) about a future in which robots and computers are capable of doing many jobs that are …

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Til Luchau’s Advanced Myofascial Techniques

Til Luchau developed Advanced Myofascial Techniques, and presents his trainings in workshops held all over the world.<p>He has worked in manual therapy, …


「そろそろ寝るか〜バタン!」ベッドでうさぎが豪快に入眠! 2匹のウサギが寄り添って眠る姿が可愛いです♡

ウサギの「<b>バタン寝</b>」ってご存知ですか? 眠くなったウサギって、猫や犬のようにゆっくり座り込んでから丸くなるのではなく、<b>突然バタンッ! と横倒しに倒れて寝る</b>ことから、そう呼ばれるようになったみたいなんです。<p>そんなバタン寝の瞬間を見せてくれるのは、ウサギのビアンカちゃん。毎日人形用ベッドの上で、仲良しのメルヴィンくんと一緒に眠っているんですって。あ〜〜〜〜っ、可愛い!<p>【そろそろ寝るか〜バタン!】<p>I<b>KEAの人形用ベッドがペットにぴったり</b>だと話題になってから、実際に使用しているニャンコやワンコの写真や動画が多く見られるようになりました。<p>でも、ウサギが人形用ベッド使っているのを見たのははじめて!</b> …


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9 reasons your body will thank you for using a foam roller

Time to get foam rolling. Find out the benefits and learn from the experts as to why everyone should incorporate foam rolling into their fitness …



In massage therapy, a primary goal is to relieve pain and enhance muscle-tendon, fascia and joint function. The massage therapist accomplishes this …


Here's How Red Light Therapy Works—Plus Why You Should Try It

For starters, red light therapy can boost collagen production and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.<p>Don't freak out: That is NOT a tanning bed pictured …

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Aching muscles? Physiotherapist reveals what to look for when buying a massager (and the best ones you can find now on Amazon)

Whether it's sore muscles from a heavy gym session, recurring lower back pain or a lingering old injury, most of us suffer from aches and pains at …


The Comfort of Hospice Massage at Life’s End

(Editor’s note: This story is part of a special report for The John A. Hartford Foundation.) In 1998, Cindy Spence watched in horror as her …


MS sufferers reap benefits of massage

The benefits of massage for MS patients is being explored locally.<p>The Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT) and The Multiple Sclerosis …


How I Conquered My 'Runner's Knee' Pain

Every day millions of people suffer from knee pain.<p>Some know the cause of their pain, and others do not. I was recently afflicted with knee pain that …

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The Science on How to Avoid or Improve Back Pain, Podcast with Stuart McGill

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