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A Brief History of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is one of the most famous video game heroines of all time, and <i>Tomb Raider</i> one of the best-selling video game series, having sold 58 …

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Ta Prohm: Cambodia's 'Tomb Raider' Temple

Ta Prohm provided the backdrop to Lara Croft: Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie. | © trafi/


Super Drive Podcast #18 - Lara Croft E A Sexualização Das Mulheres Na Cultura Pop


The Most Famous Swimsuit Scenes From TV and Movies

TV and Movies' Best Swimsuit Scenes<p>Esther Williams as Annette Kellerman in Million Dollar Mermaid<p>Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr as First Sergeant …

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Does 'Ready Player One' Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Is Steven Spielberg’s virtual reality blockbuster setting up the Oasis Cinematic Universe?<p>Steven Spielberg’s giant nostalgia trip through a huge …


Let's take a look at who the internet thinks is the best Lara Croft

Lara Croft returns to the big screen in <i>Tomb Raider</i>, with Alicia Vikander taking on the mantle — 17 years after Angelina Jolie originated the role. …

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Opinion: Why Lara Croft is my LGBT+ ally: ‘In the era of “The Lad”, Lara was all about being different’

At first, Tomb Raider scared the living shit out of me.<p>It had creepy monsters and mercenaries that would leap out from the darkness, causing my …


'Ready Player One' Film Review: Spielberg's Weaponized Nostalgia Is an Exercise in Overkill

Gen X cultural references pack every overcrowded frame, but the pop-spotting quickly ceases to be fun<p>Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” might mark …

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World Video Game Hall of Fame announces 2018 finalists

Calling all gamers to help pick World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees. Twelve finalists were named Tuesday for the class of 2018, pitting "Ms. Pac-Man" against "John Madden Football."<p>Also in the running are: "Asteroids," ''Call of Duty," ''Dance Dance Revolution," ''Final Fantasy VII," …


The X-Files Season 11: [SPOILER] Reveal & Finale Explained

<b>Major spoilers for The X-Files Season 11.</b><p><b>–</b><p>After ten thrilling weeks, the eleventh season of <b>The X-Files</b> reached its conclusion with “My Struggle IV”, …

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Alicia Vikander’s 7 Day A Week Workouts & No Carb, High Protein Diet To Get Sculpted Lara Croft Body

Alicia Vikander’s lean, muscular Lara Croft body for ‘Tomb Raider’ came from a rigorous diet and even more extreme workouts. We’ve got the fitness …

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'Tomb Raider' actress reveals how she transformed her body to play Lara Croft Video

The actress spent four months getting into shape to play Lara Croft in "Tomb Raider

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The success of all-women shortlists risks masking the issues they were meant to solve

Without tackling the underlying issues, a gender quota will largely see the slots filled with white, privately educated Oxbridge women.<p>This …

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Actress reveals how she transformed her body to play Lara Croft in 'Tomb Raider'

Alicia Vikander spent four months of her life getting into fighting shape to play Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider.”<p>Vikander, 29, said she gained about 10 …

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The Fantasy and Feminism of Lara Croft

The legendary video game heroine might have originated as a male fantasy, but she’s also a bona fide action hero.Throughout the 22 years since the …


5 films about virtual reality to stream in the real world

Over the decades, Steven Spielberg has brought many memorable characters to the big screen: globetrotting adventurer Indiana Jones, homesick alien …

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Alicia Vikander’s complete style evolution

Humanoid robot, artist, Lara Croft—Hollywood actor Alicia Vikander is the master of transformation. The Swedish actor not only made it to the <i>Forbes</i> …

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Alicia Vikander Gained 12 Pounds of Muscle for Her Tomb Raider Role—Here's How

Alicia Vikander is known best for her roles in films like <i>Euphoria</i>, <i>The Light Between Oceans</i>, <i>The Danish Girl</i>, and, as of this month, <i>Tomb Raider.</i> This …

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'Tomb Raider' tops China's box office with $41.5 million

The Hollywood action film "Tomb Raider" topped China's box office last week, grossing a stellar $41.5 million in its debut, according to data from film consultancy Artisan Gateway.<p>The Warner Brothers/MGM movie, a reboot of the popular Lara Croft character played by Angelina Jolie, stars Alicia …

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Tomb Raider screenwriter opens up about rebooting Lara Croft & writing Captain Marvel

The remodeled Tomb Raider franchise may not have had the blockbuster debut some had hoped for, but the Alicia Vikander-led vehicle still posted solid …

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10 Celebrities Who Have Become Powerful Political Activists

Say what you want about celebrities, but there’s no denying that they have an influence and a platform to effect change. Though it’s easy for them to …

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Where Are They Now? The Original Cast Of Tomb Raider

The relationship between the recent <i>Tomb Raider</i> movie and the old ones that starred Angelina Jolie seems to mirror that of the <i>Street Fighter</i> movies. …

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Alicia Vikander just broke down her gruelling training to become Lara Croft

For her role as the iconic videogame character, Alicia Vikander worked out every single day for four months. Every. Single. Day<p><b>Words by Victoria …

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Lara Croft lives dangerously in this amazing, animated Tomb Raider LEGO diorama [Video]

With the original Tomb Raider video game released back in 1996 and yet another movie this year, it’s clear that there’s a lot of mileage in the Lara …

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I Followed Alicia Vikander's "Tomb Raider" Workout Plan for 4 Weeks

Training like Lara Croft didn't go as planned—but that was kind of the point.<p>When you learn you're going to play Lara Croft—the iconic female …


Feminist Critics of Angelina Jolie's 'Tomb Raider' Respond to Reboot

Three scholars who criticized the original 2001 and 2003 Lara Croft films screen the new, Alicia Vikander-starring reboot and offer their</b> …

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Pacific Rim Uprising’s John Boyega wants to see everyone succeed

Pacific Rim Uprising’s John Boyega wants to see everyone succeed<p>For a long time, people wondered if <i>Pacific Rim Uprising</i> was going to exist at all, …


To Become a Real-Life Lara Croft Model, She Had to Look the Part and Play By the Rules

Nell McAndrew was a 20-something model living in London in the late 1990s when her agent told her to grab a dark wig and head to an audition. The …

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Male film critic blames Alicia Vikander’s ‘lack of curves’ for Tomb Raider’s box office failure

And this week in ‘men who should probably stop talking’, a US film critic has suggested that Alicia Vikander’s portrayal of Lara Croft has failed …

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Alicia Vikander on the daily workout that got her in shape for Tomb Raider - and why she doesn't wear makeup

You probably know Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander from <i>The Danish Girl</i>, but she's about to blow up again as she takes on the role of Lara Croft …

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