Marine Mammals

Sea Otter Pup Rescued Off California Coast

Zoo officials described the pup as a boisterous two-month-old.<p>CALIFORNIA -- A sea otter pup that was rescued off the California coast made its way to …

Los Angeles

WATCH: Manatees caught on video huddling together to stay warm

Loading...<p><b>CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla.</b> - Incredible video shows manatees gathered at Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, Florida Sunday morning.<p>Air …

Cox Media Group

Cuddling manatees stay warm in Three Sisters Springs

- The Tampa Bay area experienced its coldest weekend of the winter season.<p>By Sunday morning, many were trying to keep warm, including manatees. …

Right on plastics and PCBs, wrong on acidification

The BBC's Blue Planet II is superb, but got a few things wrong<p>My Times column on the BBC's Blue Planet II:<p>Nothing that Hollywood sci-fi screenwriters …


'Not ashamed': dolphin hunters of Taiji break silence over film The Cove

Members of the tiny Japanese community, which was vilified in the 2009 documentary, speak to the Guardian about fishing and their way of life<p>Taiji is still in darkness when a dozen men gather at the quayside and warm themselves over a brazier. While the rest of the town sleeps, they sip from cans …


Whales and Killer Whales: Bitcoin’s Big Money Movers

Bitcoin may be for the people, but the majority stakeholders are a select few with a lot of sway. Can these Whales cause a splash in the market, and …


What perfume ingredient comes from sperm whales? The Weekend quiz

From a monument to memoirs, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz<p>The questions<p><b>1</b> What did the Chicago Daily Tribune famously claim on 3 November 1948?<b><br>2</b> What perfume ingredient comes from sperm whales?<b><br>3</b> What usually range in size from 6.5 to 8?<b><br>4</b> The Monument to the Battle of the Nations is in …

Henry Viii

Scientists use artificial intelligence to eavesdrop on dolphins

Scientists have developed an algorithm to monitor the underwater chatter of dolphins with the help of machine learning.<p>Using autonomous underwater …

Gulf of Mexico

Winter blast impacts cold-stunned sea turtles

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) - Seaworld marine experts were at Packery Channel Friday delivering six cold-stunned green sea turtles after water …


Stop boycotting SeaWorld if you care about marine conservation

In 2010, the death of Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando, focused attention on the entertainment groups’ orca (or killer whale) shows. The …


Men fined for capturing a Hawaiian green sea turtle

<b>In October 2017, two visitors from the U.S. mainland sparked outrage when they posted a photo of themselves holding a Hawaiian green sea turtle</b> …


December 8, 2017: Pantone Announces Ultra Violet as 2018 Color of the Year, U.S. to Compete at Winter Olympics Despite White House Confusion, Music Industry Veteran Launches Cannabis Conference in Colorado

<b>1. PANTONE ANNOUNCES ULTRA VIOLET AS 2018 COLOR OF THE YEAR:</b> Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year is ultra violet. Associated Press: “The color wasn’t …

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Hackers hit Norway over whale hunts

<b>Norway has emerged as a top target of hackers and social activists known as “hacktivists.” The reason: Norwegian whaling, which now is making a wide</b> …


Young orca has ‘rare and very emotional’ close encounter with boaters; video

Researchers in Russia were pleasantly surprised when a juvenile orca cozied up to their tiny inflatable boat in a playful but emotional close …


SeaWorld Rescues Manatees in South Carolina

The SeaWorld Orlando Rescue Team worked with several other organizations to rescue 10 manatees from the Cooper River in South Carolina from November …


Already on Brink, Right Whales Are Pushed Closer to the Edge

North Atlantic right whales are one of the world’s most critically endangered large whales, but if you’re lucky, you can still see them: a mother …


Sperm whale carcass washes up onto beach in Western Australia

Authorities are preparing for the challenging removal of a huge dead sperm whale that washed up onto a beach in Western Australia about 600 …


Walrus calves' big move sparks calls for aquarium boycott from animal rights group

Activists protesting the transfer of 2 walrus calves born in Quebec City to a Vancouver aquarium<p>An animal rights group is calling for a boycott to …


Rare Australian snubfin and humpback dolphins discovered in Papua New Guinea river system

Scientists have discovered two rare species of dolphins in a remote Papua New Guinea river system.<p>Researchers from James Cook University and the …


B.C.'s grabby sea lion tops 2017 list of trending YouTube videos

The brazen marine mammal beat out Eminem and Prince Harry as Canada's trending star of the year.

Luis Fonsi

Animal advocacy groups intervene in Vancouver Aquarium lawsuit

A lawyer for two animal advocacy groups appeared in court Thursday to oppose the Vancouver Aquarium’s bid to quash a bylaw banning cetaceans.Arden …


Why Is Your First Instinct After Hurting Your Finger to Put It in Your Mouth?

If you close your fingers in a car door or slam your funny bone into a wall, you might find your first reaction is to suck on your fingers or rub …


Fishermen's desperate attempt to free humpback whale in net

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: A fisherman has revealed video of his desperate attempt to free a humpback whale trapped in a fishing net.<p>Julian …


Crews rescue 10 manatees from a river in South Carolina

CHARLESTON, SC (WHDH) — Crews rescued 10 manatees from a river in South Carolina and brought them to warmer water in Florida.<p>SeaWorld was among those …

South Carolina

Vaquita: The Business of Extinction

A tiny porpoise finds itself in a battle for survival against the forces of fish mafias, drug cartels and a Chinese black market.


DOLPHINS DARKROOM: Honoring Jason Taylor

Miami Dolphins<p>Jason Taylor receives his Hall of Fame Ring at half time of the Dolphins - Broncos game.


Asian dolphins a step closer to extinction: group

TOKYO: The International Union for Conservation of Nature said on Tuesday it had changed the status of the Irrawaddy dolphin and finless porpoise, …

International Union for Conservation of Nature

Scientists spot rare beaked whales off Irish coast

Irish scientists have spotted elusive beaked whales off the coast during a recent survey.


Science photo contest winners include Antarctic sugar cubes and killer whales with penguin audience

A photo of a plane flying over icy sugar cube formations in Antarctica has won the third Royal Society Publishing photography competition, which …