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Jack White Covers Elvis Presley on Malcolm Gladwell's Podcast

Jack White may be the world’s biggest Elvis Presley fan—in 2015 he paid $300,000 to become the owner of the rocker’s first record, from 1953. Now, …

Jack White

Listen to Jack White cover two Elvis Presley songs on new podcast

The Third Man Records honcho paid tribute to The King<p>Jack White has covered two songs by Elvis on a new podcast.<p>The musician, who also runs the Third …

Jack White

Your Guide to OZY Fest, the Sizzling Hot Festival for Folks Who Love Coachella and Neoliberalism

Where else can you catch Passion Pit, Common, Young the Giant, Hillary Clinton, and Tom Perez in the same general vicinity?<p>It was an ordinary day on Twitter, which is to say the worst day on Twitter since the day before. A low-key cursed image began making the rounds, eliciting no small amount of …

Hillary Clinton

Bonus Episode: Malcolm Gladwell Fails Stand-Up Comedy 101

Stand Up Comedy

Malcolm Gladwell was fired from his first job after just two months—here's what he learned

It's easy to think that your first professional opportunity is going to define you for the rest of your career, but take a look at bestselling author …


Why Oprah Winfrey says she loves Malcolm Gladwell’s idea that putting in 10,000 hours is key to success

Oprah Winfrey has been a household name since she became one of the first black female news anchors at 19 years old. Now 64, the self-made …

Oprah Winfrey

A debate with Malcolm Gladwell

In a special live taping at the 92nd Street Y in New York, Adam talks with Revisionist History's Malcolm Gladwell about how to avoid doing highly …

Warby Parker

Transcript of "A debate with Malcolm Gladwell"

In a special live taping at the 92nd Street Y in New York, Adam talks with Revisionist History's Malcolm Gladwell about how to avoid doing highly …

Warby Parker

Malcolm Gladwell: This is how you can stay relevant when AI threatens your job

Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell says that as artificial intelligence infiltrates the workforce and robots start taking jobs, there is one clear …

Artificial Intelligence

Malcolm Gladwell on writing and the "incredible intimacy" of podcasts

Malcolm Gladwell is the author of five New York Times bestsellers and the host of an iTunes chart-topping narrative podcast which has just returned …


Bonus: Malcolm Gladwell debates Adam Grant

 In a special live taping at the 92nd Street Y in New York, Malcolm talks with WorkLife’s Adam Grant about how to avoid doing highly undesirable …

Adam Grant

Malcolm Gladwell on the Sociology of School Shooters

Malcolm Gladwell spoke with <i>The New Yorker’s</i> Dorothy Wickenden in 2015 about the social dynamics of school shootings. Studying the literature of …

Social Sciences

Malcolm Gladwell on Understanding School Shooters

In his <i>New Yorker</i> story “Thresholds of Violence,” Malcolm Gladwell turned his attention to the psychology of school shooters. In a conversation with <i>The New Yorker’s</i> Dorothy Wickenden, Gladwell explains why the social dynamics of school shootings are comparable to those of a riot, where every act of …

Gun Control

Malcolm Gladwell on School Shootings, and the Return of Paul Schrader

What drives a child to massacre his classmates and teachers? Malcolm Gladwell turns to sociology to try to understand the contagion of senseless violence in our schools. The director Paul Schrader talks about his struggles with Hollywood and his new film, starring Ethan Hawke. And Gillian Flynn, …

Democratic Party

This Best-Selling Author Is Fast—Really Fast

Malcolm Gladwell completes a sub-5-minute mile, at age 51<p>Malcolm Gladwell, author of <i>The Tipping Point</i> and other best-selling nonfiction books, ran Saturday's Fifth Avenue Mile in New York in 4 minutes, 54 seconds.<p>It was a 9-second improvement over his time at the race last year.<p>Gladwell, 51, was …


Malcolm Gladwell says this is the 'most ridiculous thing' about buying a car

Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell is not a fan of the way test drives are done when you're trying to buy a car. He calls the current set up "the …


Click Bait vs. Genuine Writing: Which Path Should You Follow?

My Answer Might Surprise YouFirst, let’s eliminate all potential whining from whiny writers.We’re living in the best possible time in human history …


5/23/18 A&G Hr. 3 A Slow Motion Riot

On the subject of school shootings, Armstrong & Getty revisit Malcolm Gladwell's theory. Plus, Jack & Joe talk to Andrew Egger of the Washington …

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell Challenges LeBron and Predicts an N.B.A. Champion

In this conversation with David Remnick, Gladwell talks about his life in running, his pick for the N.B.A. title, and why he challenged LeBron James to a race.

Lebron James

Malcolm Gladwell Challenges LeBron and Predicts an N.B.A. Champion

In his twenty-two years as a staff writer for <i>The New Yorker</i>, Malcolm Gladwell has written about a widely varied range of topics: cancer-drug development, espionage, the criminal-justice system, and the anthropology of alcohol. In Part 2 of his New Yorker Interview, which you can watch above, …

Political Satire

Malcolm Gladwell Explains Where His Ideas Come From

For many readers out there, the publication of a new Malcolm Gladwell article ranks as an event demanding immediate attention. They'll read whatever …

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell on the Sociology of School Shooters and Police Bias

Malcolm Gladwell became a staff writer for <i>The New Yorker</i> in 1996, after nearly a decade at the Washington <i>Post</i>. That first year, he wrote a piece for the magazine called “The Tipping Point,” which considers the application of the theory of epidemics to the study of human behavior. What if homicides …

Behavioral Sciences

Malcolm Gladwell on School Shooters and Police Bias

David Remnick speaks with Gladwell about using theory to understand complex phenomena, and how that understanding can change.


Slowing Down Our Thinking to Reduce Bias

One of my regular suggestions for how to reduce bias is to slow down our thinking. Many biases are actually defined in part as fast thinking, …

Roy Moore and Our Faith in Our Abilities to Assess Others’ Character

From the first Morning Jolt of the week:<p><b>Roy Moore and Our Faith in Our Abilities to Assess Others’ Character</b><p>We all like to think we have a good sixth …

Dennis Hastert

Spetner: On the path to mastery, one must appreciate grunt work

Please <b>log in</b> below to continue reading. Not registered? Register now for limited article access or subscribe now for full access including access to …

Public Relations

Gwyneth Paltrow on More Opportunities for Women Directors: ‘Those Doors Are Open to Us Now’

Gwyneth Paltrow has won an Oscar for her lead role in “Shakespeare in Love,” created an online juggernaut in her lifestyle website Goop, and now …

Celebrity (UK)

Bitcoin Price Holds Near the $14,000 Mark

VENDOR PRESENTATIONS<p>General Session at 16th Cloud Expo | Laura Heritage, Director of API Strategy at Akana<p>General Session at 16th Cloud Expo | David …

Cannabis Industry

Academics Are Too Scared to Laugh

• In-depth articles about current issues faced by universities<br>• Data and analysis on the latest higher education trends, statistics, and salaries<br>• Special …

Long-form Journalism

Outliers The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell