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Deaths From Liver Disease Are On The Rise, A New Study Suggests, & Researchers Think It Has To Do With Binge Drinking

Here's something you likely already know: Drinking to excess is harmful to your health. But a new study suggests that an increase in deaths from …


6 Things You Should Know Today (July 20, 2018)

Half of the coral in the reef has died off in the past two years due to bleaching events, and a new study finds that the remaining coral has lost its …


Technology + Liver Disease: A Five Minute Scan

What You Need to Know About NASH<p>Your liver is vital with more than 500 vital functions have being identified with the liver. Some of the more …


Hepatitis A outbreak in part of Arkansas grows; officials urge county's residents to get vaccinated

An outbreak of hepatitis A in northeast Arkansas has almost doubled in size, to 60 cases, in just over a month and resulted in one death, prompting …

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Liver Transplant Criteria

Helping your body digest food, clear wastes, and store energy, your liver is the largest organ inside your body. Without a functioning liver, you …


Zydus Cadila gets USFDA nod for high blood pressure, heart failure treatment drug

Zydus Cadila has received final approval from the US health regulator to market Spironolactone tablets, used to treat high blood pressure and heart …

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Deaths from liver disease are surging, and drinking is to blame

Deaths from liver disease have risen sharply in the U.S., and doctors say the biggest factor is drinking —especially among young adults.<p>A study published Wednesday found a 65 percent increase in deaths from cirrhosis of the liver since 1999. The biggest increase is among millennials: the team found …


Transplant woman who panicked at speeding ticket asks for more awareness of liver disease

A Milford woman suffering from autoimmune liver disease is asking police to better understand her condition after receiving a speeding ticket.<p>Lucinda …

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Substitution of linoleic acid with α-linolenic acid or long chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid prevents Western diet induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Article |<p>Open | Published: 19 July 2018<p>Sugeedha Jeyapal,<br>• Suryam Reddy Kona,<br>• Surekha Venkata Mullapudi,<br>• Uday Kumar Putcha,<br>• Puvaneswari Gurumurthy &<br>• Ahamed …


TGen-led study shows DNA methylation related to liver disease among obese patients

Potentially deadly NAFLD associated with genetic changes; potential drug targets identified<p>PHOENIX, Ariz. -- July 18, 2018 -- DNA methylation is a …


Alcohol-related cirrhosis deaths skyrocket in young adults: Increase in liver deaths highlights new challenges in preventing cirrhosis deaths beyond hepatitis

Increase in liver deaths highlights new challenges in preventing cirrhosis deaths beyond hepatitis<p>Liver disease deaths jumped by 65 percent in the …

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Fatty liver disease pandemic needs 'gold standard' human-relevant research: Belgian study describes how human-based tools can contribute to drug development for liver disease

Belgian study describes how human-based tools can contribute to drug development for liver disease<p>New study calls for human-based tools to unravel …

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Deaths from liver disease have been rising since the financial crisis

Deaths from liver disease have risen in the US since the financial crisis, with a particularly sharp rise in alcohol-related cirrhosis among young …


Fatty liver disease pandemic needs 'gold standard' human-relevant research

Belgian study describes how human-based tools can contribute to drug development for liver disease<p>BRUSSELS (16 July 2018) - A new study by scientists …

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Preventive effects of citrulline on Western diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

PMID: Br J Nutr. 2016 07 ;116(2):191-203. Epub 2016 May 20. PMID: 27197843 Abstract Title: Preventive effects of citrulline on Western diet-induced …


Treating Alcoholic Liver Diseases

Alcoholism: A Global Disorder<p>Consumption of alcohol-containing (ethanol) beverages is a worldwide cause of preventable alcoholic liver disease[1] and …


EuroScience Open Forum 2018

Rhys Phillips presents a special edition of the weekly science and technology radio show, bringing you highlights from this year' EuroScience Open …

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Foods to eat to control a fatty liver

The number of patients suffering from various liver-associated ailments is alarmingly going up and most often than not, these ailments are due to an …

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Morgan's wish to meet Jordan Spieth comes true

Morgan Comer, an 18-year-old who survived a rare liver disease at 10 months old, gets her wish to spend the day with her golfing idol, Jordan Spieth.

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Zinc alpha2 glycoprotein protects against obesity-induced hepatic steatosis

Article | Published: 13 July 2018<p>Molecular Biology<p>Xin-Hua Xiao,<br>• Ya-Di Wang,<br>• Xiao-Yan Qi,<br>• Yuan-Yuan Wang,<br>• Jiao-Yang Li,<br>• Han Li,<br>• Pei-Ying Zhang,<br>• Hai-Lin …

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Early Stages of Liver Disease

Some life-threatening health conditions develop quickly and dramatically, but others sneak up on you gradually. The latter is more common with most …

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Slideshow: Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea


Non-Invasive Markers (ALBI and APRI) Predict Pregnancy Outcomes in Women With Chronic Liver Disease

Article | Published: 05 July 2018<p>Enoka S. Gonsalkorala BPhty (Hons), MBBS, FRACP,<br>• Mary D. Cannon MB, MRCPI, PhD,<br>• Tiong Yeng Lim MBBChir,<br>• Leonie Penna …

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Why your liver may need to slim down

You know that being overweight comes with consequences from heart disease and diabetes to cancer. Carrying around extra pounds causes big health …


Economic burden of fatty liver disease in US is $32 billion annually, new study finds

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD, which affects roughly 100 million Americans, costs the United States healthcare system $32 billion …


Genetically humanized mice could boost fight against aggressive hepatitis

In research that could lead to treatments for an aggressive type of liver disease, scientists describe a genetically humanized mouse that can be …

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Cambridge biotech startup grabs $65M to tackle liver disease

The company, Akero Therapeutics, is focused on a type of liver disease called NASH that affects an estimated 16 million Americans.


Gut bacteria could be early indicator of liver disease

Early stages of liver disease were detected using chemical compounds produced by bacteria in the gut, and suggest a blood test could be used for …


Gut bacteria markers could be a 'smoking gun' for liver disease

Chemical compounds produced by the bacteria in our gut could be used to spot the early stages of liver disease, according to new research.

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Q&A: Am I at risk for fatty liver disease?

<b>Q: Am I at risk for fatty liver disease?</b><p><b>A:</b> Fatty liver disease is the most common liver disease in the world, and it affects 30 percent to 40 percent …