Loch Ness Monster

5 Legendary Questions With New Travel Channel Host Chris Jericho

If you listen to Chris Jericho’s <i>Talk Is Jericho</i> podcast, it’s not uncommon to hear the topics of Bigfoot or UFOs to come up in conversation. Growing …

Chris Jericho

2017 has been a 'record year' for sightings of the Loch Ness monster

<b>The Loch Ness monster has had a busy 2017, with more "official" sightings than any other year this century.</b><p>Admittedly, the number of official sightings logged is eight, but that's a lot for a mythical beast.<p>The eighth sighting is a photo of a strange "fin" in the water, taken by Dr Jo Knight from …


Dinosaur-era animals have hardly changed in millions of years

The meteor that killed off the likes of Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus missed a few animals.<p>While the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs made room …


Boy, 9, snaps Loch Ness monster in EIGHTH 'official' sighting this year - Mirror Online

Monster fever is sweeping Loch Ness again after a boy of nine took a photo of a mysterious “fin” in the water.<p>Eager Sam Knight snapped the amazing …

Loch Ness

Daily 2 Cents: 'Shadow Person' Crosses Our Path -- Weird 'Deer', Lost Time and Signs of an Abduction -- 'Houston Batman' Legend

<b>'Shadow Person' Crosses Our Path</b><p><b>John in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called:</b><p>“I have German Shepherd. I have two German Shepherds. One that stays in the …


The ideal home for Nessie hunters

Sign up to our <b>Lifestyle</b> newsletter<p>One of the reasons thousands of tourists flock to the Highlands each year is because they hope to catch a glimpse …

Loch Ness

The QI Elves, aka No Such Thing as a Fish, talk their new book and share 10 of their weirdest facts

Quite interesting: a modest boast. Not “extremely”, or even “very”, but a quintessentially British “quite”. That’s the motto of BBC Two’s panel show QI, a feast of obscure factoids now in its 15th series.<p>Since 2003, it’s provided fuel for countless pub discussions: did you know that the Dalai Lama …

Kim Jong-Il

The legend of 'Chessie' is alive and well 35 years later

The legend of 'Chessie' is alive and well 35 years later<p>The Loch Ness Monster might have a friend in the United States.<p>Updated: 9:59 AM EDT Nov 2, …

Upstate South Carolina

A Few of My Favorite Spaces: The Loch Ness Monster

“They did the math, they did the monster math…”


From the Banshee to the Basilisk: 20 Monsters You Need to Keep Yourself Safe From

Do you imagine monsters lurking in the shadows? Are you afraid of every whisper in the night? Then this is the right place for you. For all those who …

Scottish Highlands

Cryptid Monster Movies for Halloween

Here's something fun for Halloween! Allow me to present a list of monster movies that feature veritable cryptids.

Moby Dick

#1354; In which the Hunt goes on


Hillary Clinton's ties to Russian uranium deal largely ignored by anti-Trump media, and other media disasters

The Russian nuclear deal continues to be kept under containment by media fearful that it might contaminate their ability to attack President Trump.<p>In the latest development, The Hill reported that, an FBI informant was cleared to testify on the issue. “The Justice Department on Wednesday night …


Secret rooms and hidden history: 22 things you didn't know about the world's greatest attractions

Mount Everest

5 Real-Life ‘Stranger Things’ In Canada And Beyond

The countdown to <i>Stranger Things 2</i> is on! The sci-fi hit fittingly dropped its latest trailer on Friday the 13 and the entire season is set to be …

Canadian News

Bigfoot vs. Yet Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Out in the wild, there’s creatures heretofore unknown to science, but certainly known to the local populations. Some of the cryptids are …

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Facts (Not Myths) About the Loch Ness Monster

There are plenty of exaggerations, myths and outright lies circulating about the so-called Loch Ness Monster—which is especially galling to …


Brewhouse Breakdown: How Ziemann Holvrieka improved speed, efficiency in new Omnium brewhouse

With Omnium, Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH has developed an awesomely novel brewhouse and brewing process for the beer industry. It’s actually based around …


Nets Cover UFOs, Lizard People, Ghosts – But Not Democrat Scandal

<p>The broadcast network morning and evening shows have so far failed to provide even a single second of coverage to an October 17 report from …


The Story Of The Loch Ness Monster

Elusive and drenched in uncertainty, The Loch Ness Monster is an aquatic being of enormous magnitude said to dwell in the deepest, darkest depths of …


NFL Kneelers Go Full SJW as They Now Protest the Debunked “Gender Wage Gap”

As with everyone who embraces social justice causes, the inborn intersectionality that dominates radical leftist activism demands you include …

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A former B&B on the banks of Loch Ness is on sale for £310,000

Stuck in the dreary existence of searching for a flat that doesn’t take up 70% of your salary every month?<p>Fancy relocating?<p>If so, we may have just …


My Latest #DadWin? I Transformed Story Time Into a Major Toddler Bonding Experience

"It can be easy for me to feel like a third wheel in the relationship between my daughter and her mother, but these stories are special and just …

My Little Pony

Look! At Leominster City Hall! It's ... well, paranormal

LEOMINSTER -- The aliens will be returning to City Hall this weekend and they're bringing the Loch Ness Monster with them for the city's annual …


Do You Remember The Beast Of Barnet?

The Eurasian Lynx left British shores a long time ago, mainly wiped out by the fur trade. There are tentative plans to reintroduce the animal to the …


The Surprising Medical Origins of Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, and More Spooky Characters

Spooky, paranormal stories are inspired by strangeness in the world around us. Light in the night sky? Must be a UFO. Curious shape beneath the …

Sleep Paralysis

5 Fireplace Bars With Killer Fall Cocktails

When <b>the temperature dips below 71 degrees, you better believe we’re playing [insert melancholic music here] and wearing that one scarf we own.</b> …

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5 Ridiculous Google Maps Mishaps That Prove You Can't Always Trust Technology

Convenient, yes. Foolproof... no.<p>What did people ever do without Google Maps (and TomTom and MapQuest)? If you are of the age group that actually …

Google Maps

Cryptozoologist Launches Kickstarter

The creative team behind “Love and Saucers,” to shed new light on the mysterious profession of cryptozoology<p>SEATTLE, WA (September 25, 2017) — …


25 Gadgets That'll Make Your Kitchen Look So Darn Cute

Products that'll warm your heart... and some that'll warm your food.