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Russia Finally Gets Its #MeToo Moment

The #MeToo moment has arrived in Russia. It took months longer than it did for many other countries that often take cultural cues from the United States. But, considering the near-total obliteration of public space under President Vladimir Putin, it is perhaps surprising that it has arrived at all. …


Pressure mounts on Putin over spy poisoning scandal

International pressure mounted on Russia's Vladimir Putin over the the Cold-War style poisoning of a spy on British soil, as an ugly war of words …


The Russian playbook: Deny, accuse and insult

It denies responsibility in all cases, proposes alternative theories and explanations for contentious events and trades perceived insults and …


Johnson: Putin glorifying hosting World Cup is sickening

LONDON — British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says it is sickening to think of President Vladimir Putin “glorifying” in Russia hosting the World Cup.<p>After the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Britain said it would not send royals or government ministers to the soccer …


British ambassador to snub Moscow meeting on spy attack : embassy

The British ambassador will snub a meeting that the Russia foreign ministry called to explain Moscow’s view on the poisoning of an ex-double agent in …


Russia clears MP accused of sexual harassment

MOSCOW (AFP) -<p>Russia's parliamentary ethics commission on Wednesday cleared MP Leonid Slutsky of sexual harassment, while questioning the motives of the women who accused him.<p>The accusations from four reporters were seen by some as the belated beginning of a "#MeToo" movement in Russia, but they …


Putin spokesman accuses UK of 'asking questions and being unready to listen to answers' after British ambassador snubs meeting

Vladimir Putin's spokesman has accused the UK of "asking questions but being unprepared for the answers" after the British ambassador decided to snub …


Votes for Putin surged among Russians in the West

MOSCOW — Western politicians are condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reelection as a sham. What’s gone relatively unnoticed is that Putin’s electoral re-coronation played out in dramatic fashion on their home turf.<p>A Washington Post analysis of precinct-level data from Russia’s Central …


Russian chemist says worked on Novichok, despite official claims

A Russian scientist told state media Tuesday he worked on an official programme to produce the nerve agent Britain says was used against ex-spy …


The scientist who developed “Novichok”: “Doses ranged from 20 grams to several kilos”

The Bell was able to find and speak with Vladimir Uglev, one of the scientists who was involved in developing the nerve agent referred to as …


Russia, Praised for Scrapping Chemical Weapons, Now Under Watchdog’s Gaze

LONDON — Last fall, President Vladimir V. Putin summoned a Kremlin television crew to his residence for a ceremony marking the destruction of Russia’s last declared stocks of chemical weapons.<p>The occasion called for a touch of theater: Shells were dismantled on camera, decorated with flowery …


Russian diplomats kicked out over spy poisoning leave the UK

The Russians and their families were waved off by staff outside the London embassy – some were seen wiping away tears.<p>Children, bags and pet baskets …


Russia says unacceptable to compare Russia and Hitler's Germany

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Russian spy: What are Novichok agents and what do they do? - BBC News

Chemical weapons expert: 'Use of Novichok is significant'<p>A former Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned by a chemical that is part of a group of nerve agents known as Novichok, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said.<p>France, Germany and the US have backed the UK's assessment that Russian …

Porton Down

House of Commons unanimously passes motion condemning Russian chemical attack in the U.K.

The House of Commons has unanimously condemned the chemical attack in Salisbury, England, and recognized that Russia was responsible. Foreign Affairs …

Canadian Politics

Purging Tillerson and his allies from the State Department, Trump made a former 'Fox & Friends' anchor a new undersecretary of state

WASHINGTON (AP) — When the ax fell on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his spokeswoman was half a world away, a distance he and his inner circle preferred and enforced.<p>Now, it's Tillerson who's on his way out after his unceremonious firing by President Donald Trump, and Heather Nauert whose star …

Donald Trump

Was the Salisbury spy toxin from the UK?

Russia's ambassador to the EU has suggested the nerve agent that poisoned an ex-spy and his daughter in a sleepy English city may have come from a lab in the UK.<p>"When you have a nerve agent or whatever, you check it against certain samples that you retain in your laboratories. And Porton Down, as …


Ukraine bars Russians from voting over Crimea dispute


Start your Monday smart: Here's what's coming this week

<b>(CNN) —</b> What did you miss in the world while you were celebrating St. Paddy's Day? Here's a quick look at the news from the past few days and a peek at the week ahead:<p>The weekend that was<p>-- <b>March Madness</b> most definitely is upon us. The NCAA men's basketball tournament has already featured the first …


Russia Comes Up With More Poisoning Theories

As the dispute between Britain and Russia mounted Saturday over the poisoning on British soil of a former Russian spy, with the Kremlin announcing …


A former Fox News anchor's meteoric rise in the US State Department

When the axe fell on US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his spokeswoman was half a world away, a distance he and his inner circle preferred and …

Donald Trump

Heather Nauert’s meteoric rise takes State Department by surprise

WASHINGTON — When the ax fell on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his spokeswoman was half a world away, a distance he and his inner ...

Donald Trump

Russia hints UK lab was nerve agent source

Russia's EU ambassador has suggested a UK research laboratory could be the source of the nerve agent used in the attack on an ex-spy and his daughter.


State Department’s new undersecretary was in a Gaza tunnel when boss was fired

Sidelined by Tillerson, whose firing caught her in a terror tunnel during a trip to Israel, Heather Nauert now finds herself nearly atop Foggy Bottom

Donald Trump

Aide's Meteoric Rise Takes State Department by Surprise

WASHINGTON—When the ax fell on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his spokeswoman was half a world away, a distance he and his inner circle preferred …

Donald Trump

Russia spy poisoning: Czechs angrily reject Russia claims

<b>The Czech Republic has rejected Russian claims that it was one of four countries most likely to have manufactured the nerve agent used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter.</b><p>Czech Foreign Minister Martin Stropnicky said this was "wholly unsubstantiated" and "highly speculative".<p>The ex-spy and …


Spy poisoning: May says state-sponsored attacks unacceptable

London, March 17 (IANS) British Prime Minister Theresa May on Saturday once again blamed Russia for its alleged role in a nerve agent attack against …


Russia: West just angry over advances in Syria

MOSCOW — Russia’s Foreign Ministry says the West’s angry reaction to a nerve agent attack in Britain is connected to the war in Syria.<p>Ministry …


Russia summons British ambassador as it readies to expel diplomats | Reuters

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia’s foreign ministry summoned Britain’s ambassador to the country, Laurie Bristow, for a meeting on Saturday, Russian news agencies reported, citing an unidentified ministry source.<p>British Ambassador to Russia Laurie Bristow leaves the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, …


Russia expels 23 British diplomats in spy-poisoning response

MOSCOW — Russia announced Saturday it is expelling 23 British diplomats and threatened further retaliatory measures in a growing diplomatic dispute …