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Judy Kuhn Performs 'Miseria Trumpianis' For Variety Show and Podcast In Your Face-New York

Broadway talent Judy Kuhn recently shared her classical training - and comedic chops - performing an aria adapted for the current political climate …


Oceana’s plan for saving our oceans

Scarlet – a 55-foot humpback whale who had been known locally since 1997 – was discovered dead at sea. In mid-2016, Scarlet became entangled in …


Welcome Winter with Some Chilling Christmas Ghost Stories - GeekMom

Autumn celebrations are winding down, and the ghosts and goblins of Halloween will be soon be forgotten for the sparkly winter holidays, including …


Hari Kondabolu Lays Bare ‘The Problem With Apu’

Comedy was once known for having a conscience. At their best, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Lily Tomlin were not only hilarious, but …

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‘Grace And Frankie’ Sets Season 4 Premiere Date On Netflix | Deadline

Netflix has slotted the Season 4 premiere date for its praised hit comedy <i>Grace and Frankie.</i> The series starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin premieres …


The 13 Best Christmas-Themed TV Episodes You Can Watch Right Now

'Tis the season to be jolly... and gluttonous... and watch lots and lots of the best Christmas TV episodes. This is why they invented food comas, …


Comic Tony Martin on podcasts, writing and the art of funny voices

Despite working extensively in radio and television for three decades, Tony Martin is generally recognised for his most minor roles. "It's weird 'cos …

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Budd Friedman Traces Standup Roots in New Book

Ponder the last half-century of American comedy without talents like Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin, Rodney Dangerfield, Andy Kaufman, Richard Lewis, …


Impaled on a Fencepost

Customer: “But this receipt proves that I bought the phone less than two weeks ago!”<p>Manager: “I understand, sir. But you can only get a full refund …


TV Academy Hall of Fame 2017: 3 red carpet interviews with ‘Saturday Night Live’ originals Bill Murray, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman

The Not Ready for Prime Time Players are now ready for the big stage. The five living cast members of the original “Saturday Night Live” on NBC — <b>Dan</b> …


Oprah Winfrey Honors Shonda Rhimes at Television Academy Hall of Fame

From modern water cooler-moment dramas to groundbreaking late night comedy; from topical, transformative series in absorbing settings to …


Will James Franco (‘The Disaster Artist,’ ‘The Deuce’) be the first actor to win 2 acting Golden Globes for the same year?

<b>James Franco</b> is favored by Gold Derby overall with 7/2 odds, to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Film Comedy/Musical Actor at the 2018 ceremony. …


What are the perfect office hours for our body clocks?

Two-thirds of people in Britain say they would prefer an earlier start and finish to the working day, but for many it might be better to opt for later hours<p>What time we start and finish work is a much more important issue than it used to be. Gone are the rigid days of working standard office hours, …

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11 Great Places To Find Free Children's Books Online

As many parents and teachers know all too well, children can be voracious readers. It can be challenging to keep up with the amount of new books …


Lily Tomlin talks The Incredible Shrinking Woman in Blu-ray clip


'Desperate Housewives' Had Some of the Best Guest Stars Ever — See Our Favorites!

Let's be real, a Desperate Housewives reboot would be the best thing to ever happen to TV. And, if all the show's most popular guest stars could …

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Why unlimited vacation means more time in the office

Whenever I get an email from LinkedIn telling me about all the new jobs I could apply for, I usually click delete. But last week, desperate to put …

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Movies You Missed: '9 To 5'

For our latest installment of Movies You Missed, Scott Simon talks to NPR producers Nicole Beemsterboer and Sydnee Monday, who have never seen the classic 1980s comedy <i>Nine to Five.</i><p>Transcript<p>SCOTT SIMON, HOST:<p>It's our latest installment of the series that gives us a chance to force family, friends, …

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Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda Know Nothing About Tipped Wages

Please don't go to Hollywood for labor law advice.<p>$2.13 an hour sounds like an immoral rate of pay. Only a cold-hearted jerk would pay a hard-working (or even a lazy) employee $2.13 an hour. This is why Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin's campaign to raise the tipped minimum wage to at least the federal …

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Why Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin’s BFF breakup breaks our heart: Govani

The downfall of this unlikely friendship is a blow to the ongoing history of the gay best friend.

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Picking dream dates with favorite actresses

Jane Fonda

Why Reward Employees

HR Daily Advisor<p>Much has been written on the failures of old-school performance management, the dreaded annual review, and how it alienates managers …

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That Time I Bombed: Paul Anthony makes an impression at a wedding

Jon Cranny<i>That Time I Bombed is where the</i> Straight<i> asks comedians about their life-changing shows, favourite specials, and, a subject that any</i> …


Essential Education: A close look at those concessions L.A. charter schools won

Welcome to Essential Education, our daily look at education in California and beyond. Here's the latest:<p>So L.A. charters schools got some district rules changes. Our closeup look at what they were.<br>• Enrollment of new foreign students dips in the U.S., but California gets the largest share.


The Best Halloween TV Episodes You Can Stream Right Now

If you don't have the endurance to watch a whole movie, get your Halloween fix from classic episodes of "The Simpsons" or "South Park."<p>For most, …


Carol Burnett lends an ear in An Evening of Laughter and Reflection

Carol Burnett could fill a warehouse with all the awards she and her variety show won. But almost nothing compares to the reception Burnett got when …


Melissa Leo: 'Things we would call abuse on set? Happens all the time'

The Oscar-winning star of The Fighter talks about the difficulty of working with female directors, why she decides not to read the news and jealousy in Hollywood<p>About a third of the way into my interview with Melissa Leo, she stops talking; a curious, alarmed expression on her face. We’re in a …

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Why Do We Let “Genius” Directors Get Away With Abusive Behavior?

For decades, the celebrated male film directors who “provoke” and abuse actors, supposedly in service of their art, have been given the benefit of the doubt over the women who suffer on their film sets.<p><b>Last week, when</b> the singer Björk effectively accused the director Lars von Trier of sexual …


Watch Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin take on sexual harassment in the restaurant industry in this important video

Over the past two weeks, the Harvey Weinstein allegations have brought the issue of workplace sexual harassment to the forefront. According to a …

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Dolly Parton - I Believe in You

If ever there was a musical career that could be likened to a nursery rhyme or fairy tale, then <b>Dolly Parton</b>’s rise to international superstardom must …

Dolly Parton