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This New Mascara Trend Will Convince You To Ditch Your Extensions

There are a lot of spaces where channeling Marie Kondo comes in handy, like that awkward area underneath your bed, or your file-crowded desktop. But …


Home Organisation is Pinterest's Seasonal Decor Trend

The changing of seasons is always a time that spurs one to think about life changes, big or small. It’s no surprise then that Home Organisation is …

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11 Ways to Marie-Kondo Your Space (Without Losing Any Glamour!)

It's easy, we promise.<p>I have an admission: I am a hoarder.<p>Now, don’t get me wrong, you’d never guess it by looking at my apartment. It’s always been …


Minimalism Is Gaining Momentum, but Brands Shouldn’t Fret Just Yet | eMarketer Retail

The trend toward minimalism in the US has been years in the making, but it has broken into the mainstream over the past few years.<p>It's not easy to …

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The Most Effective Ways To Get Your Life Together For Fall

According to Pinterest it’s all about bullet journaling, meditation and staying organized.<p>Create Functional Zen<p>Decor can do more than just improve the appearance of your home, too—many Pinners are seeking to biohack their environment, adding things like blackout shades, low-blue lights, and air …


13 Thoughts Everyone Has Had While Cleaning Out Her Closet

"I am not at all anxious about this decision."<p>Though fall cleaning might not be as talked about as its spring alter ego, it's just as important of a process. It can be used to recenter yourself, start fresh, get your mind and body ready for the chillier weather ahead.<p>... Or it can be a total …


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Marie Kondo

The Joy of Watching Marie Kondo Pack a Suitcase.

Sparking joy is part of it. Apartment Therapy recently asked Marie Kondo how to pack a suitcase, and while it’s not the most mind-blowing video we’ve …


Authentic Brands Adds Daniel Dienst to C-suite

Dienst will lead global business development, as well as work on M&A projects.<p>Authentic Brands Group has appointed Daniel Dienst its executive vice …

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‘Tidying’ queen Marie Kondo selling storage system that may just change your life

She's spent the last few years encouraging people to tidy up and get rid of the clutter. Now Marie Kondo wants them to bring stuff back into their …


Marie Kondo, in Reverse: How to Fill a Space

When Jessica Lauretti moved into her two-bedroom in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, five and a half years ago, it marked the end of nearly a decade of kinetic, and at times chaotic, living.<p>She had been sharing a lively four-bedroom apartment on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg — the kind of place where …

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Can Marie Kondo Conquer Caboodles?

The coolest organizer today takes on the coolest organizer of the ‘90s.<p>Trends tend to be cyclical — macramé planters were hot in the ‘70s, and roughly 40 years later, they’re back. Ditto for inflatable chairs. Even organizing advice can come in waves. Rolling your clothes like sushi is hot for a …

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Marie Kondo Folding Clothing Is the Most Zen Thing You'll Watch All Week

Follow along with the organizing master and your drawers will never look neater.<p>"How many of you have started the KonMari method?" Marie Kondo asks, …


Piaule’s Perfect Towel

We’ve seen a rising interest in thoughtful homeware shopping—beyond bookshelf tchotchkes—from the recently-launched e-commerce site Snowe (offering luxury home essentials at direct-to-consumer prices) to Notting Hill shop Native & Co (sourcing crafted, contemporary wares from Taiwan and Japan). A …

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What Marie Kondo Carries Inside Her Extremely Tidy Purse

Plus, all about her first line of organizing products.<p>Marie Kondo has one app per page on her iPhone. If you already know her, than you will know …


It takes therapy, not a set of lovely boxes, to tackle clutter

“The manifestation of clutter can arise from a variety of cognitive behavioral features.”

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Marie Kondo Showed Us How to Pack a Suitcase

Marie Kondo is famous for her KonMari method and bestselling book, "The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up"—both of which promise to help you wrest …


Would You Be Willing to Drop $90 on These Marie Kondo Organizational Boxes?

Your favorite organization guru, Marie Kondo, has something new up her sleeve — you know, other than an upcoming unscripted Netflix show. It's four …


This Is How You Pack A Car

Struggling to get everything in your car ahead of your holiday? SEAT can help you.<p>With the summer holidays in full swing, many drivers will be …


Trending on The Organized Home: Storage Solutions Big and Small

On the Organized Home editors’ radars this week: Marie Kondo’s first storage product, envy-inducing built-ins, and more. Here’s a look:<p>More of this …


This 5-step method from 'the next Marie Kondo' will totally transform your life

Do you ever look around your home and wonder where all this clutter came from, or open your full wardrobe and sag with the feeling you have nothing …

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Marie Kondo Just Released a New Product to Help You Get Organized

If you’ve been looking for a reason to kick-start your cleaning, Marie Kondo is giving you that boost of confidence you need. The founder behind the cult-favorite organizational approach, the KonMari Method, just released a product to use in your home — stackable boxes! These sets, deemed Hikidashi …


Speaking of Business: Showbox site ‘seems worth fighting for’

This week’s best quotes in business come from historic building buffs, Microsoft’s CFO, critics of Amazon’s facial recognition technology, and both …

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Marie Kondo launches shoebox-style boxes to help people declutter their homes

Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo has released a product she claims will help people organise their homes – a set of three empty, shoebox-style …


Organize Your Activewear with These Storage Tips from Marie Kondo

Overhaul your activewear drawer with the queen of keeping tidy.<p>Raise your hand if you have an entire Lululemon store's worth of yoga pants, sports …


Marie Kondo wants you to buy more boxes

<b>To be precise, her specially branded ones for only $89 for a set of three!</b><p>Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizational guru who inspired so many millions …


Queen of Clean: Marie Kondo to Help People Get Organized

Marie Kondo is an internationally-known expert on cleaning. Her first book, called the “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” was published in …


42 Brilliant Tidying Products On Amazon That’ll Fool People Into Thinking You’re Not A Hot Mess

Marie Kondo made <i>all</i> the bestseller lists and practically broke the Internet with her groundbreaking book, <i>The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up</i>. Well, …


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Marie Kondo on Tidying Up When the World Has Got You Down

The Japanese decluttering expert shares her strategies for navigating kids, politics, and other unruly items.<p>When a certain little turquoise book came out by Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo, millions took to our closets, tossing out objects with abandon in the pursuit of “sparking joy.” <i>The</i> …

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