NASA's Curiosity Rover Is Starting To Show Its Age

After spending nearly five years on Mars, NASA’s Curiosity rover is finally showing signs of wear and tear. The space agency announced Tuesday that …

Mars Rover

Let This Spectacular Video Take You On A Virtual Flight Over Mars

Too bad Trivago doesn’t list hotels on the Red Planet ... yet.<p>Although Donald Trump has signed a bill authorizing money to fund future exploration of Mars, tourism to the Red Planet is still a long way away.<p>Still, a person can dream, and one Finnish filmmaker is making that dream look like …

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Trump plans to strip NASA’s earth science division, promote mission to Mars

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed into law a new plan for NASA’s future. The NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017 calls for a $19.5 …

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Massive Martian Slopes May Harbor Ice

Strange surface features sprawled around the bases of steep slopes on Mars point to the presence of ice on the planet's surface, according to new …

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Busted moon could put rings around Mars

Mars may have had rings about 4 billion years ago, say researchers. And it could have them again if its moon, Phobos, breaks apart.

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ISRO working on systems to forecast natural disasters

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is working on systems to forecast the natural disasters that could be used as input by States/disaster …


President jokes while signing space agency funding bill

President Donald Trump joked that Nasa could send the US Congress to Mars as he signed a bill that guaranteed funding for the space agency for the next financial year.<p>The bill includes money to go towards a manned mission to Mars, Nasa's next big goal.<p>Despite this, the Nasa budget fell slightly, …

Mars Mission

Meet NASA’s new superhero robot that will colonise Mars for us

Meet NASA’s new superhero robot that will colonise Mars for us<p>Image: YouTube<p>Elon Musk might be betting his billions and working day and night to send …

Mars Mission

This 3-D video of Mars will spark your space wanderlust

By the time humans make it to the Red Planet, navigating the topography like native Martians should be an easy feat, thanks to the months-long …

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Fly over the red planet with this stunning video built from actual Mars images

Why it matters to you<p>Humans won't be setting foot on Mars in the immediate future -- but you can still get a glimpse of how an artist might view the …


Trump makes 2033 Mars mission an official NASA goal

The president signs a bill that funds the space agency and sets an aggressive new timeline for setting foot on the Red Planet.<p>While many federal agencies are facing deep budget cuts, President Donald Trump appears to think NASA is on the right track.<p>The president made that sentiment more official …

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Simulated Mars dust makes for weird 3D-printed objects

European Space Agency researchers print a tiny igloo and a wall corner out of fake Mars dust -- and they look like something you wouldn't want to step in.<p>When humans finally get to Mars, they'll need to use local resources in their quest for survival. Mars has a lot of dust, and the European Space …

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Bill boosts NASA funding, makes Mars a priority

- With US Senator Marco Rubio and US Senator Bill Nelson looking on; President Trump signed the NASA Authorization Act of 2017 Tuesday.<p>"With this …

Mars Mission

Trump is about to increase NASA’s budget so we can go to Mars

By David Gilbert on Mar 21, 2017<p>On Tuesday President Trump is expected to sign a NASA bill which will increase the overall budget of the space agency to $19.5 billion and refocus efforts on deep space exploration – with a manned mission to Mars seen as the next great challenge.<p>Sending a spaceship …

Mars Mission

We'd probably have to genetically or surgically transform our bodies to survive Elon Musk's Mars colony

When it comes to space travel, there's no shortage of enthusiasm to get humans to Mars, with Space X's Elon Musk saying his company could take passengers to the Red Planet by 2025, and NASA being asked by Congress to achieve the mission by 2033.<p>But while making the trip could be technologically …


Mars May Once Have Had Rings, And It Will Again ... Eventually

Mars may once have had a ring and would probably have them again sometime in the future, according to a theory put forward by two scientists from …

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Trump Signs Law Making Crewed Mission to Mars a NASA Priority

President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed a law that said manned missions to deep space, including to Mars, would be the US space agency's main goal …

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Take an epic flight over Mars with this stunning video

A filmmaker takes gray-scale images of the Red Planet and turns them into the video travel brochure of the future.<p>Sightseeing flights over Mars might be closer than you'd guess -- SpaceX has already booked space tourists for a flight around the moon -- and one filmmaker has created a gorgeous view …

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Gorgeous video takes you on a trip above Mars

At the moment, NASA and other space agencies are operating satellites in orbit around Mars. The spacecraft are continuing to beam amazing images of the red planet's surface back to Earth, and some of the probes have even solved Martian mysteries in the process.<p>But what would it look like if you …

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Here's What a Flyby of Mars Might Look Like

Cobbled together from thousands of hi-res NASA images.<p>The goal of a human mission to Mars remains in President Trump's budget, and Elon Musk's SpaceX is actively studying potential landing sites on the fourth planet. But until humans get to the Red Planet, Finnish filmmaker Jan Frodjman has …

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Mysterious water-like streaks on Mars might be sand flows instead

We thought the dark lines that appear on Martian slopes each summer were flowing salt water, but tumbling dust might be to blame


Team Space4Life Will Fly Experiment to the Moon as Lab2Moon Reaches a Spectacular Conclusion

The Experiment from Team ZΩI will also Fly to the Moon Aboard the TeamIndus Spacecraft. Six Additional Teams also Qualify


Why India Is Investing in Space

Chandrayaan-1, India’s first mission to the moon, successfully launched on Oct. 22, 2008.ISRO In February, India broke a record. The Indian Space …


Fiction Book Review: The Wanderers by Meg Howrey. Putnam, $27 (284p) ISBN 978-0-399-57463-4

The Wanderers<p>Meg Howrey. Putnam, $27 (284p) ISBN 978-0-399-57463-4<p>More By and About This Author<p>Three astronauts and those who know them best explore …

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When Should We Send Humans to Mars?

<b>Gearing Up for Mars</b><p>For the first time in human history, human space exploration will go beyond our moon. With more than one organization looking to …

Space Travel

Beer on Mars? Budweiser is brewing up a plan to make it happen

The beer company is bubbling over with hopes to make a microgravity brew that can be consumed on the Red Planet.<p>If humans ever get to Mars, we're going to need some liquid refreshment, and Budweiser wants to be the company that provides it. Hey, every business has to look ahead to new …


Trump's NASA budget preserves Mars mission, cuts Earth science, asteroid trip, education

WASHINGTON — No more mission to bring astronauts to an asteroid, but stable funding for a trip to Mars. A cut in Earth science programs, but support for a mission to study Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. Elimination of education programs, but more resources to improve cybersecurity of the space …

Mars Mission

Apparently Our Future Diet on Mars Will Consist Entirely of Potatoes and Beer

People have been talking about living on Mars for about as long as we can remember. Longer, actually, if you count old-timey 1912 comic books and …


Thirsty Thursday: Good News, There Will Be Beer On Mars

The ‘King of Beers’ brand prepares to expand its reign to the Red Planet.<p><b>It’s a well-known fact that water is in short supply</b> <b>outside of Earth</b>. And …


Enormous Dust Storms on Mars Highlight the Red Planet's Weather Mysteries

Last week, scientists were surprised to see a second regional dust storm on Mars blooming only two weeks after another one in the same storm …