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This Printer Takes Latte Art To the Next Level

You’ve gotta see it to believe it.

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The Future of Coffee Is in Seattle's Coffee Machines

by Lester BlackThe Slayer espresso machine at Squirrel Chops, a cafe at 23rd and Union. Lester BlackThe Mavam UCEM espresso machine looks unlike any …


Why You Need to Order a Festive Thanksgiving Latte at Boston's Ogawa

Because we all should be thankful for latte art that belongs in a gallery.<p>November 23, 2017<p>While Thanksgiving is traditionally associated with a …


Sorry, But Soy Sauce Cats Are Way Better Than Your Latte Art

They're almost too cute for sushi.<p><i>This post was translated from Japanese.</i>


The Latte Art World Championship Is The Most Intense Competition You Never Knew Existed

Watch the best latte artists in the world compete for glory.<p>To the everyday coffee drinker, latte art is something to be quickly Snapchatted before …


10 Minutes With Umeko Motoyoshi of Sudden Coffee—Part One

Umeko Motoyoshi wants to make you the best cup of instant coffee you’ve ever had. In this two-part article, we talk to her about her coffee …


Baristas to compete in first Latte Art Smackdown at Unley’s Double Shot Coffee Fiesta on Sunday

MILK will be spilt and reputations roasted when baristas battle for a new coffee-making crown in Unley this weekend.


Macchi-art-o: 17-year-old girl takes LATTE art to the next level with incredible 3D sculptures

An espressionistic 17-year-old girl has shot to fame by using LATTE to create these incredible 3D sculptures.<p>Talented Daphne Tan's frothy creations …


Why You Should Go All the Way to Toronto for a Latte

Not your average latte art.<p>October 18, 2017<p>If you've ever tried to make latte art, you understand the struggle. It might seem simple when you watch …

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Portland Ghouls: There’s A Spooky Latte Art Party October 26th

Latte art party, spooky, scary. On Thursday, October 26th the city of Portland, Oregon will play host to an evening of ghoulish glee, as a terrifying …


This Self-Taught Teen Makes Latte Art That’s Way Too Cute to Drink

You might think a cute heart or a pretty fern in the foam of a latte is a sign of elite barista skills, but then you probably haven't seen Daphne …


17-Year-Old Creates 3D Latte Art And It’s Too Cute To Drink

Singapore-based 17-year-old Daphne Tan, who‘s better known under the name "Periperipeng", prefers to turn her coffee into art before drinking it. She …


New York: Pregame For Coffee Masters At The Latte Art Pour Party

Coffee Masters, the multi-disciplinary coffee hexathlon, descends upon Manhattan this weekend as part of the New York Coffee Festival. But before …


16 Pictures Of Rainbow Latte Art That Will Blow Your Mind

Brightly coloured caffeine.


8 dreamy lattes that will boost your mood upon first sight

Michelangelo worked with marble, and Picasso liked industrial paints, but your humble barista is creates masterpieces using the foam on a latte.<p>Latte …


Barista Hustle Milk Jug Should Improve Your Latte Art Symmetry

Fed up of pouring asymmetrical latte art, no matter how hard you focus? According to Barista Hustle, the problem isn’t you, it’s your milk jug – and …


16 Pictures That Prove 3D Latte Art Is The Best Latte Art Of All Time

Regular latte art, imma let you finish but...


Barista Hustle’s Precision Milk Pitcher: Axial Symmetry For Perfect Latte Art

I’m bad at latte art. Like, real bad. On a good day I can maybe get a blurry piece of wheat or a bloaty heart with a weird tail. But apparently I’m …


These insane ca-pooch-inos turn your pup into latte art

First came cat cafes. Now, ca-pooch-inos.<p>Taiwanese cafe My Cofi has become a social-media sensation, thanks to its elaborate Instagram feed of …


Is Three Dimensional Latte Art the Future of Coffee?

By now, none of us should be stranger to the foamy phenomenon that is latte art. Since its inception, the limits of the cappuccino as canvas have been consistently pushed. And today, I’m here to present you with the newest frontier in latte art: dimension.<p>Behold, 3-D latte art. Because if your cup …


Suddenly our morning coffee feels just a little bit ordinary

This ‘3D latte art’ is just amazing.<p>3D Latte Art from Reissue Cafe<p>— 日本 (@AestheticsJapan) September 11, 2017<p>The Reissue …

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3D latte art is latest Instagram trend

Still ‘gramming your leaf-design turmeric latte? Or your rose-topped matcha cappuccino?<p>That is <i>so</i> 2016.<p>The latest coffee trend taking Instagram by …


Latte Art Printer Coffee Maker

One-up your local barista with an art school degree by creating your own masterpieces with this latte art printer coffee maker. This unique coffee …


This Horrifying 3D Latte Art Cockroach Would Make You Spit Out Your Coffee

<b>We are a world</b> of coffee lovers and Instagrammers so it makes sense that latte art is really popular.<p><b>The talented bunch</b> at My Cofi cafe in Taiwan …


Latte art horrors: Order a 3D roach on a cup of joe

Art is clearly subjective.<p>A Taiwan cafe, done with regular pretty coffee art, has decided to seek solace in injecting a touch of horror into …


This café will turn your dog into woof-tastic latte art

We’re a world of coffee lovers and Instagrammers so it makes sense that latte art has really taken off in the past few years.<p>Floral latte art is all …


Forget The PSL, Starbucks Started Selling A Way Trendier New Latte

It's full of antioxidants too.<p>Starbucks isn't shying away from trends anymore (see: unicorn Frapp), so it was pretty surprising the coffee powerhouse …


5-Time Latte Art Champion Publishes Latte Art Design Book

Dhan Tamang has been the UK Latte Art Champion for the last five years – and in 2016, he was a finalist in the World Latte Art Championship. So who …


Hong Kong 3D latte artist takes milk foam to the next level

The interior of Leo’s Espresso in Admiralty is decorated with cartoons depicting its proprietor, Leo Chau Tsz-leung. “They tell my life story and its …


From latte art to live artists — 8 extravagant party ideas

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