Martha McSally

Politicians, journalists offer tributes to Louise Slaughter

Rep. Louise Slaughter, 88, who served in Congress for more than 30 years, died Friday, a week after suffering from a head injury.<p>Many, from …

Democratic Party

California appoints undocumented immigrant to state post

Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) discusses how an illegal immigrant was appointed to a state government post in California.


Fight over US spending bill rekindles immigration debate

Donald Trump

Romney Could Create ‘New Power Center’ in Senate, Flake Says

Arizona Republican: Senate needs ‘an independent voice’<p>On the same day former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney filed to run for Senate in Utah, …


With a Nevada Senate Candidate’s Exit, the Bannon Revolt Fizzles

WASHINGTON — President Trump persuaded a conservative businessman in Nevada to drop his primary challenge to a sitting Republican senator on Friday, effectively ending a populist revolt that Stephen K. Bannon once promised would scorch establishment Republican senators from coast to coast this year.<p>…


Vote in These Decisive 2018 Races to Make Gun Control Reform a Reality

Here's how to rebalance the conversation around how elected officials deal with gun control in your state.<p>We’re only a few months in, and 2018 is already shaping up to be another statistical horror for mass shootings and gun violence deaths. And while it’s on-brand for a shooting tragedy to flee …


The Democrats need to flip 24 seats to win back the House -- here's how they can get there

Democrat Conor Lamb’s apparent upset win in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district is sending shockwaves through the Republican Party, as the …

Liberal View

Pennsylvania election another reminder that winning - and not being close - is what matters

The Buffalo Bills made it to four, consecutive Super Bowls.<p>The Bills never won.<p>But they were close.<p>In the late 1960s, the St. Louis Blues made to three consecutive Stanley Cup Finals.<p>The Blues never won.<p>But they were close.<p>Results in the special election to succeed former Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., in …

U.S. Politics

Thorn Run snags two from Van Scoyoc

<i>With Garrett Ross</i><p><b>FIRST IN PI — THORN RUN SNAGS TWO FROM VAN SCOYOC: Thorn Run Partners</b> has poached two lobbyists who specialize in representing local governments from <b>Van Scoyoc Associates</b>. <b>Greg Burns</b> is joining Thorn Run as a partner, and <b>Mary Scott Hardwick</b> will be a vice president. Burns and …

Jeff Flake

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey goes on tweetstorm over gun control, one day after student sit-in

In a flurry of tweets, Ducey outlined what his office said will be the basic components of his plan. Ducey said he is working on a bipartisan bill.

Doug Ducey

Trump Marches into California and Drops the Hammer on Gov. Jerry Brown

President Donald Trump pronounced on Tuesday during a visit near the U.S. - Mexican border in California that Gov. Jerry Brown is doing a "very poor …

Conservative View

Martha McSally: 'Putin's a Thug and Russia Is Not Our Friend'

(Fox News' "America's Newsroom")Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a "thug," and warned that Russia …


Trade groups gear up for more tariffs

<i>With David Beavers and Garrett Ross</i><p><b>TRADE GROUPS GEAR UP FOR MORE TARIFFS:</b> The <b>National Retail Federation</b> is putting together a coalition of business groups to try to stop the Trump administration from imposing new tariffs on China. <b>POLITICO’s Adam Behsudi</b> and <b>Andrew Restuccia</b> reported Tuesday that …

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Remarks by Vice President Pence at a Women's History Month Reception

The Mayflower Hotel<br>Washington, D.C.<p>5:56 P.M. EDT<p>THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Senator Joni Ernst. Everybody, isn’t she amazing? (Applause.) Just so …

Nikki Haley

Tough policy questions often subject to death by "blue ribbon" commission

It's a time-tested Washington strategy for making a difficult policy question disappear: death by "blue ribbon" commission.<p>Presidents, Congress and …

Donald Trump

Will There Be a Record Number of Woman vs Woman US Senate Matchups in 2018?

<b>There is a good chance as many as six states could have two female major party nominees for the office – doubling the previous record for an election</b> …

Mazie Hirono

Three states where Dems can pick up Senate seats

Much has been made of the fact that Democrats’ hopes of taking control of the U.S. Senate are very much in doubt because they are defending 24 seats. …


State revenues are up -- Will Gov. Ducey and lawmakers offer Arizona teachers more cash?

CLOSE<p>The Republic's politics team talks about a bill proposed by Sen. Sean Bowie to ban conversion therapy for minors, Gov. Doug Ducey's proposed …

Doug Ducey

Kyrsten Sinema taking her shot at the US Senate

United States House of Representatives member Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.<p>Born eight days after the Bicentennial celebration of the American …


West Valley primary turnout lifts Democratic hopes of competing in red Arizona

Democratic turnout in the West Valley's special congressional primary tracks with greater enthusiasm among members of the party nationwide.


Primary candidates 'lean in' on Trump's popularity within conservative corners

A number of Republican candidates in tough and crowded primaries are hoping that an open embrace of all things Trump will help them stand out to …


Democrats see wave of enthusiasm but still face an identity crisis

Democrats cheered Tuesday’s primary elections across Texas, where more than 1 million of the party’s voters cast ballots — the biggest number in more than a decade. And a new class of rising stars emerged, among them Rep. Beto O’Rourke, now the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate challenging …


US election 2018: the race for Congress

Americans will head to the polls on November 6 to elect members for each of the 435 House seats and 34 of the 100 Senate seats. Republicans are …

Joe Donnelly

What to Watch for as Primaries Kick Off in Texas

Primary season officially begins Tuesday as the Lone Star State kicks off six months of intra-party battles for both Republicans and Democrats. The …


9 primaries to watch in 2018

When a handful of anti-abortion Democrats were the last remaining obstacle to Obamacare’s passage, most were swayed by a last-minute compromise. Rep. …


The 2018 Congressional Retirement Tracker

Republican Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi announced he will resign on April 1 due to declining health, creating another special Senate election in November. Here's a running list of all the lawmakers calling it quits.<p><i>Updated on March 5 at 5:21 p.m. ET</i><p>Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi …


Democrats fighting each other as primaries begin

<b>The TAKE with Rick Klein</b><p>Primary season 2018 has Democrats thinking big. So why does it feel so much like 2016?<p>These should be heady times for the …


Female Candidates in 2018 Midterm Election - Meet Your Future Congresswomen

The 2018 midterm elections are already slated to be historic when it comes to number of women candidates running and amount of campaign spending. But there’s another reason that this next cycle could change everything for America – a significant number of female candidates could set new firsts in …

El Paso

Power Briefing: Ryan squares off with Trump on tariffs

<b>AP’S ZEKE MILLER (@ZekeJMiller):</b> “Trump says he's considering attending opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. ‘If I can, I will,’ he says in Oval Office spray with Netanyahu”<p><b>TWO QUICK MEDIA BITES … PAT HEALY</b> has been named politics editor of The New York Times. He’ll lead coverage of the midterms …

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Can a Onetime Nader-Supporting 'Bomb Thrower' Win Arizona's Senate Seat? Democrats Hope So

PHOENIX—Senate Democrats, against all odds just a few months ago, can see a path that could lead them back to power, with one hitch—the road to a Democratic Senate majority runs through Trump Country.<p>To win, Democrats must defend 10 Senate seats they hold in states President Donald Trump won in …