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Sisyphean Disneyland Fan Marks His 2,000th Consecutive Visit To The Happiest Place On Earth™ [Updated]

He has gone to Disneyland every single day since January 1, 2012. [ more › ]


These 8 stars retired, but it didn't last


9 Tips for Teaching Coding in the Classroom

« How to Create a Makerspace in any Space | Main<p>| No comments<p>As coding becomes an increasingly coveted skill, schools all over the world are deciding …


Why Marketing Is Too Important For Procurement

So a major launch happened the other day, but the materials to support it weren't ready. The reason: a poor choice of marketing supplier. The real …


Get ready for a fight in these productions by Theater Alliance, Flying V

Theater Alliance and Flying V Theatre are fighting the good fight — both staging unusual and highly satisfying productions in which physical combat is a central theme.<p>The more substantial of the two offerings is Theater Alliance’s “Still Life With Rocket,” a gripping portrait of a damaged family …

Let's Do Away, With How Are You Today!

We need a new type of classroom and The Beatles have it right. We might be teachers, but there is absolutely nothing wrong asking for help. So …

Rough Night

Colman Domingo on Fear The Walking Dead S3 and 'peeling away' the layers of Strand

Actor <b>Colman Domingo</b> is about to delve into a new chapter of his complex character Victor Strand on <i>Fear The Walking Dead</i>, beginning with tonight's …


Five Years Without Facebook

It was the summer of 2012 when I made a seemingly innocent decision that would have a greater impact on my life than I ever anticipated. After …


Where to Get Your Cowboy On

These American sites celebrate cowboy lore and Western cinema.

Road Trips

Hangin' Out In The High Country

<i>Personal Note: This Wednesday, May 17, I will be speaking at the Wells Fargo's 2017 Technology, Media & Telecom Executive Summit at the Ritz-Carlton,</i> …


The Rock Wants His Black Adam To Fight Superman, Has An Actor In Mind For ‘Shazam’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is keeping busy befriending gorillas and doing a press tour for <i>Baywatch</i>, and it was during this tour on Monday that he fielded multiple questions about his upcoming role in the DC Extended Universe. The Rock is set to play the villain (or anti-hero, as he sees it) Black …


Dwayne Johnson reveals his dream casting for DC Comics hero Shazam

Who does he want taking on his Black Adam?<p>Dwayne Johnson knows who he wants to fight in the Black Adam spin-off movie.<p>It was announced in January …


Dwayne Johnson Would Love Armie Hammer to Play Shazam

The Black Adam actor thinks he knows who would be perfect for the role of the DC Comics hero Shazam: The Man From UNCLE star Armie Hammer.


Box Office: Seven Reasons Why 'King Arthur' Bombed

Pretty much like the headline says. As of writing, the $175 million-budgeted <i>King Arthur: Legend of the Sword</i> has earned $15.365m domestic and $44.4m worldwide, with little reason for anything resembling hope. The film is probably going to lose around $150m for Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc., Village …


Dwayne Johnson Wants Armie Hammer to Play Shazam

The role of DC superhero Shazam still hasn't been cast, but Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson has proposed one notable star: Armie Hammer.<p>Speaking with …


THE ROCK Picks His Top Choice to Play SHAZAM

Shazam! by Alex Ross<p>Credit: DC Comics<p>Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has made his personal pick for the actor he'd like to portray Shazam opposite his …


The History Of The Horror Movie Marathon

Welcome back to my little space on the ‘net where I talk about comics, movies, toys and video games and share some of my great memories with you all. …


Don't Slow Down Your Startup

Too many young businesses don't get to become old businesses because they get sidetracked by tangents of technology, markets and competitors. Why build yourself a bigger mountain to climb?<p>In case it's not abundantly clear to just about everyone, starting a business from scratch and then growing it …


The Possible Origins of 7 Instantly Recognizable Visual Clichés

Have you ever seen someone throw an old shoe at a stray cat that’s yowling on a backyard fence? Or witnessed a circus elephant rear away in fear when …

Cool Stuff

This is why being single is actually costing you thousands

Oh, yay.<p><b>Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde</b><p>In today’s economic climate, it’s hardly surprising that being in a relationship is going to work out better for you …


To Lead, You Need Political Competence

Take Political Competence Out of the Closet<p>A colleague of mine was recently appointed president of a major university. Over dinner, he told me that he doesn't do politics. He says he prefers to be objective and realistic. Get real! If you don't "do" politics you can't lead an …


Museum of Western Film History–Hi-yo Silver away

March 22, 2017 While exploring the Alabama Hills I kept expecting to see the Lone Ranger and finally did at the Museum of Western Film History along …

Road Trips

'Joker' Charged With Felony For Concealing His Face In Public

Why so serious?<p>Virginia isn’t joking about its mask laws.<p>Winchester police arrested a man dressed as the Joker on Friday and slapped him with a felony ― a grim reminder of the state’s strict mask law that bars almost anyone from concealing their face in public.<p>Jeremy Putman, 31, was called in for …

Ku Klux Klan

Beauty and the Beast and the future of Disney's live-action remakes

Step aside, superheroes. Disney’s live-action <i>Beauty and the Beast</i> opened March 17 to a whopping $357 million worldwide, shattering multiple box office records. Not only did Bill Condon’s lavish retelling earn the best PG-rated opening of all time, but it beat out last year’s <i>Batman v Superman: Dawn</i> …

Walt Disney Company

'Millionaire Beggar' Leaves Strange Inheritance in Coney Island Self-Storage Units

The first surprise for brothers Seth, Ian and Todd Lerner was when their panhandler cousin Howard Frank drowned in Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal.<p>The second came when they laid eyes on the strange inheritance he left them. Jammed into three self-storage units in Coney Island were nearly 2 million …

Coney Island

How airlines can find an innovation mindset

We live in an age of technological acceleration where new ideas, new channels and disruptive technologies appear to be coming at us exponentially …



via<p>I’m of a vintage that makes me old enough to remember a time when one of the most exciting things about Christmas was the fact that …


Mousehunt: looking back at an underrated family movie

Mousehunt: looking back at an underrated family movieMousehunt, starring Lee Evans and Nathan Lane, is a gleefully dark family movie, that's well …


Don’t Mess With Texans: 28 Badass Movie Characters from the Lone Star State

Cowboys, final girls, a lovable old dog, and more, ranked.<p>Everything is bigger in Texas, and everyone is more badass. That’s why you don’t mess with …


Why was the Lone Ranger ‘lone’ if he always had Tonto with him?

The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific concepts<p>Why was the Lone Ranger called “lone” if he always had his friend Tonto with him?<p><i>Francis Hewitt</i><p>• Post your answers – and new questions – below or …