How Narcissistic People Do (and Don't) Present Themselves

Think about the people you know who are high in narcissism. Are they particularly polite? Or do they interrupt, take control of the conversation, and …


Tesla reportedly bracing for billions in liability

Tesla's (TSLA -0.5%) legal team is bracing the company to face billions of dollars in potential liability from private lawsuits over disclosures, …


Fiction Book Review: Feared by Lisa Scottoline. St. Martin’s, $27.99 (352p) ISBN 978-1-250-09959-4

Feared<p>Lisa Scottoline. St. Martin’s, $27.99 (352p) ISBN 978-1-250-09959-4<p>More By and About This Author<p>In bestseller Scottoline’s thought-provoking …

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Omarosa: Back-Stabbing Trump and Our National Security?

Former White House staffer turned book-peddler Omarosa Manigault Newman has been running around calling Donald Trump a racist. But the real …

Donald Trump

Career advice from me, a shark

Here’s what I know about humans: You’ll pay attention to anything with sharks in it. Put a shark fin on a movie poster and you suckers line up around the block. Name a show where rich people throw money at dumb ideas <i>Shark Tank</i> and you tune in by the millions.<p>And Shark Week. Oh my God, Shark Week. …

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Siri is now trained to recognize your local, weirdly named small businesses

Getting directions to the nearest Starbucks or Target is a task Apple’s virtual assistant can handle with ease. But what about local businesses with names that Siri has never heard, and might mistake for another phrase or the user misspeaking? To handle these, Apple has created libraries of …


Of Musk And Machiavelli (Podcast)

The SEC is now investigating the veracity of Elon Musk’s claim to have secured funding to take Tesla private. I’m skeptical of Musk’s tweet because …


St. Augustine

“For Augustine,” writes Thomas Cahill, “is the first human being to say ‘I’ – and to mean what we mean today.”<p>So now we know that it was Augustine’s</i> …

Save the crocodile tears: Psychopaths can't tell the difference between fake crying and genuine sadness (and they don't care when it's real, anyway)

Expressions of fear and sadness may be lost on people who have high levels of psychopathic traits.<p>According to a new study, these people have no …


Recovering the Moral Contents of Life

Pierre Manent on natural law and human rights

Human Rights

OMNIVORE: History of political thought

In what sense exactly are human beings more political according to Aristotle?

Greek Philosophy

What loyalty means in the age of Trump

After President Trump’s regrettable performance during the Helsinki summit, when he chose to take Russian President Vladimir Putin’s word over that …

Donald Trump

The Power of Kindness and Emotional Intelligence

“It is much safer to be feared than loved,” writes Niccolò Machiavelli in <i>The Prince</i>, a classic 16th-century treatise advocating manipulation and …

Emotional Intelligence

The Trump Doctrine and the Gender Politics of Power

Bonnie HonigJuly 17, 2018In a 1994 interview with ABC News’s Nancy Collins, Trump said: “Psychologists will tell you that some women want to be …

Domestic Violence

Reading Politics with Machiavelli

Oxford University Press

Think Fortress Europe is the answer to migration? Get real | View

<i>By Benjamin Ward</i><p>The way people actually live, Niccolo Machiavelli famously argued, is so different than the way they should live, that if we focus only on the way things ought to be done and ignore how they are actually done, we will find ruin rather than preservation.<p>It’s not hard to imagine …

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Mirror, mirror on the wall - who's the best fund manager of all?

Mirror, mirror on the wall - who's the best fund manager of all? marinag July 02, 2018 - 12:49

Personal Finance (UK)

Have We Misjudged Machiavelli?

Machiavelli can enter public debate not merely as a wicked man concerned only with power and political maneuvering, but as a philosopher with myriad …

It turns out, being a narcissist means you're more likely to succeed thanks to this one key feature

Are you feeling underappreciated? Do you love swearing? Are you literally better than everyone else? Well, you might just be a narcissist. Although this personality trait might not get you loads of friends, it could help you achieve more by enhancing your mental toughness, according to a new study …


Narcissists Are Actually Really Successful, Research Finds

Narcissists have more things going for them than just an oversized ego.<p><b>Narcissists are not always pleasant to be around because they have an inflated ego and can be overly critical of others.</b>• <b><br>But their traits such as charisma and dedication mean they can also be extremely successful.</b>• <b><br>Certain career</b> …


Being a narcissist really DOES get you ahead because it makes you mentally tough, confirm scientists: Take the test to see if you have the trait

There's a good reason why so many successful people are narcissists.<p>According to a new study, people with an inflated sense of self-worth get ahead …


A Conservative Christian Alternative to Panic Politics

Bruce Ashford models a refreshingly amiable approach. But perhaps he could have used a little more fire and brimstone. For those Americans who think …

Gun Control

Machiavellian “Realism”

Pierre Manent offers a needed corrective to glib modern talk about Machiavelli’s “realism” (An Intellectual History of Liberalism). He acknowledges …


Italy’s democracy proves Machiavelli was right

By Nathan Gardels<p><i>This is the weekend roundup of The WorldPost, of which Nathan Gardels is the editor in chief.</i> <br>Italy is considered the birthplace of modern political science for good reason. Its Florentine son, Niccolò Machiavelli, not only wrote “The Prince” but also his less famous “Discourses on …


Machiavelli: Cynical, Determined, Intelligent and Witty

A rich and complex portrait of the author of The Prince manages to combine scholarly analysis with the imagination of the historical novelist.<p>For a …


Hobart :: 2 Poems

<b>How Much</b><p>How much salmon can you eat in one day?<br>The privilege of the worry of mercury<br>The privilege of the worry of dry, aging skin<br>Victoria Beckham …

Victoria Beckham

Attorneys General as Political Ambulance Chasers

There is a new phenomenon sweeping America. Attorneys general have become ideological ambulance chasers, racing to court to file politically …

Sanctuary Cities

Machiavelli Restaurant Closes After 6 Years On Upper West Side

The Italian restaurant was feared to close in late 2017 but managed to stay open. This time it's closing for good.<p>UPPER WEST SIDE, NY — After …


Anarchy and the Second Word

In Discourses on Livy, Machiavelli exposes the ruse of Roman law. Numa, the true founder of Rome, “mistrusted his own authority, lest it should prove …

Self Determination

Game of Throne's Daenerys Targaryen Is Niccolò Machiavelli's Perfect Princ[ess]

Too often mislabeled the counselor of evil <i>par excellence</i>, Niccolò Machiavelli ends his treatise De principatibus—The Prince—invoking a "redeemer" who …

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