Mao Zedong

The real reason we love a suit

Sarah Keating unpicks our enduring passion for sharp tailoring.<p><i>This story is from Why do we wear suits? an episode of The Why Factor</i> <i>presented by Mike Williams</i><i>. To listen to more episodes of The Why Factor from the BBC World Service,</i> <i>please click here</i><i>.</i><p>Nestled in London’s Mayfair neighbourhood is the …

Savile Row

Xi Jinping in 2017: The World’s Luckiest Man

Xi Jinping's political dominance owes a great deal to factors completely beyond his control.


Ten Most Significant World Events in 2017

Last year a lot of people were asking if 2016 was the worst year ever. (It wasn’t.) I haven’t seen anyone making similar claims about 2017, but that …

International Relations

Turnbull in a China shop: Can Beijing bogeyman sway an Australian election? | This Week In Asia | South China Morning Post

It is an unlikely setting for a pivotal moment in the rise of the “Asian Century”. Indeed, until recently even the most prescient of political …


China’s air pollution may be easier to beat than its dirty bureaucrats | This Week In Asia | South China Morning Post

Despite the onset of freezing winter in northern China, residents have been in for a pleasant surprise as far as air pollution is concerned. Since …


China's Mao Zedong "Seemed to Welcome a Nuclear Holocaust"

North Korea’s July 4 test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) has forced Americans to confront a possibility that was once unthinkable: …

North Korea

A War of Choice With North Korea is an Immensely Dumb Idea

If there is any common thread between the great U.S. foreign policy mistakes of the last several decades—the Vietnam War, the forever war in …

Conservative View

China's Class of 1977: I took an exam that changed China

Yuwen Wu in 1978, the year she enrolled at Peking University<p><b>Forty years ago China reinstated its all-important college entrance exam after a gap of more than a decade when the country was plunged into the chaos of the Cultural Revolution. More than five million people sat the exams in the hope of</b> …


Hidden messages of Russian license plates - Russia Beyond

Most Russian license plates consist of three letters, three digits and a region code (two or three digits). It is permitted to use only those 12 letters of Russian alphabet that look exactly like Latin letters so that traffic police outside Russia wouldn’t have difficulty interpreting the letters …


The Common Before Power: An Example - Journal #87 December 2017 - e-flux

I would like here, reflecting on the Russian Revolution, to develop three approaches within that glorious, complex, and tragic mix of revolutionary …

Chinese Philosophy

Ivory price crashes as China prepares to impose a ban

by Simon Denyer<p>Li Chunke began carving ivory after leaving school as a 15-year-old boy.<p>Today, at 68, this master craftsman is working until the early …


How China’s “sharp power” is muting criticism abroad

OVER the past year Australia has been gripped by a tale of suspicion, subversion and spooks. In the latest chapter Sam Dastyari, a Labor Party …


Bennelong byelection becomes a test of Chinese Australian values

If Malcolm Turnbull loses the crucial Bennelong byelection on Saturday he will likely rue a piece of calculated cleverness on the campaign trail that …


17 books Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg think everyone should read

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, two of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world, both credit reading as integral to their success.<p>Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft, reportedly reads 50 books a year. In 2015, Zuckerberg, the current CEO of Facebook, created an online book club in …


Beijing is cultivating the next generation of African elites by training them in China

Juba, South Sudan<p>Anthony Kpandu took a delegation from his party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), to China last year to train with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Kpandu is in charge of special working groups at the general secretariat for the SPLM, the liberation movement turned …


How to Embed Accountability Into Your Company Culture

We all understand the importance of accountability in the business world. But like Mao Zedong so wisely observed, reading doesn’t quite prepare you …


China summons Australia's ambassador in growing political meddling row

Rift between countries part of a wider global controversy surrounding Beijing’s alleged attempts to manipulate politics<p>China has reportedly summoned Australia’s ambassador for a pre-Christmas dressing down as the diplomatic ruckus over claims of Beijing’s alleged meddling in Australian politics …


Indian security forces kill 8 Maoist rebels

Indian police say they have killed at least eight Maoist rebels in fighting in southern India.<p>Police officer Amber Kishore says police seized a large …


Artist’s daring tribute to late dissident Liu Xiaobo goes on show in China... but only for a day

A French-Chinese artist’s tribute to late Chinese dissident and Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo survived the first day of a public exhibition in Shenzhen; …


China Post issues stamps to mark Year of the Dog

China Post will issue a set of two stamps celebrating the upcoming Chinese Year of the Dog on Jan 5. Each stamp will bear a face price of 1.2 yuan …

News (China)

China Is Quietly Collecting DNA Samples From Millions Of People

A Human Rights Watch investigation found the Chinese government is gathering DNA samples, fingerprints, iris scans and blood types of millions of people in the country's far west.<p>From DNA samples to iris scans, Chinese authorities are using free physical exams to gather and store biological data …

World News

Water diversion serves over 100 mln people in 3 years

Aerial view of a water channel and a pumping station in the middle route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in Wuhan city, central China's …

News (China)

The Incredible Linguistic Diversity of Tibet is Disappearing

Thanks to national schooling and the Internet, many of the plateau’s unique languages are in danger<p>Comment on this Story


Top Communist Party Paper Accuses Australia of Racism

The war of words between Beijing and Canberra appears to have escalated as the countries traded barbs over Australian media reports regarding China’s …


China’s ‘new era’ presages a golden age — or risks chaos

Jeanne-Marie Gescher<p>December 12, 2017<p>China’s ‘new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics’ — the big new slogan unveiled at the 19th party …


Indy's first pingpong bar, Smash Social, opens

"We don't want the vibe of an Olympic training center."

Barack Obama

OPINION: Australia Must Confront China's Academic Interference

Allen & Unwin’s recent decision not to publish Professor Clive Hamilton’s book "Silent Invasion", which examines the growing and surreptitious Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in Australia, and the cancellation of Hamilton’s appearance at the next year’s Adelaide Writer’s Week, raises …


Gen Alpha: Change the water, not the fish

Some of us toiling in the sustainability industry say we do so for future generations — and hope that they will look back and celebrate our selfless …

Sustainable Business

China’s Cover-Up

The Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong’s “permanent revolution” destroyed tens of millions of lives. From the communist victory in 1949 in the …


Man Charged With Throwing Deadly Punch During Bar Fight

FALL RIVER, Mass. (AP) - Massachusetts authorities say a man who threw a deadly punch during a bar fight last week has turned himself in.<p>The Bristol …